MSNBC: “Whig”ing Out About The GOP Infighting

The PMC obsession with Liz Cheney has reached a whole new level of self delusion.

If anything is true, the Never Trumpers are only becoming weaker and more deeply marginalized in the Republican Party. Hardly anyone is sad to see them go.

Why are they doing this? It is because Donald Trump isn’t the president anymore. Democrats fear that some of those suburban voters who split their tickets in 2020 will go back in the 2022 midterms with Trump’s grating personality annoying them 24/7. Their own voters won’t be as energized either.

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  1. It was a good thing that the GOP gave this raging Neo Conservative war monger daughter of Dick Chaney the boot. The next to go must be Utah Sen. Mittens Romney.

    I’d like to see other forms of punishment besides removing someone from a committee or running a primary opponent to RINOs, Cucks – usually the Conservative Inc, Christian Zionists and LDS Latter Day Sissies can assure the re-elections of traitors like Mittens Romney and John McCain.

    There are other ways to punish traitors – like things are ancestors used to do – burning in effigy, tarring and feathering. I like see our side learn how from Antifa type street actions and throw things at enemies and traitors – rotted fish, rotten eggs (anti forced busing Irish Americans once threw eggs at traitor Ted Kennedy.

    Also, our side needs to learn how to fight with our fists, not stockpile AR 15 guns that are never used or if they are it’s a public relations disaster.

    Anybody else notice the good news that KY Sen. Rand Paul hasn’t been saying insane, treasonous things about mass 3rd world immigration anymore, not after he got his as* beat in a fist fight with a neighbor? I don’t think the neighbor was anywhere on our side, he just didn’t like Rand Paul – but he did beat his ass.

    • Remember the viral video of the Russians who called up McCain, and pretended to be Ukrainians? His ego got the best of him, and he opened his mouth and fell in it. Priceless.

  2. Very interesting that, as the Corporate/Government Media contemplates the demise of Republican Party, they notice not the termites streaming out of their own window mouldings, floorboards, and sill beams…

  3. “Also, our side needs to learn how to fight with our fists, not stockpile AR 15 guns that are never used or if they are it’s a public relations disaster.”

    While we need to stanch the erosion of the 2A, the focus on gun ownership has become a crutch.

  4. Well said, JR. We need to learn how to fight with our fists, like our grandfathers used to do when they were schoolboys.

    The Establishment is still reeling from Trump’s abrupt political appearance and departure. He may be gone but he left behind tens of millions of angry white working and middle class voters who will never accept another GW Bush or Liz Cheney.

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