PBS Newshour: Should Native Americans Control The National Parks?


The National Parks should be left alone for the enjoyment of everyone. The National Park System is one of the crowning achievements of nationalism and populism in the early 20th century and should not be screwed up by woke progressives. We’re happy to have this fight though.

Note: These people are just bubbling over with great ideas these days. It was a Jew who claimed to be an American Indian who wrote that Atlantic article.

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  1. “Native Americans” had nothing to do with creating or maintaining the national park system. Why should they be put in control of them? But in as much as our traitorous overlords are turning the entire country over to 3rd worlders why not leave a little something for “Native Americans” too?

  2. The National Parks were a Federal land grab. Everyone appreciates Yellowstone and Yosemite but few people realize how much territory was grabbed. From Ballotpedia:

    “The federal government owns 81.07 percent of Nevada’s total land, 56,961,778 acres out of 70,264,320 total acres. Nevada ranked second in the nation in federal land ownership”

    I don’t think those “parks” will be joining Idaho anytime soon.

    • Federal land per se is not the same as National Parks. National Parks have a much higher degree of protection & restrictions than the BLM land that makes up most of Nevada. On most federal land in Nevada you are free to stake a mining claim, hunt, camp, fish, ride OHVs, ride horses, pretty much anything as long as you’re not degrading the land or breaking something like fire restrictions. Those vast, free public lands are one of the best things about the West. As opposed to the East where everything is privately owned.

      National Parks tend to have a lot of restrictions, e.g. no hunting, permit system for certain areas/backcountry camping, no taking anything (minerals, plants, animals, etc.), no staking claims, no pets.

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  4. The theme is consistent : remove all White assets from Whites, removed all vestiges of White culture, law, customs, and institutions from view, then remove all White Peoples from the face of the earth.

    It would be silly, if it were not so evil.

    • It really is part of their “religious” practice. They are genocidal by nature and there is no off switch. Their biggest fear, which they constantly project, is a population that wakes up and genocides them. The Germans seemed mostly to be interested in getting rid of them. This is clearly an ineffective strategy.

      • @KT-88…

        God put the devil here, Sir, and always allows for The Devil to have many agents and institutions.


        Because he uses them to test us, mould us, and make us hard in His way.

        Because of this, God will never allow anyone to exterminate the Devil and his agents.

        So, you are 100% right.

        We must stand up and deliver on protecting ourselves, but it cannot be through heinous barbarity.

        In this fight we must, collectively, reach our highest potential.

        Thank you for your comment!

  5. You and I–assuming you were born in the USSA–are just as much ‘Native Americans’ as any Injun.

  6. More PBS drivel.

    Mindless distraction to take us away from real issues.

    (PBS newshour is a dumpster.)

  7. There were no parks when the Indians were killing each other and Whites before the inception of the US, so no. The Indians have their own lands free of US govt interference and pay no taxes , Whites don’t.

  8. fuck no. indians never lived in equilibrium with nature. they hunted the buffalo to the edge of extinction. it was the WHITE MAN that made the national parks and saved the buffalo.

  9. A self-hating White cuck pretends to be American Indian. Says the land should be returned to “us”, because “we” are better stewards of the environment than “Americans”. Has this White shitlib ever been to a American Indian reservation and seen how they live? Most are hopeless drunks, or addicted to some other shit, and live in squalor! It’s a sad mess.

    • Indians are lazy and stupid – while Whites Europeans were building cathedrals to the sky 800 years ago the Indians were fashioning crude arrow-heads out of stone like the Neanderthals.

      • @c d…

        I don’t think Indians were, or are, ‘lazy’ & ‘stupid.


        They are different from us, and, thus, their blood and spirit gave, and gives, them a very very different view of life than we have.

        For us, as Europeans, everything in life is a potential material and means to construct something else.

        For Indians, life in and of itself was not a means, but an end, unto itself.

        That so, in many areas they were inferior to us, in other areas they had a vastly superior and ability knowledge to us.

        Case in point?

        A Connecticut Yankee mailman, in the 1870s, had a nightmarish case of skin cancer that, over a span of of a decade, had eaten off a section of his jaw, one eyeball, and much of the skin on his face.

        Needless to say, he was in agony.

        What did our doctors do?

        Ply him with endless causticks and odd concoctions that only made him more miserable.

        No longer able to sleep and constantly miserable, the man heard that their was an Indian healer not far away.

        He consulted her and she told him to use Red Clover.

        From there on out he drank Red Clover and wipet the affected areas of his face with tea of the same.

        Within a few months the cancer had stopped and he could sleep.

        A few years later, all his affected areas healed and new skin grew – he recovering everything but his lost eyeball and some jawbone.

        He died 13 years later, peacefully in his sleep.

        In alternative health circles this is a well-known and well-documented story.

        It is a powerful testimony to a virtue of American Indian Culture and their ways triumphing where our ways only failed, and had failed miserably.

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