Rising: Joe Scarborough Calls Glenn Greenwald ‘Russian Agent’ In Fiery Exchange

Are you confused by this role reversal?

Joe Scarborough was a conservative Republican from Florida who used to be the host of Scarborough Country. Glenn Greenwald was a principled liberal who has stayed true to his values on everything from war to censorship to civil liberties to the surveillance state. Liberals used to be people who were deeply skeptical of the powerful. Conservatives used to be the pearl-clutching conformists.

Somewhere over the course of the past decade, this polarity was reversed. Progressives have become the champions of the wealthy, the powerful and the political establishment now. Democrats have become the party of the upscale professional managerial class. It is progressives who most ardently believe in tyranny and authoritarianism now. They hate traditional liberal causes like free speech and civil liberties and freedom of conscience and due process. The “liberals” are for mob violence, censorship, conformity and imperialism now. Big Business and Wall Street are on the side of progressives now.

Do you see who is being celebrated as heroes on CNN and MSNBC in our new progressive era? It is George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, John McCain and Mitt Romney. It is the FBI and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. It is Liz Cheney who has become the heroine of the political establishment. Progressives stand up and applaud when the most powerful institutions in the country bully working class people for saying the wrong words. In order to fight “fascism,” you need a strong state that punishes dissidents who offend the wealthy. Your life can be destroyed on a whim by social media snitch mobs for “liking” the wrong post or tweet.

In our new progressive era, the Left is eager to hear more from Liz Cheney and the Lincoln Project. They want to hear more from David Frum who edits The Atlantic after plunging us into Iraq. They want to hear from Joe Scarborough and Nicolle Wallace who have their own MSNBC shows. They want to hear from Max Boot and Bill Kristol and Charlie Sykes and Mickey Edwards and other brave heroes of the Resistance. Trust us … bringing over all of these Republican establishment voters isn’t going to change the Left.

New Deal liberalism was built out of populism and progressivism. As these two camps have become estranged, the populists are no longer around to check the worst tendencies of the progressives: elitism, cosmopolitanism, snobbery, technocracy, utopianism, busybody authoritarianism, cultural liberalism, globalism, etc. These two groups were also drawn from different social classes. The migration of the wealthy suburban moderates or True Cons to the Democrats and the corresponding migration of working class populists to the Republicans is creating a larger class divide in American politics.

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  1. Why are these people so racist against Russians?

    When I was growing up at the end of the Cold War they were always telling us we should get along with the Russians and there were always movies and TV shows about Americans and Russians working together, etc.

    Now since Russia isn’t Communist anymore they hate Russians and are worse than the “Anti-Communists” of the Cold War ever were.

    Why are they so hateful?

    • Care,

      they influence the electorate.
      The electorate chooses the government.
      Thhe government sets the policies that directly influence your life.

  2. I dont care what anyone says Greenwald is okay in my book and I dont care what his heritage. He is a solid and principled man I would be comfortable discussing any subject with.
    On another note I have had my fill of MAGA types telling me Palestinians need to be “glassed for 9/11” because somehow HAMAs flew the planes. Dont ask me to explain but one thing I would like to see from you HW, or I am happy to do it for you is a deep dive into the phenomenon of having a more vocal politically minded populace than ever before in history with more information at their fingertips.

    Yet somehow more ignorant than your local farmer attenting a town hall meeting in West Virginia, 1830. I suspect people are so driven to reacting they take zero preparation in the actual content of their message. Let me know

    • I’m surprised they don’t blame the USS Liberty on the Arabs, too! 9/11 and Jeffrey Epstein were Mossad operations. Most Americans are not fools. They’re idiots.

    • @Captain Shill…

      “I don’t care what anyone says about Greenwald. He is okay in my book, and, no, I don’t care what his heritage is. He is a solid and principled man with whom I would be comfortable discussing any subject.”

      Amen, Brother!

      • @Ivan between the blue haired activist ideologues, BIPOC activists, anarchists, communists and foreign owned elites who run everything we dont have a lot of people that exist on a plain of normalcy to engage with and open to a common sense dialogue of the masses. The silent majority has so few people speaking for them we need to take who we can get. Glenn has always been fair even when we disagree with him for that alone i respect the man.

        • @Captain Shill…

          Yes, The Ruling Elite has been brilliantly successful at depriving The Average Joe (The Silent Majority) of a voice in The Mainstream.

          It’s worse in The South, for not only do we have no party, and no voice, beyond that of The League, James Edwards, and Mr. Griffin’s fine blog, we have even lost all our schools, and now our monuments.

          We, down here, are undergoing what Eastern European Jew, Rafail Lemkin, defined as ‘Cultural Genocide’.

          His criteria for cultural genocide was, by the way, long ago accepted by The United Nations as a sterling measure.

          Have a great day!

  3. Joe Scarborough and his handler should keep quiet. Mika and her femme fatale sidekick. Did she drain all of his testosterone? I think so. She runs the entire operation in his head. And, his drawers.

  4. Mr. Scarborough is a sterling mouthpiece for disinformation on U.S. Government channel, MSCIA-1

    And, as such, he is not fit to redress Mr. Greenwald, because Mr. Greenwald is nobody’s mouthpiece, but the truth.

    Come to think of it, that Mr. Scarborough so dislikes Mr. Greenwald is yet another feather in the cap of the fiery independent journalist.

    • “I don’t care what anyone says about Greenwald. He is okay in my book, and, no, I don’t care what his heritage is.”

      Be careful !

      Rattle Snakes aren’t the only deadly creature with good camouflage.

  5. GG had paleocon-like tendencies when he first started blogging. I read him from day one. He used to be against immigration. He probably still is privately.

  6. You’re getting to a bit repetitive Brad. I think it boils down to the fact that Trump sort of tempted a lot of these people to jump out of the closet, take off the mask. They’re out of the closet satanists now, as if we didn’t know before.

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