Poll: Deracination

As I said yesterday, the biggest problem facing White people in America is other White people who have a negative sense of racial identity, not racial minorities who are much more like us in that respect.

Pew Research Center:

Note: I’m accustomed to blacks and Hispanics who are so common around here that they don’t bother me. They are like background noise. I actually hate these brats though.

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    • Sure, when zog and the media do everything to destroy WHITE community.

      Don Black couldn’t start a small WHITE scholarship fund without a concerted attack on himself and the students.

  1. I spent part of my childhood in an area of New England where there were still a lot of old Yankee families who could trace their lineage back to Roger Williams and the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. They were Legacy Students whose ancestors attended Brown and Yale when John Adams was president. I wasn’t one of them, however. I came from the same neighborhood in Brooklyn where Saturday Night Fever was filmed. I didn’t even really know my ethnic background until fairly recently. Turns out I might be related to Andy Warhol!

    It’s no wonder European nationalists call us “Amerimutts”. But some white ethnic mixing turns out well, such as between the Irish and Italians, the Scots and Irish, the Scots and Germans or the Germans and Pollocks.

  2. “White Americans have lost touch with their roots.”

    Concerning your statement, I can only think of the fine series documentarian Ken Burns did on Jazz in the 1990s, and, more specifically, a comment from an interview he made with a Negress by the name of Abby Lincoln, she famous in the 1960s for her jazz singing with The Max Roach Quartet.

    Lincoln, a Black Nationalist who, if her mannerisms and comments are any indication, nurses a bit of a vendetta about Whites.

    In any case, when discussing the troubles many Negro musicians felt they had, in those days, getting fitting credit and reimbursement for their creations, when White Musicians would pilfer their material and make fortunes and fame therefrom, Miss Lincoln acidly commented the following…

    “They’ll steal your ancestors here (America) … if you let them.”

    • A lot of rock songs by Led Zeppelin, Cream, AC/DC, etc are electrified and amplified versions of older tunes originally performed by Negro blues musicians like Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf and Willie Dixon.

      • @Spahn…

        Yes, you are right.

        As a lifetime musician, I have oft commented to my wife that White musicians of the 1960s and 1970s became Wiggers.

        They were literally obssesst with Black musick.

        To be clear, this wholesale theft producet some fantastick tunes, because the collusion of black musick with a White mentality producet some very new and fascinating things.

        Case in point ‘Dazed and Confused’, that a song which simply could not exist without generations of black musicians before it. Yet, if you take in the long live version of it, from around the time led Zeppelin was filming the movie, ‘The Song Remains the Same’, it went beyond being Black.

        On a side note, I’ll say this – The achievement of the Southern Negro in America in musick, is something of incredible genius that can never be surpasst.

        Pieces like, ‘So What’, by Miles Davis, or, ‘Maybe Tomorrow’, by Grant Green, or ‘Stolen Moments’ by the Oliver Nelson Septet, ‘Django’ by The Modern Jazz Quartet, or just the improvisational playing that Ben Webster did in his later years, are on a par with Debussy, Beethoven, and Bach, and, yes, as someone who has played Classical Western Musick his whole life, I am dead serious about that.

        My life has been profoundly influencet by American Negro musick, and definitely made the better for it.

  3. We know media discourages white identity. Can you imagine a move like LoTR being released today?

    • They will negrify the new LotR Amazon series to an enraging level. And it will cost them audience numbers. And they won’t care.

  4. That, and Jews telling you only THEY have a valid ancestry.

    [Hint, Elhaik’s DNA analysis, proves they aren’t even Jews, let alone the ‘Chosen People’ of Biblical provanance.]

    • That’s why many so-called jews are referred to as jew-ISH, Fr. John. But there’s so much overlap now between Kazars, Mizrahim and Sephardim that they are all basically the same thing anyway.

  5. “White people in America is other White people who have a negative sense of racial identity”

    (Not just America, it is globally, WHITES have no racial loyalty).

    This is the deadliest flaw in the WHITE race, the total lack of racial fidelity, no loyalty !

    The second greatest flaw is, giving and working to elevate other races, while neglecting to use those resources to elevate fellow WHITES.

    The west gave Africa high yield hybrid seeds and now, the world is being flooded with Africans. STUPID WHITES !l

    • Norman Borlaug is praised as a saint. What he did is an Evil to this planet and humanity as a whole.

      • . “What he did is an Evil to this planet and humanity as a whole.”

        That can be said of any innovation or inventor, when the knowledge or product is given to destructive races.

        What few realize, is that WHITE altruism , given to destructive cultures, will ultimately do more harm to good people.

  6. “I’m accustomed to blacks and Hispanics who are so common around here that they don’t bother me. They are like background noise. I actually hate these brats though.”

    At this point you’re just virtue signalling like a conservative boomer about how chill you are with brown people but hate white liberals. Non-whites never proclaim their love of diversity and how cool they are with Whites.

    If they don’t bother you, why not stop sending your kids to a private school, and let your daughters or sons start dating black and latino guys then? That’s the end-point of “they don’t bother me”.

    • I’m not virtue signaling though.

      I live in Central Alabama. Yes, it is something that we have to navigate around, but the blacks here aren’t nearly as awful of anti-White White liberals that live in places like DC or Portland.

      • .”but the blacks here aren’t nearly as awful of anti-White White liberals”

        You’re absolutely right !

        If blacks were left to their own opinions , without (((external influences))), it’d be “WHITE folks have their ways, black folks have our ways”.

    • Anywhere there are blacks and Hispanics, race mixing will happen. Therefore I prefer ZERO of them around. Doesn’t seeing white women with their mulattoes running around, arouse a certain anger in you, HW?

    • Kronos,

      Here’s the problem with your objection: The very people of our own race that we are trying to reach – White Normies – are true believers in anti-racism and want nothing to do with White Solidarity. They hate it more than anything else when they hear us speak ill of non-whites. There’s no stopping it. The Jews won the battle for the hearts and minds of the White Race.

      Because Whites want nothing to do with criticism of non-whites as non-whites, we should refrain from speaking negatively of non-whites to avoid further ghettoizing ourselves. And, speaking for myself, I agree with Normies about one important thing: Culture and Values matter more than Race.

      Sure, you can argue that Race and Values have an inherent connection, and that’s true as it applies to non-whites, who tend to all universally believe the same things (especially Blacks). But frankly, there isn’t any inherent connection between Values and Race when it comes to Whites. There is enormous diversity of values and morals within the White Race, so much so that we started a Civil War and World War II over it.

      The coming conflicts of the 21st century will be fought between different groups of Whites vying for world wide supremacy of their values. The Progressives are currently winning, but they are also over extending their hand, and it’s possible they will marginalize themselves into irrelevance as the years go on.

      In any case, its foolish to try to convert them to White Nationalism or pretend like they have anything in common with us other than basic phenotype, which is far from sufficient to unite a single people under a single culture.

      • I used to be believe in your own ideology by default, and I came to the conclusion that it’s completely foolish based on my own life experience. If you’ve been around enough black and brown people you would know that they’re not civic nationalists. Phenotype is quite enough for them, yet somehow it’s not enough for us?

        Non-whites think the way white racial nationalists do, except they have enough in-group solidarity to not give up on themselves and start bowing and pandering to outgroups. One of my biggest redpills was seeing with my own eyes while growing up that culture doesn’t matter to them as much as race. They always form cliques and if there’s a white guy rolling with them, he’s always the odd one out. In the political arena, they will be happy that Whites embrace civic nationalism because that makes Whites less of a racial threat. Yes, most whites are brainwashed, we’ve all known this from the very beginning. That doesn’t mean you give up.

        Even though the other side is more extreme than ever, more White people have woken up in the last five years than in the last twenty. The Jews haven’t won, it’s not over until it’s over.

        Stop being gay.

  7. Whites aren’t allowed to promote their ancestries. Whites cannot have groups unlike the priviledged other races. Most whites have learned to avoid the topic to stave off repercussions.

  8. ” I’m accustomed to blacks and Hispanics who are so common around here that they don’t bother me. ”

    Spoken like a true Rhodesian.

    They don’t bother you, until the civil power structure is gone, then you’ll be plenty bothered.

  9. These sentiments have been the same for probably forty years now if not longer. Read Pierce. This is his favorite topic and he wrote 2 fictional tales around this idea. I never was comfortable with his methods. I am not a violent person especially in regards to innocent or just ignorant people but the problem he addressed was the same. Deracination in people he viewed as fattened sheep. If anything more people are aware of this today because it is so in their face.

    That is why you need a Donald Trump and Republicans to act as a valve and that valve isnt working that well anymore. Look at January 6th and the dupes now being hunted for breaking the law and being used

  10. Whites losing touch with their racial identity has kept us divided and at each others throats. Whites feel better when they’re pandering and groveling to nonWhites because of decades of brainwashing by the Talmud Vision and every other venue. The only time Whites rise up or get angry is when they are defending other races. blm and antifa are perfect examples of White self hatred.

    • When the German Bund or Silver Shirts formed social solidarity with German folk,
      who destroyed them, with government help ?

  11. Only Whites have been subjected to a uniquely relentless campaign of self-hate brainwashing by the kikes since their victory in WWjew, aided all along the way by powerful race traitor scum like the ones who ran the Nuremberg show-trials. Most Whites are just oblivious sheep; too god damned stoopid & willfully ignernt to notice the societal changes that have taken place since even their parents’ generation, to wonder why, and to use the resources at their fingertips to find (((the answer))).

    But now after the ousting of Dump, the gloating jews & their whores are triumphantly grinding White faces in the shit in ways so open & obvious, and from every possible sector of governmental, employment & social power, that even the most pathetic & repulsive Normie assclowns are becoming alarmed.

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