Don Lemon, Seething With Jealousy, Wrist Slaps Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is experiencing a backlash due to his comments on woke supremacy.

Don Lemon is upset. Elie Mystal who has transformed his home into a miniature Wakanda where he hides from the daily beestings of systematic racism in White society wants straight White men to shut up. There are already leftists growling on Twitter that Spotify should have more control over Joe Rogan’s content. They have already been flexing their authoritarian, busybody urge to hush others and censor content which offends their worldview by removing 42 episodes of his show.

Note: The power that is being wielded by progressive activists to control and censor speech through powerful corporations is WILDLY DISPROPORTIONATE to their actual numbers in the electorate.

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  1. They won’t be happy until they can force Native Born White American Males at gunpoint onto Lebraun James’ cotton fields.

    White Corporate oligarchs are funding the GENOCIDE against the Native White Working Class….Silicon Valley Hindu Oligarchs also are our mortal enemy….

    It ill end in either two ways:

    1)Russia and China nukes the US….

    2)Civilizational and Ecological collapse of the US….

  2. The leftists say they don’t want to offend people. But they insult and offend us all the time. I guess in their minds we don’t count as people.

  3. This is rich coming from Lemon head. He is a guy hired because he is black, gay and leftist. Whites routinely are not hired, fired or get bans for being conservative and for sure not hired if right wing. Just the bans on Twitter, Facebook and the fact there are literally zero conservative tv talk show hosts and Hollywood basically bans non leftist thinking, etc.

    Rogan is correct but he as an individual basically gets a pass due to the money he brings in and the fact he usually votes Democrat. Kind of like Howard Stern in that way.

    Basically we have a heavily Jewish controlled media that defends blacks and Democrats forever, a literal offensive line of blockers protecting the Democratic quarterback if you will.

    I did find it great the scuzzball communist mayor of Chicago, Lightfoot, is now looking to ban giving interviews to White reporters- many of whom backed her. What were you expecting from a black, lesbian communist Democrat, you pathetic White cucks? Like that White girl who got the stuffing beat out of her at a Little Caesar’s pizza joint in Augusta, Georgia with zero people helping her, stupid Whites get theirs when they suck up to blacks. Lightroom put her ” blackfoot” on your pathetic heads like the fat black skank did to the White girl in that Augusta video.

  4. Lemon is upset because nobody wants to watch his dreadful show. AT&T is selling Warnermedia which owns CNN because AT&T does not want to alienate 74 million potential customers for its phone and streaming services.

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