Brian Stelter: This FOX News Data Proves Liz Cheney Right

No one cares about Liz Cheney.

The GOP establishment couldn’t be more dead.

Every poll that has come out since the election has consistently told the same story that these people have been reduced to around 15% or 20% of the party. It is simply demographically impossible for them to control the direction of the party now due to the composition of the Republican base. There is every reason to believe that the trend away from them will get even more intense by 2024.

Morning Consult:

CBS News:

Note: Democrats have been told by their media to like Liz Cheney.

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  1. How many people living more than 10 miles from Washington D.C. or NYC know or care about this issue?

  2. Dems support Liz’s hatred of Trump and Trumpism, that’s all. They are more supportive of Elise Stefanik without saying so because she is a NY fake conservative trying to move up in the ranks of the Swamp.

    Trump understands this, and supports her completely.

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