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  1. In any society that wasn’t sick beyond belief, Jenner would be afraid to go out the door, after we he’s had done to himself..

  2. “conservatives” like Blumph Jr. just accept the degeneracy that has taken over this nation. They are no different than the left. Conservatism has taken on the liberal ideology.

    • I suspect Donald Trump Jr. wants Mr Jenner for his First Lady. Kimberly Guilfoyle look out! You’ve got competition!

  3. The United States of America is a satanic entity.

    It’s evil.

    It has always been the greatest enemy of the White race.

    Just count the number of Whites the masonic US of A gang of Thomas Paines exterminated, both physically and spiritually within and outside the continental America, in the last two hundred years.

    Fanning degeneration and devilry in the name of ‘freedom’.

    • Neither of those pictures is of a woman. They are both demon-possessed MEN.
      The only difference is the one on the left CHOSE his damnation.
      The Jew was ALREADY damned, before the foundation of the world.

      And Trump Jr. is as corrupt as his father.

      SECESSION. The USA is under God’s judgment. It will fall.

  4. We’re going to need another Hitler, Napoleon or Stalin to straighten out this mess. But where are such men? Could they even exist in today’s feminized, judaized society?

    • Woah! Hold on there, buddy…if we don’t smash the left, we will have a “stalin”. Some kinda’ ghey, jewish , tranny “stalin” but nevertheless. You guys don’t get it: nobody swallowed jew-jew cum like unk’a joe…except maybe trump!

  5. I find Mr .Jenner neither ‘Conservative’ nor ‘a girl’, so I have no basis for a reaction to Don Junior’s remark.

  6. It is pretty clear that the people pushing this freak stuff on us are controlled by Jews. Hannity…….this Trump thing. You know who they are buy the crap they are trying to sell.

  7. This is beyond parody. Conservatives next are going to embrace transgenderism full stop to “own the libs” while selling out our race and culture.

    • You’re a couple years late. Next is children being able to transition will be the conservative position soon.

  8. You have a moral obligation to hate a country where Don Trump, Jr. is a “conservative”.

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