Boston Globe: Corporate Donors, The Lifeblood Of The GOP, Need To Stand Up For Democracy

This is where the libs are at now.

They are begging corporate donors to “stand up for democracy” by cutting off their donations to Republican politicians in order to teach the voters a lesson. They want Corporate America to bully state legislatures and punish them for passing election integrity laws.

Boston Globe:

“Just four months ago, after losing the presidential election, the former president of the United States fomented an insurrection that left five people dead. It was a desperate attempt to hold onto power. The entire assault was based on the “Big Lie” that the election was somehow stolen from Donald Trump — an absurd, invented conspiracy theory that was given currency by Republican members of Congress. One-hundred and forty-seven GOP members voted to overturn the election, opting to reject democracy simply because their candidate lost.

As a result of the GOP’s blatant disrespect for the basic democratic rule of law, major corporate donors — seizing on their unfortunatelyoutsize role in American democracy — decided to cut Republicans off. …

That sends an unfortunate message. So long as Republican members of Congress are not punished for their assaults on voting rights and democracy, they will continue to promote conspiracy theories with abandon and could very well redo their attempt to overturn a legitimate election come 2022 or 2024. And if, or when, they do, every company that has decided to donate to their campaigns will be just as guilty in destroying the fabric of American democracy. …

Earlier this week, for example, Republicans voted to oust Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney from her leadership position in the party, simply because she chose to stand up to Trump by voting to impeach him when he violated his oath of office. She has also been an outspoken critic of Trump and Trumpism since the insurrection, vowing to fight for the GOP to respect the fundamental ideals of American democracy …”

God forbid.

These people are talking to each other on the internet.

We need to find those people, label them “domestic extremists,” censor those people and empower the intelligence agencies to get those people because that is how democracy works!

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  1. The CAPITALIST PIG CLASS…this who we are talking about…Stop blaming Socialism….

  2. When I look back at our Founding Fathers, and the second revolutionary period of the 1860-1870s, the one thing that immediately stands out is that there were enough of the rich and powerful, among us, willing to stand up to defend the community.

    Because of technological specialization, breaking down many aspects of community life into individual units, and the extreme stress on living your life to please yourself, I think the cumulative effeckt of this is that we see few, or none, of the wealthy and powerful exhibiting the patriot sensibilities they once did.

    The comforts, pleasures, and conveniences of Modernity have come at a high price, and one of them is the atomized individual, which, in turn, takes a toll on the community.

    Exhibit A – the self-aggrandizing treachery and indifference of our upper classes.

  3. Jeff Bezos funds the violent anti-white RACIST terrorist organization BLACK LIVES MATTER……. never never never forget this…….THE CAPITALIST PIG CLASS wants Our People Dead!

  4. We are not supposed to be a “democracy” we were supposed to be a republic with a limited franchise. The “democracy” crap the media spews is the big lie. I’ve always known most people I encounter are inferior to me and also known some of the people I encounter are superior to me. I have no desire to be ruled by the former and certain the later have no desire to be ruled by myself. So democracy sucks, and sucks even more in 2020’s America which has a majority of bad people. This nonsense about “democracy” being “sacred” drummed into peoples heads by the school system needs to be purged. It’s pretty clear in the 21st century that autocratic societies like China and the UAE are moving forwards and “democracies” are falling apart. The crime of regicide is finally catching up to destroy the Western World a few centuries later. The “American Experiment” ultimately turned out to be a failure.

    • Democracy is a political system ultimately based upon bribery and extortion. There is no way such a system can survive long term.

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