MSNBC: Former FBI Director On Domestic Extremists And Connection To Trump

What is going on with the libs?

Can someone do a welfare check? I’m concerned.

They love George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney now. They love John McCain and Mitt Romney now. They love neocons like Bill Kristol now. They love the Republican establishment and Wall Street and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce now. They love rich people and corporations now.

Nicolle Wallace has her own MSNBC show. The libs love the FBI now. They love the War on Terror so much now that they want to bring it home. They love censorship and the government invading your privacy and trampling on civil liberties now. They hate free speech, due process and non-violence now. They’re saying that they hate tolerance and colorblindness and love racial discrimination now. They hate science now and believe that men can become women on a whim or that it makes sense to wear a mask outdoors in high temperatures after being vaccinated. They hate Richard Dawkins and J.K. Rowling now. They hate Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson who were the founders of the Democratic Party now. In the Land of Lincoln, the libs are saying that they also hate Abraham Lincoln now who freed the slaves. The transformation has been so swift in recent years that libs say they don’t even believe in equality now.

What happened to Stephen Colbert? He used to be funny like 15 years ago. Now he only has progressive dad jokes about “hate speech” and the government using facial recognition software to hunt down people who were inside the Capitol on January 6th. The libs love snitches, tattletales and hall monitors now. The libs love it and stand up and applaud when powerful institutions bully powerless people now. The libs never let the truth or the facts get in the way of pushing a good woke narrative now.

Note: The eagerness of these people to trample on the Constitution is a far greater threat than a handful of generally inept accelerationist mass shooters.

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  1. In the 1960s the (((libs))) were pro free speech. It was called the Berkley Free Speech Movement. Now they crush free speech and love authoritarianism, as long as it is used against those they disagree with, because currently they are in control of all the institutions. When they lose control of the institutions they will turn on a dime, and become liberty lovers once again.

    When there was cold war with Russia, they were strongly anti-war anti-nuclear peaceniks, because Russia was controlled by communists/antifa. When communist power collapsed in Russia, the left wing anti-war movement was rolled up in the West and became environmentalists, and now these former peacenik environmentalists are agitating for nuclear war against Russia.

    They used to hate billionaires and mega corporations, but now they love them because they control all of the mega corporations, and use them as a hammer to crush people they hate.

    They love the neo-cons expelled from the Republican Party, because the neo-cons have always been infiltrators of the Republican Party and are Israel First.

    Really, they have no core values at all, except vicious anti-whiteness, personal gain, and power trips over others.

    • In the 60’s the libs were snot nosed college students, hippies and dropouts. They always had a nihilistic bent. Now they’re grownups with children and grandchildren as bad or worse than themselves.

  2. Donald launched psychological warfare and now this is working. Madness is going over the cliff and nobody knows how to stop it.

    Donald is one of the greatest warlords of all times. Nobody never ever managed to drove entire Empire mad and into self destruction.

  3. They killed Christ and they want to kill you too. They just don’t have the balls to do it themselves, they might get hurt in the process. Remember the only thing a Jew hates more than Christ and Christians is the sight of their own blood. It is weakness of heart and of spirit.

    They are not going in on the ground in Gaza, no guts, no heart, no nerve. No Jew wants to die for Moshiach.

  4. “Former FBI Director On Domestic Extremists And Connection To Trump”

    Given the extremely wide latitude for those who are now classified as ‘extremists’, I have to wonder if this FBI fellow realizes he is talking of tens of millions of people?

  5. Well, if the liberals-greedy homosexual pederasts-keep antagonizing Russia and China…Global Homo America will be nuked by Russia and China.

    The other way it will end for America is internal Civilization Collapse-which is a very real possibility.

    And there is always the possibility of Super-Natural intervention.

    I blame the 1960’s Sex-Drugs-Rock and Roll-Counter-Culture….Heterosexual debauchery opened the door to the homosexual norming of America by homosexual pederasts.

    It is the billionaire CEO that holds all the power in American Society….and their sensibility is cuckholdery interracial sex.

    If you continue to watch NFL football…you are outsourcing your manhood to NFL TYRONE…..your a cuck…

  6. The Endgame for the Native Born White American Working Class is either mass extermination by a majority nonwhite Military…or…..chattel slavery on Ophra Winfrey’s Plantation….The White Guys still watching NFL Football just don’t see it coming ….and surely it is coming…

  7. People who are full of hatred and naturally attracted to left wing politics and “progressivism” is nothing more than a form of religious fanaticism they can use to justify sticking their noses in other people’s affairs.

    These are nasty busy-bodies who hate their neighbors.

    • Mayor Lori Silverback of Chicago said that she will only take questions from Colored reporters now – the middle-upper and upper-class Chicago liberal Whites and jews that thrust her into office will have a front-row seat to their own demise.

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