Secular Talk: Joe Biden Cucks To Israel

Isn’t this just beautiful?

Can you imagine any other country in the world getting away with this or the Biden administration selling them $735 million dollars in precision-guided weapons while they are doing it?

Washington Post:

“FIRST IN POWER UP: The Biden administration has approved the sale of $735 million in precision-guided weapons to Israel, raising red flags for some House Democrats who are part of the shifting debate over the U.S. government’s support for the Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. …”

The death toll in Gaza is up to 212.

This includes 61 children and 36 women. America is back, baby! This is what Joe Biden meant about reasserting American leadership and values!

Al Jazeera:

“Death toll in Gaza rises to 212

At least 212 people in Gaza have now been killed, Gaza’s Ministry of Health said, including 61 children and 36 women. …”

Bibi Netanyahu is killing his own people … and Joe is selling him weapons!

Kyle Kulinksi is absolutely correct that we need to immediately halt military aid and impose sanctions on Israel for violating the human rights of the Palestinians. We can’t hold Israel to the same standard that we would any other country like Iran or Syria because, you know, OUR GREATEST ALLY™. Bad things happens tend to happen to people who go off the “mainstream” script and call out Israel.

Note: We consistently criticized Trump on this issue for years because we have always believed that both parties are owned by Jewish donors who repress criticism of Israel as “anti-Semitism.”

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  1. Biden’s administration is controlled by Zionist Jews.

    Jew Supremacist Zionists Merrick Garland and Alejandro Mayorkas are in Congress right now attacking people who are racialized as “white but not Jewish” :… meaning “GOYIMS” … and calling them America’s number one terrorist threat.

    Oh, that’s funny, these same Zionist Jews – literally, the same ones like Merrick Garland and Antony Blinken – also attack Muslims and Arabs who they also racialize as “not Jewish” thus “goyim.”

    Being a ‘Jew’ means being racist. These people aren’t religious, they are racists.

    Why are these Jews allowed to even hold office in our country? They are foreign agents, they shouldn’t even be allowed to vote and their visas should be expired and they should be sent packing back to the Middle East where they belong.

    Free Palestine, Free America, Free Dixie.

  2. “Can you imagine any other country in the world getting away with this or the Biden administration selling them $735 million dollars in precision-guided weapons while they are doing it?”

    Selling? No way. This is at US taxpayer’s expense for sure. Israel never pays a shekel unless it goes to some other nefarious purpose.

  3. When it comes to Israel all Presidents are like Trump because they are all own and bribed.

    Assad gases kids which turned out to be lies and the US bombs Syria over “human rights.”

    Israel is the tail and the US is the dog.

  4. The reactions on social media have been hilarious. So many leftist scum are becoming acquainted with just how thoroughly Jews own America.

  5. Trump must be pissed that Sleepy Joe sucks jew dick just as hard as Don does. Trump is a tool but he is too stupid to realize it – just like all of the morons in Congress.

  6. My entire life, I’ve seen those apartment blocks in the Levant being blown up, huge mushroom clouds, 20-foot-high piles of rubble filling the street so no one can get by to go to the store. How many times can a sand quarry not even the size of New Jersey be fought over and blown up? I don’t believe it anymore. It’s not real. It’s a J.G. Ballard story. The Suez Crisis in 1956 happened two seconds ago and it and the 1983 Marine bombing will happen again two seconds from now.

  7. Leftists adapting their current antiracist positions (non-white vs white) to the Palestine vs Israel issue abroad.

  8. ‘Murca is just the great golem of Pissrael & itz “American” kike sayanim like thankfully dead Adelson & Epstein who dole out the campaign cash that buys & run the blackmail ops that snare their goy whores in duh Why House & CONgress.

    The only thing that affords a glimmer of hope for change is the fact that young Americans are nowhere near as supportive of the (((Entity))), or kikes in general: the internet has opened up a world of historical facts & perspectives that has undermined the belief in the evangelical Christianity that is the foundation of Boomers’ slavish carte blanche support of Gawd’s Self-Chosen scum.

  9. The left craved this return to normality. The funniest part for me is that while Trump was a zionist he was such a Zionist that the Palestinians sort of froze. Like they couldn’t beleive how comically buffoonish the Big Orange happened to be. The Israeli Jews more or less stfu too. His clownish rhetoric was so zany that everyone stepped back and muttered in disbelief. With Biden it’s the return of Finkelthink Wars.

  10. The hypocrisy goes off the chart when one compares the USA governments treatment of the Myanmar military junta to Israel.

    Biden wants to sanction Myanmar’s junta Generals… When they have not attacked any neighboring nation! Have not attacked Cambodia, Laos, India. Also all the Junta did was put down some dang commies and decades ago Americans had no problem with that with guys like Franco, Pinochet, & the Greek Colonels.

    Then when you compare that to Israel and they are bombing the heck out of the Palestinian Authority it is just too much. These Zionist war-mongers need to be stopped.

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