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  1. In close quarters with a bunch of strangers from who knows where, like a train or a subway, wearing a mask can very much help prevent the spread of colds – colds are caused by coronaviruses – and flus.

    Last year I drove by people, driving alone in their cars, wearing masks. That is just plain superstition on the level of rabbit’s feet and magical amulets.

    If we have to stop covering our faces, can we at least keep the social distancing? Because if I’m in a line at the store I really hate it when people start crowding way up close to you. Six feet distance people it just makes good sense.

    Also if this whole plandemic made people start washing their hands more, well, good! Can they fake another disease and tell people they will die if they don’t wash their hands more often?

    In fact can they find some sort of skin condition that will happen if you wear sweat pants in public? Sure, if you are a college gal you can get away with it because it’s cute, but for everyone else you look like a disgusting slob.

  2. The Left is so blind to it’s own style of tyrannies.

    Yes, someone on The Far Right suggested that all Jews wear yellow stars, or all non-Whites not be allowed into certain publick places, for reasons of sanitation, they would go into cataclysmick conniptions!

    Yet, they are utterly unreluctant to the same measures when it suits their desires for power.

  3. Let’s take a break from GOP cheerleading and talk about something more interesting:

    Today is Nabka Day.


    Here is a list of events planned for today in support our fellow victims of Jewish supremacism.


    Pro-Palestinian activism is the new trend in the pro-white movement. I have been advocating this for years and people are starting to listen. This has tremendous potential to neutralize Jewish power. Get active on this issue. Talk to your friends and family about what’s happening in Palestine now, when it’s relevant. This may be the best chance you will have to red pill people you know about the JQ.

    Here is a great statement from Erik Striker about the ongoing massacre of the Palestinians:

    “The Palestinian cause is just in its own right and it presents no contradiction to the White nationalist cause, while the Zionist cause is both unjust and the enemy of European nationalism everywhere. The idea that it is somehow a waste of time to advocate for the Palestinians or even more dumb, a betrayal of White racialism because Palestinians aren’t White is myopic and politically immature.

    This position is usually promoted by people that aren’t serious and want to simply maintain a small online presence by avoiding attention from organized Jewish groups. You’ll notice that they tend to support other narratives that distract from Jewish power as well, by either focusing on economic abstracts or by promoting ideas of a vast Muslim conspiracy. From the perspective of wanting Europe and the US to remain White and primarily Christian, it makes no sense to support Israel or to punt on this issue by saying “a pox on both houses.”

    Jews, not Palestinians, create wars and population displacements that are drivers of non-White, muslim refugees to Europe.
    Jews, not Palestinians, have captured institutional power in the West and use it to racially attack Whites and undermine national cohesion with mass immigration.

    Zionist Jews are the primary obstacle to White national liberation. They are very weak on the Palestine issue because their blatant hypocrisy, bad faith, brutality and duplicitousness are on full display. It is a mistake to NOT take up this cause. Jews themselves are constantly telling us that international opposition to the Jewish theft of Palestine is one of their biggest weaknesses. I believe them.”

    – Erik Striker (on telegram)

    • @ATBOTL

      I have also been advocating standing with our fellow victims of Zionism. I support the nationalist aspirations of Palestine as I support our people’s national aspirations. After all, to the Zionists we are “Christo-Fascists” like the the Palestinians are “Islamo-Fascists” – basically, we’re all “goyim” to them, and we both suffer under the boot of Zionist occupation.

      Free Palestine … and America!

        • @ATBOTL…

          Southerners could say that long before Palestinians ever thought they would have a problem, for Southerners have been undergoing the full panoply of torments of alien tyranny for now 160 years.

          • “full panoply of torments of alien tyranny for now 160”

            The TVA and rural electrification. Ah, sweet alien tyranny!

        • The Palestinians don’t know or care a thing about you or any other Western White.

        • The Palestinians are also more likely to have an independent homeland someday, as they are eligible for political sympathy.
          White Nationalists will get ZERO of either.

    • “Yes, it’s Israelis that are the real problem, not anyone in your own country. Israel is stealing Palestinian land just like Europeans stole Native American land. Join hands with Antifa/BLM and focus all your energies on fighting for the soon-to-be-extinct Arab. Muslims will have nowhere left in the world if Israel isn’t stopped. However, our borders should be open for any Jewish refugees once the Palestinians take back their land. Oh, I almost forgot, China interferes in our country just like Israel so we should support the Uyghurs as well.”

      *Laughs in diaspora Jew*

    • Some Palestinians are Christian, but the Bible thumpers carry water for the jews without fail. It’s all about who is in control of the narrative.

  4. Trump was among the first to politicize the wearing of masks. Some have accused him of killing Herman Cain by making masks an issue at his super spreader rally in OKC. Cain felt compelled to not wear a mask at the rally to show support for Trump’s Covid denialism. He caught Covid and died from it.

    Peak Trumptardism required one to believe Covid is fake while believing “Q” is real. Now it requires you to take the experimental gene therapy injections because Trump is the “Father of the Vaccine”. If anyone should continue to wear masks, it’s the people who’ve taken the vaccine.


    • I adopted masking indoors in shops and trains in February. Didn’t stop me from catching it.

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