Poll: Wokeness Killed The Labour Party

At least on this issue, Tony Blair was right.

That’s what you call a bitter pill to swallow for the Left.

Daily Mail:

“Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party is out of touch with public opinion on woke issues, a Mail on Sunday poll has found.

The survey revealed that the party was overwhelmingly associated with support for politically correct issues – such as pulling down statues of historical figures – that are not backed by voters.

The figures will add to concerns among Labour strategists that the party’s metropolitan image is alienating its working-class base, particularly among its former supporters in the North.

Sir Keir’s position is under pressure following a poor set of local election results along its former heartland of Red Wall seats this month and the loss of the Hartlepool by-election to the Conservatives for the first time since 1974.

The poll, conducted by JL Partners for the Campaign For Common Sense, found that 56 per cent of people think Labour is most likely to agree with pulling down statues – despite Sir Keir saying it was ‘completely wrong’ for protesters to take down a statue of slaver Edward Colston last year. …”

If you have noticed, I have been focusing intensely on what I call the 7 Center Culture Issues – immigration, political correctness / wokeness, crime, trans, censorship, civil liberties and American heritage preservation. Those are our most popular issues where pretty much everyone on our side agrees and where the most people agree with us and disagree with our opposition.

There are some people who have complained that conservatives agree with us on these issues, but that is the whole point. I’ve been focusing on issues where 50% to 70% of the public agrees with us. The idea is to attack Joe Biden and the Democrats from the middle and to shape and lead the online opposition while mainstream conservatism is lost with its pants down defending wildly unpopular policy positions. Trump is no longer really in the picture, no one reads his blog and millions of people are angry right now. Meanwhile, ordinary White people are being attacked on a daily basis over systematic racism. We should be trying to get our act together to take advantage of the favorable situation.

At least that is my belief. There are those who disagree. Some people want to focus on creating a new religion called Apolloism to replace Christianity. Some people want to focus on “fascism.” There are some people who for reasons which I don’t fully understand think that Joe Biden is based for trying to criminalize and suppress our politics. There are some people who think we are supporting the GOP for criticizing Joe Biden or for pointing out that ordinary people might be waking up or for trying to rebuild our own shattered movement by focusing on popular issues that resonate with disaffected people.

It would certainly make sense of the GOP to follow our lead and moderate on economics and push these issues. I doubt that they are capable of that though. Anyway, we’re not running for office.

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  1. Labour voters saw very very clearly what happened to a negrified negroworshipping US last year. No thanks!

  2. I cannot say how happy I am to see Wokeness, Critical Race Theory, and the descendants of The Frankfurter School, begin to impale themselves on their swords.

    To quote Shakespeare : ‘Good Riddance!’

  3. The Kosher Right in the UK are going to use the term “Woke” to bash lefties for supporting Palestine though. In that Labour care more about Palestinians than they do English workers. So be careful how you proceed to use it. BLM, Antifa, Israel, ADL, AIPAC, Biden, OAC, Omar, are all one thing together. The Palestinians are an authentic sort of national resistance to the Tribe. Supporting a Palestinian fight back is Erwacht not Woke.

  4. The problem is that Labour’s collapse is leading to the growth of the Green Party, who are at least as bad as Labour on all social and cultural issues, but who are also neocons on foreign policy and neoliberals on economic party.

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