U.S. Army: Emma’s Calling

Joe Biden doesn’t want people like you in the U.S. military.

They are recruiting proud womxn like Emma, Black Lives Matter supporters and trans girls now. The Deep State is looking for cisgender Millennial women of color suffering from generalized anxiety disorders, homosexuals and other people suffering from gender dysphoria.

There were a lot of Southerners back in the 19th century who saw where this was going and who wanted to get out before it was too late. Little did they know how right they were.

Note: We celebrate General Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Nathan Bedford Forrest on this website.

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  1. Well things are getting hot over in the holy land. Time for little Emma to do hxr duty and die for Israel.

    • From The Saker:

      Anonymous on May 13, 2021 · at 12:37 pm EST/EDT

      The Palestinians are getting Iranian help. And they do have the same technology as the Yemenis.

      Tel Aviv has been struck multiple times. Ben Gurion airport is shut down. Israeli gas exports have come to a halt, and gas infrastructure has been struck. A petrochemical plant has been struck and set ablaze. Many more Israelis dead than what they are reporting, and damage to their infrastructure has been widespread and costly. Life in Israel is at a standstill, with the majority of people hiding away in bomb shelters. Air raid sirens wailing even in northern Israel. Something like 2000 missiles have been launched, including what they are calling the ayash, which has a range of 250kms, and was used to strike Ramon airport, which has been subbing for Ben Gurion.

      The Iranian media, specifically the Sepah’s tasnim news agency, follows and reports on the developments regularly. The news coming from Israel is better than any could have hoped for, I think.

      Israel has been caught off guard, completely unprepared. They have shown themselves to be quite weak and vulnerable, I think. Hezbollah will make minced meat of them if the day comes.


        • The annihilation of the Zionist state in Palestine would literally be one of the most joyous events in world history. But best of all it would probably result in the collapse of the enemy regime in Washington.

      • “with the majority of people hiding away in bomb shelters.”

        Nah! Never could happen .
        The courageous, resolute, never flinching jews ?

        (I watch a lot of tv.)

      • Israel will probably never be overrun. Instead, they will just give up, like South Africa did. The difference is that unlike White South Africans, the Jews will all be allowed to immigrate to “Western” countries. Lucky us!

  2. Leaving aside the woke nonsense, we now use cartoons to recruit?

    The GoArmy Youtube channel has several other videos like this, each dominated by downvotes. They haven’t closed the comments yet for this video like they have the others.

    • https://youtu.be/ygVKmROpJ2g

      Yes, cartoons are needed to enlist emotionly fragile childlike adults, like the pixie with the 2 moms. I like how the patriot missle battery got the Disney treatment, would have been better if they showed those on the receiving end getting blown up through Disney vision, Looney Tunes sound effects and all the brown people just walk out of a crater in one piece just slightly singed and disheveled waiving a flag of surrender. The 2 moms would be proud.

      • @Daniel – FABULOUS send-up of the whole sad, sorry mess. The dark side, though, remains. This is the mentality of the military of the country we are citizens of. We are in some deep sh#t.

    • “I’m seriously moving to Russia!”

      Some have, and really enjoy it.
      What would you do for $$$ ?
      Personally, I’m allergic to snow.

  3. That video needs a severe cringe warning. I can’t believe we are only a 100 days into this new regime.

    • Chances are it would have been exactly the same had Trump’s reelection victory been honored. Remember: he’s the guy who held up a rainbow flag, who appointed a sodomite as ambassador to Germany, and who enacted a policy of forcing every other country to exalt gay anal.

  4. If you were an alien, the space kind not the wetback kind, and watched that video you would be oblivious to the fact that White men even exist, let alone built and still makeup the majority of this country. Brad, “Hunter” you have to know that this isnt recruiting but strictly meant to demoralize. Everything this government and the media does is strictly meant to be provocative and keep us depressed and alienated. That is the only reason these type videos exist, recruiting makes up a small percentage of the purpose

    • Annoying advertising works too. If you were unfortunate enough to live through the 70’s you will know this well. They can demoralize AND recruit at the same time.

    • “. Everything this government and the media does is strictly meant to be provocative and keep us depressed and alienated. ”

      Ahmen, ahmen , ahmen, preach it brother.

      The psychology used against WHITES is both subtle and powerful.

  5. It occurred to me just now.

    All of our institutions are extremely liberal, many, if not all of them, have gone “woke”.

    This is how they took over the institutions in the first place. The CIA and the military were just the last bastion where some white heterosexual masculinity still existed, until a decade or so ago. Now they’re going to make even these institutions intolerable. So much so that I’m already hearing normie type men and women say that they would discourage their children from enlisting.

    I guess what I’m getting at is, we need to understand what is going on in “real time.” We need to reflect on how this has been playing out for decades. The psychology of it. I’m in total agreement that it would be foolish to sign up for the military these days. But I think we also need to realize that we are collectively in effect “abandoning ship”, and we need to reflect on the way our forebearers did the same in other areas that went Shitlib a long time ago.

    • The military invented wokeness. The US military has never represented White heterosexual masculinity. The US military was the vanguard of race mixing and sodomy in America.

  6. The bitch is going to be drone-striking Muslim weddings from the comfort of a air-conditioned trailer in Nevada.

  7. As a young soldier, decades ago, I had occasion to watch a female platoon do the obstacle course – something which almost the entire platoon failed – even the two obvious bulldykes unable to pull themselves over the hardest obstacle – a 12 foot wall.

    I also had occasion to see them, the girl’s platoon, attempt long forcet marches, in full pack and ammo, with us, grueling events which, if we fell out we were punisht – so we did not fall out.

    The ladies, however, could swoon, fall out of the march and did fall out, and not a one facet consequences.

    So, even then, things were already getting ridiculous.

    These events, and many more, convincet me that women have no business in the military, save for nursing, supply, and administration.

    Combing endlessly to find a few exceptions to this is ridiculous.

    Also, women in the field is a terrible thing to behold, because, when no showers are available, or toilet facilities, it has a very very bad effect on them, which it does not on the men.

    In places like Afghanistan and Iraq they build hotels for the soldiers, but, this is not real soldiering, and, if the shit ever hits the fan, and there is a real continual fight, women soldiers, with few exceptions, will be a dang serious liability.

    • @ Ivan,

      Women are not men and visa versa. We are not all created equal in intelligence, strength and wisdom.

      The military and the police dept lowered the standards and got rid of the dummy pull and the scaling of the 6ft wall because most females couldn’t drag a 120 dummy 100 ft or scale a 6 ft wall in 10 secs. That was the beginning of the end of both institutions.

    • ” hits the fan, and there is a real continual fight, women soldiers, with few exceptions, will be a dang serious liability.”

      They’re a liability under the most mundane conditions.

      Especially when they splatter a F14 all over the stern of a carrier.

  8. FUCK the jewS Army that made this filth. May their shiny new bitch-mud-fag force be crushed like a roach.

  9. At West Point, female cadets are issued ‘special’ rifles, ones with reduced springs.
    The women are too weak cock a standard issue rifle.

    A soldier that can’t cock a regulation issued rifle ?

  10. Women do not have the physical or mental fortitude for combat, Or simulated combat.

    Nature designed women with all the attributes for motherhood, not combat.

    Which leads me to believe that this is more social contortionism to destroy the WHITE birthrate.

  11. Yes, recruit women into the military, in their healthiest prime of childbearing age. What an ideal method to reduce her real and potential number of children.

    Hmmm, you’d almost think some evil schemer planned this.

  12. Laughter is the best response to the Sodomerican Empire. It’s pointless to fight it because it’s destroying itself.

    • Could not agree more. Mocking their ugliness also infuriates them. They really do resemble classical vampires and not the later sophisticated rebranding.

  13. After graduating from college Emma’s friends travelled abroad to study or go mountain climbing, while she decided to enlist in the Army? WTF were you thinking, Emma? Did you get raped by your Negro drill

  14. Putin must be cheering our “Diverse” military on as he laughs his ass off over it.

  15. And now … something completely different …


    “This is … the first day of your new life.”
    “Here pain makes you stronger, scars are a daily occurrence … without an enemy there is no battle, and without a battle there is no victory. But in reality, the main enemy … is you, the you from yesterday.”

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