Rising: Joe Biden’s Call For Ceasefire Ignored By Hamas-Israel

Of course it is.

We all know who is the boss in the Democratic Party. There is a reason why Israel can get away with doing all of these things which flies in the face of everything the political establishment says about “democracy” and “human rights.” There is a reason why we are funding what is happening in Gaza and defending Israel at the United Nations and why we are “standing with Israel” and saying they are the victims here. It certainly isn’t because Dispensationalists are all powerful in the Democratic Party!

A few years ago, Israel voted to become a Jewish ethnostate. Donald Trump gave Israel everything it wanted from killing the Iran Deal to keeping American troops in Syria to recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights to recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to turning a blind eye to the expansion of settlements to defunding the Palestinians. Trump was such an American patriot that he even let convicted spy Jonathan Pollard return to Israel. He would later give an interview in which he defended spying on America for Israel. Make Israel Great Again or MIGA was the official foreign policy of the Trump administration. Israel even named a Jewish settlement the Trump Heights in his honor.

Everything that the political establishment says about how “white supremacists” control this country is demonstrably false misinformation and propaganda. Jewish supremacists actually do rule Israel though and we’re fine with it. Palestinians actually are treated as second class citizens in Israel. They also rule this country too and dominate its institutions which is why they have the unbelievable power and influence to censor the entire internet or to weaponize the intelligence agencies against their critics.

Democrats claim to be opposed to “white supremacy” and systematic racism. Isn’t it interesting how Joe Biden supports it, defends it and funds it one of the few places where you could say it actually exists? Isn’t it interesting how we are the ones who call him out on his support for white supremacy?

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  1. The Bitter End MAGA crowd what did they get in the end as a reward? An FBI manhunt! Thx Jews!

  2. Yosef Ben Din, a senile old patriarch set up to deliver a manhunt against whitey and drive the Palestinians into Europe. Did he privately convert?

  3. Who can stomach this disgusting Mick?

    From @PunchbowlNews this AM:
    “The White House readout said Biden ‘expressed his support for a cease-fire.’ But administration officials quickly clarified that Biden didn’t call for a cease-fire, just said he’d be supportive of one if it happened.”

  4. I know a guy that is a retired Colonel. Nerdy guy. I wouldn’t say a cool guy. Has an icy side to him. He was building a deck for a hot tub. I mingle around.

    So I loaned out some tools to him and schooled the guy on a few things so it wouldn’t end up like trash. Few days ago. I had the Tim Poole podcast on when I got settled in and was showing him about how to use a square and how to run a level ledger. I like to use a hilti with red shots and 2 inch pins.

    The commentary was about the war and Israel. If you’ve used a hilti it basically is a firearm that has a shot with a .22 load, to fire a nail in concrete. It has that nice smell of gunpowder.

    He is a smart guy, but wasn’t up to speed on what he was doing. He got annoyed with the podcast and me telling him what he was doing wrong. He asked me “can you turn that down?”

    I’m there helping a neighbor out. So whatever.

    Do this do that, it will come out nice. I don’t use these tools anymore. Any questions call me.

    I see the guy yesterday, of course he’s stuck and humbly asks me, “what about this?”. So I dig in again. Out of nowhere he tells me his daughter is in Israel right now. “Really?”

    Then he tells me I’m not Jewish but her boyfriend is in the IDF. I ask him if he’s been to Israel. He said no but his daughter’s boyfriend brought home tons of ammo and weapons and had a dinner with his guys the other day in some shithole in Israel. He told me you can’t do that in the US Army, We can’t bring home any weapons in the Army, “you don’t know what it’s like when the war is in your neighborhood”. Of course I do, but he was frustrated about his daughter being out there.

    He’s about 54 but looks like late 30’s. I found myself looking at him choosing sides, he was clearly stressed over what’s going on and his kid being there with military men. And pure savages. Both sides.

    A lot of Americans are caught up in this ancient battle. I have family members that were caught up in these Jew wars. It is a source of stress. And we should not be involved. Americans are being sucked into their problems.

    I held back my opinions and got back to the work. He’s probably out in the hot sun trying to figure it out right now.

  5. We should call out the hypocrisy so that, hopefully, white Americans will understand that if it’s in the best interests for Jews to have ethnostate, it’s in our best interests to have one as well. The mainstream anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian “Left” comes at the conflict from an anti-colonial, anti-racist perspective. Many of them believe the land occupied by the state of Israel doesn’t belong to the Jews because they “stole it from the Palestinians,” just like they believe America doesn’t belong to Europeans because we “stole it from the Native Americans.” They want the laws of Israel to become more ethnically neutral and universalist, like in the U.S. White advocates should be careful about which narrative they are promoting. In the eyes of many here, siding with the Palestinians is de facto siding with non-whites against white America. That’s why you see Antifa and BLM championing the Palestinian cause. Nevermind the fact that many Arab states are more ethnically homogeneous than Israel.

    Just like the destruction of China is not necessary to remove Chinese interference in our politics, the destruction of Israel is not necessary to remove Israeli interference in our politics. The real problem is a domestic one, not foreign.

    • When the chips are down you can see who is shilling for the Zionists currently under a lot of pressure, all based on a fantasy ideology.

      Remember, these “fashy” guys have only one power – the power to shill for Israel in the comment section of fringe WN blogs.

      “Support Israel and we will expose their hypocrisy so they might let us deport them and have an ethno-state.”

      Uh-huh. Fascinating, isn’t it?

      I mean, Israel doesn’t need anyone’s help controlling the government right now, but nevertheless a lot of “fash” types are jumping in to volunteer.

      Just an observation.

      • I try to always look at things from a viewpoint of “Is it good for whites?” instead of “Is it bad for Israel?” In my opinion, the cosmopolitan diaspora Jews are the greater threat than Israelis. It shouldn’t be hard to see that the existence of Israel weakens the diaspora Jews’ position that multi-racial diversity and becoming a minority in their own countries is what’s best for whites. Does that mean I support U.S. military intervention on behalf of Israel or giving them foreign aid? No, of course not. But I also think it’s better that Israel exists so that there is a convenient location for diaspora Jews to be deported to, to expose diaspora hypocrisy, so that a bunch of Jewish refugees don’t flood the West, and so that the Israeli government doesn’t launch a nuclear attack on Europe before they go under. Unfortunately, the Palestinians do get screwed in this case. But there are many Arab countries out there for them to relocate to.

        • > It shouldn’t be hard to see that the existence of Israel weakens the diaspora Jews’ position that multi-racial diversity and becoming a minority in their own countries is what’s best for whites.

          Well, that is obviously not true at all, 50+ years of Zionism proves that’s false.

          >I also think it’s better that Israel exists so that there is a convenient location for diaspora Jews to be deported to

          Right, “protect the Jewish homeland because in my fantasy we’ll all be Nazis one day and deport them!”

          It’s a fascinating “movement” you people have. I mean, it’s not a “movement” in the sense of real people engaging in politics.

          Instead, it’s an online “edgy” fantasy game where all the players “just happen” to say, “Support Israel!” all the time.

          You know, they said Donald Trump was an “anti-semite” and a Nazi too. Turned out he was just an Israel shill.

          You’re a George Lincoln Rockwell fan aren’t you?

    • The consistent nationalist position is supporting Palestinian nationalism. Zionism is not nationalism, but an imperial project. It’s in the best interests of Palestinians to have an ethnostate, and it’s in the best interest of all non-Jews that Jews do not have a state.

      • “It’s in the best interest of all non-Jews that Jews do not have a state.”

        No, it’s in the best interest of all non-Jews that the diaspora Jews are removed from their countries.

  6. Calling for a ceasefire and than sending Israel 735 million in weapon sales is an oxymoron.

    Supporting Israel runs contrary to the national security of the US, i.e. Pollard and others like him.

  7. This really makes Biden look weak.

    Even Jimmy Carter at least had the Camp David Peace Accords!

  8. Biden calls for a ceasefire, as he “sells” the occupying zionist terrorists $785,000,000 in precision guided JDAMs.

    He really is another FDR on foreign policy, except Biden isn’t calling playing favorites “Lend-Lease.”

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