Joe Rogan: Wokeness Is Out Of Control

It is already way beyond that point.

If you are a cishet White male and you have populist or nationalist views or even conservative or libertarian views now, you are being labeled a “domestic extremist” by the government.

We live under Jim Snow now. They don’t want you to serve in the military. They don’t want you to serve in law enforcement. They want the power to spy on you. They certainly don’t want you to be able to speak on social media or have access to online payment processors or banking. They don’t want you to have a job. They want a national red flag law to have the power to seize your firearms. They want to teach your children to hate themselves for being White. Even the law doesn’t protect you anymore. God help you if you are a cishet White male police officer and something happens and they go after you.

Experience has shown time and again that it is a slippery slope. Do you remember when they only wanted to “punch Nazis” and censor “hate speech”? Now they only want the power to purge the military and law enforcement of “extremists.” They can’t be trusted to respect your constitutional rights.

Note: Joe Rogan is a weather vane which means even centrist normies are concerned about the issue.

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  1. I want to point out something that populist/nationalist/dissident “rightists” of all stripes need to understand.

    All of this “anti-woke” push-back that you are seeing from the “Normiesphere” of libertarian and milquetoast conservative types is good, and I hope I’m wrong on this next point because we need some REAL right wing thought pumped into the mainstream, but I’m afraid that they’re always going to push back just as hard against strong social conservatism when it starts taking an authoritarian posture.

    America is at its core libertarian. Progressive liberalism and modernism is the stuff of cosmopolitans on the coasts, but the “leave me the fuck alone” libertarian streak runs deep in the rural south and many places out west. They don’t want to be told they are evil and despicable just for being white, but they also don’t want to be told they shouldn’t smoke weed or watch porn or not marry who they want or not listen to X music or drink or smoke tobacco or live in mixed communities and a whole list of other things. They might not indulge in most of those things, but they don’t want to be told (or tell anyone else) they can’t. It’s why conservatives and libertarians have become basically useless. Furthermore, liberals have NO PROBLEM with authoritarianism and have become quite accustomed to enforcing their will.

    You will get a strong pushback for just enough time that maybe the house and senate will swing back to Republicans (I know I know), and maybe we will get one more Republican President, but then the core libertarians and centrists will go back to their “leave me alone” default, the radical left will get even more radical, and there will be a point at which corporate owned gulags will be rounding dissidents up.

  2. I used to enjoy Joe’s show, when he had on people like Randall Carlson, Graham Hancock, Bob Lazar, Aubrey de Gray, Robert Schoch, Brian Greene, Sean Carroll, and other scientists. I don’t care for it, when he leans to the political, or has on “sports stars”. He’s fairly liberalized, has a mixed family, so I don’t really care about his viewpoints.

  3. I’d like to see White men go on a total strike for about a month in this country. Oh wait, that can’t happen, because everything would collapse.

  4. Sadly Rogan played a part in this as when he moved exclusively to Spotify he let social justice types censor about a dozen of his shows. (The most egregious examples being Alex Jones & Owen Benjamin episodes)

    In short I think Rogan sold out.

    There is still time for him to redeem himself though. Perhaps these comments are the beginning of that process.

    When it comes to Whites being censored on social media we have other options like encrypted apps like Proton Mail & Telegram to aid in the continuing struggle against Z.O.G. (Zionist Occupied GLOBALISTS)

  5. grug rogan said he hopes whites become a minority in america faster. his wife is a jew. he is full of shit, just doesnt want to lose his show and that $$$

  6. “Joe Rogan is a weather vane”

    I’d say he is more of a safety valve. White people can watch his podcast, let of some steam, then get back to working for the ZOG system that hates them, having learned nothing of value.

  7. Joe Rogan is a liberal Democrat joker. He acts like he is 15 years old with his gutter mouth. Joe, you are like 54 years old. Time to grow up yet? He does not like cancel culture because the way he acts and speaks is targeted. What saves him is his Democratic voting record.

    The Democrats are increasingly non White in its make up. This goes hand in hand with their run to communist authoritarian takeover. This is what happens when Jews run the media and non Whites rapidly increasing in number.

    Waving an American flag and all that is considered ” White people” stuff. Truly incredible Republicans still are not pushing hard for a rapid reduction in immigration but also a rapid increase in White immigration. Third World Democrats have a seething jealousy and hatred for Whites. That is why they always seek to turn us into another shithole.

    Ps..Rogan has a half black adopted daughter. She is the daughter of his wife. Unfortunately the situation makes him politically non astute even more. Whites with close ties to blacks usually become even more Democrat. Rarely do you see the opposite. While Rogan may have some interesting guests, he is a foul mouthed liberal giving winks to the left all the time including his move to Austin. His wife must be very left wing.

    All those tats all over Rogan will look real great in 10 And all his ” stay young forever” interviews with various doctors have not made him look young. In good shape? Yes. No doubt he works hard on that but you are not going till 100, Joe, or even close. Most people ” check out” around 75 to 85 with some pushing an increase to around 90 but is that just ” hanging around” or living with vitality? If one looks old in their 50s what the heck are they going to look like at 80?

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