Michael Tracey: “America First” Conservatives Declare: “Actually, We Meant Israel First”

Michael Tracey isn’t wrong about this.

Michael Tracey:

“Whenever there’s an outbreak of deadly violence in Israel-Palestine, a very similar dynamic plays out; although in this instance it’s concentrated in different sectors of society. While a handful of Republicans joined in on the “Much Work To Be Done” refrain after the Chauvin trial, cultural left/liberals comprised the largest share of offenders. Now though, it’s time for public-facing conservative figures — joined by a sizable portion of liberals — to mindlessly recite the same slogans and phrases over and over again as a signaling mechanism and, conveniently, a substitute for even a modicum of independent thinking.

Usually the formulation is to triumphantly proclaim that so-and-so person, place, or thing “stands with” Israel. …

Despite the raging ideological schism that’s supposedly roiling the GOP, ostensibly between reviled “neocons” and the new wave of principled “America First” reformers, you will find virtually no difference whatsoever on this issue between say, Liz Cheney and the hardcore MAGA stalwarts who just agitated to oust her from the GOP House leadership, like Lauren Boebert. This is unsurprising because MAGA stalwarts are huge fans of Donald Trump, and Trump himself repeatedly bragged about being the most pro-Israel president of all time. (With “pro-Israel” essentially meaning: subsidize and cheerlead whatever the Israeli government desires to do, and then leverage that policy to generate domestic US political support among certain demographics.) 

As such, the same sorts of “America First” people who bleat about how much they want to End Endless Wars — always easy to say in the abstract — will then turn around and declare unflinching, conditions-free support for the war-making activities of a foreign state. Even the small handful of edgy, heavily-online right-wing personalities who profess to be antagonistic toward Israel nonetheless see no contradiction between this professed antagonism and their furious efforts to keep Trump in power — a president who received massive sums of money from the now-deceased hardline pro-Israel megadonor Sheldon Adelson, tried to publicly cajole Benjamin Netanyahu into backing him in the 2020 election, and so on. Overall, Trump was indeed the most ardently, devotedly pro-Israel president at least in recent history, surpassing even his GOP predecessor George W. Bush on that score.

With few and marginal exceptions, right-wing figures who declare themselves to be so against foreign entanglements on the basis of some half-formed “America First” ideology have zero qualms about the status quo of the US-Israel relationship — particularly the $3.8 billion per year in direct US taxpayer-funded military aid that flows to the country. Israel is the largest recipient of such aid, so it’s Israel which comes in “first” in that regard. (The budget Trump signed into law in 2019 allocated more money to Israel than to the US Southern border wall.) Right-wing figures who claim to want to “stay out” of foreign conflicts which don’t impinge on the US national interest frequently fail to recognize that the US is already effectively a co-belligerent in this conflict. …”

What are the politics of this issue though? Really?

The truth is that dissent about OUR GREATEST ALLY isn’t tolerated in the so-called “mainstream” on either side for obvious reasons. There are simply too many wealthy and powerful Jewish donors.

It is not just the evangelicals.

75% of Americans support Israel because criticism of Israel is suppressed in the “mainstream.” It is kept that way by elites. Everyone knows what happens to people who criticize OUR GREATEST ALLY.


The good news is that this is slowly changing because of the internet. MIGA was significantly more controversial among younger Republicans.

Jewish Virtual Library:

“Support for Israel is not restricted to the Jewish community. Americans of all ages, races and religions sympathize with Israel. This support is also nonpartisan. …

Protestants also have above-average sympathy for Israel, with 70% saying they are sympathetic to Israel and 13% to the Palestinians. By comparison about 60% of Catholics and 43% of people with no religious identity sympathize with Israel. …

Support for Israelis and the Palestinians differs dramatically based on party and ideology. In the February 2021 Gallup poll, 80% of Republicans, 55% of independents and 43% of Democrats sympathized with Israel. While some commentators have suggested support among Democrats has been declining over time, the truth is that it is largely unchanged since the 1970s. There is a general misperception that Democratic support for Israel was historically much higher than Republican sympathy. That was never true and the shift has really been in the dramatic increase in Republican support for Israel. In 53 Gallup polls dating to 1975, the average support for Republicans is 63% and 46% for Democrats. Support for the Palestinians among Democrats has been growing and, in 2021, tied the previous year’s record high of 38%. Republicans sympathy for the Palestinians doubled from 5% to 10%. The partisan gap in support for Israel dropped from the 2020 record or 42 points to 37.

The February 2021 Gallup poll also found a dramatic difference in support for Israel and the Palestinians between conservatives (76%-14%, moderates (54%-25%) and liberals (36%-44%). This is consistent with the general view that liberals have become more critical of Israel and supportive of the Palestinians while the opposite is true of conservatives.

There was an equally marked difference among respondents in different age groups – 18-34 (47%-34%), 35-54 (57%-23%) and 55+ (66%-21%). This is less surprising as older Americans have historically been more sympathetic to Israel. Some are alarmed when they see the disparity; however, if past trends persist, the youngest people today will likely become more sympathetic over time. …”

Jerusalem Post:

“While Republicans continue to be strong supporters of the Israeli government and people, a growing cohort of younger Republicans no longer view Israel’s government favorably, according to a Pew Research Center survey released on Wednesday.

The survey showed that Republicans over the age of 65 are the only age group in which a majority (57%) have a favorable view of the Israeli government. Among the youngest adults (those younger than 30), just 27% view Israel’s government favorably.

Younger Republicans also have less favorable views of the Israeli people – and more favorable views of the Palestinian people – than older Republicans. Nearly half of Republicans and Republican leaners under 30 (48%) have a favorable opinion of the Palestinian people, compared with 30% of those 30 and older. …

“We see a massive decline among young Americans in support for Israel, and this is strong among both Republicans and Democrats,” said Amnon Cavari, a lecturer at the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya. “This trend is something important to watch.” …”

You would think given the breadth of this bipartisan support for Israel that protecting OUR GREATEST ALLY would be the top foreign policy priority of Americans. It’s not though. It is not even close.

Basically, criticism of Israel simply isn’t allowed in the “mainstream” and you won’t find it anywhere except on dissident websites like this one. Elites in both parties enforce the taboo on criticizing Israel and “anti-Semitism.” Both parties tell their base that they have to support Israel which is reinforced by what they see on television and see elsewhere in the media. The polling on the issue doesn’t show a genuine heartfelt belief among the masses so much as the herd like tendency of people to follow their leaders.

Note: This website disavows Gov. Kay Ivey’s statement about standing with Israel.

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  1. Once the TV Boomers die all this Israel shit goes away. I know people just LOVE to hate on Evangelicals (just like some of our “Fellow Whites” pretend they hate Catholics) but the younger Evangelicals are the ones that send missionaries to Palestine to help defend homes against the Jews.

    Who was the big “pro-Israel Evangelical?” Jerry Falwell Jr. You remember him, the guy who watched as another man plowed his wife while he watched, and Donald Trump’s “personal attorney” Michael Cohen “just happened” to get possession of those photographs, and “helped” Falwell bury the story when he endorsed Trump?

    That is how the Jew game is played.

    It’s a mile wide but an inch deep. No one actually likes those people.

    • @BannedHipster So you want White Protestants to side with one tribe of Semite cultists against another tribe of Semite cultists.

      As far as the Roman Catholic cult goes, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are in charge of your cult.

      • Ah, Krafty Wurker the “Protestant” who is always warning us about the “Roman Catholics” … is VERY disturbed at how many people are sympathetic to the Palestinians.

        Oy, vey, it’s not supposed to work like this!

    • Very, very few Jews are alright. Most of them are like former CA Senator Barbara Boxer who today tried to justify Israel’s high-tech genocidal depravities by asking this gem: “What if Canada started shooting rockets into America!” What if you haul your foul, fat, wrinkly, dumb yenta ass over to Israel? Because America can’t take being ruled by you soulless anti-Christ degenerates one day more.

    • Unlike, as far as I can tell, 95% of the people in the alt-right, I was raised Evangelical and I can assure you that support for Israel among Evangelicals is plummeting now. I have many relatives who are heavily involved in Evangelical churches and organizations and this has been building for twenty years. Wait until what is happening now really sinks in and new polls about Israel/Palestine come out later this year. We will see big drops in support for Israel, I think double digit drops. The post 9/11 hysteria gave zionism a kind of dead cat bounce.

  2. Too many powerful organizations, PACS and super PACS that make sure Israel is never seen in a negative way and always the victim even when it shows the opposite is true as we have seen lately.

    Any politician currently in power or looking to run must don’t pander and grovel at the feet on the almighty jew or rick losing his/her seat or risk being labeled an “antisemitic” if they question the motives of Israel or the lobbies that control the political elite in both parties, they are ostracized.

  3. Israel will have zero support from the US when it goes full brown. I guess the jews should have thought a little harder on the whole “mass immigration from the 3rd world strategy”.

    • “Israel will have zero support from the US when it goes full brown.”

      Meaningless, brown nations are easy to manipulate with poverty and tyranny.
      Mass opinion in a mud nation is worthless, they’ll either be drunk or doped up.

      • Just look at those Central American countries. They’re all brown and they all have Zionist puppet regimes.

  4. Israel is moving relentlessly into the SCO/Sino/Russian sphere. They are just too smart to stick with a loser like America.

    America stands with Israel, and each year Israel cares less and less.

    • Yes, they can see that america will be a weak shell of a nation.
      Jews know that racial mud nations decay to survival poverty.

  5. I dont know why but that end disclaimer had me in stitches. You are going to lose that large percentage of your readership that are super Zionists and Nick Fuentes catpeople. Watch it with those bold words Brad. “Kate Ivey lets gooooooo. I mean noooooooo”

  6. “There are simply too many wealthy and powerful Jewish donors.”
    AND…….blackmailers such as Jeffrey Epstein.

  7. They never tell us why they stand with the enemies of Christ, but we know why, it is the money. They can not reason with on the facts of why Israel should be defended. Doing what is right and correct in Gods eyes is not important. Taking money to defend evil is what matters.

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