VICE: Is Trump Still The Future Of The GOP?

The most interesting part of the video is where he interviews the Tejanos who live along the border who are angry with Joe Biden over violent crime, illegal immigration and his hostility to fracking. It is worth noting that they voted for Trump before the border collapsed and during the pandemic when illegal immigration was at a relative low point and was less salient than usual. He is amazed that they are angry with Joe Biden for having like 300 illegal aliens in their backyard every day.

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    • @Watcher…

      Yes, of course.

      Anyone who does not think President Trump is the leader of The Republican Party is kidding himself.

      • Trump has no coattails.

        His power is finished.

        Anybody who thinks trump is anything other than nostalgia is totally lib-brained/internalized lib-brain

        The american right winger (especially in modern terms) are essential all conspiracy theorists to varying degrees…

        The libtard thinks the conspiracy theorists gets off on losing/masochism (which a Christian persecution is apart of it)

        But every American conspiracy theory has some sort of Christian salvation that’ll make you the ultimate winner in the end.

        A clear example of this phenomenon was in the libertarian gold-bug phase. It was completely defeatists/masochistic not to invest in the hot market of the early 2000’s. They were smarter than the average bear and was going to end up on top when the dollar collapse… but then after 2008 bail-outs didn’t lead to massive inflation the gold-bug craze just died….

        Why??? Didn’t they like losing??? Kinda, they liked losing when they could feel smug about losing…. But when that smug hope is exposed to be nothing more than a smug cope the conspiracy theorists flock to a new all-life-consuming conspiracy theory.

        Trump has no hope to offer and even those who are nostalgic for him can’t meme him as a winner… If trump isn’t a winner he’s nothing.

        What they’re going to run on putting “hostage trump” back in charge???


        Trump supporters who sell trump as a winner have to sell maga as standard GOP bullshit…. because those are his only accomplishments, which will only ever get 20-30% of even republican voters

        All other trump supporters have to sell him as a Martyr,,,, but martyrs can only die once. He’s burnt any “winning” energy to handwave away all of his loses as martyrdom

        Most of the maga shitheads will vote for the Florida fag governor and be happy about it.

    • Trump is only keeping his name afloat as potentially maybe running in 2024 so he can keep donations coming in….

      As we get closer and closer to 2024 trump will become even more removed from the question of running again. He’ll end up throwing his support behind the queer governor of Florida, Nikki Haley or his daughter in 2024

  1. Trump was the fake opposition in 2016 and will be the fake opposition in 2024. Our Anti-White overlords don’t allow real opposition because it would end them.

    • @More…

      I don’t think President TRump was, or will be, ‘a fake opposition’.

      I think he just threw the kitchen sink at us to get elected in 2016, was surprised when he won, and then, did not have the courage to follow through to go find that kitchen sink, pick it up, and follow through…

      • He talked a bunch of bullshit he had no intention of implementing. If that’s not the definition of “fake opposition”, I don’t know what is.

        • @NBF…

          While I respect your opinion, Sir, neither you are I know what was in the heart of Candidate Trump.

          My wife surprised me a day after the election, when she said : ‘Trump had no idea he was going to win.”

          After thinking, I agree with that, if for no other reason than the conversations he was reported to have on Election Eve, when he was commiserating that, at the least he had garnered a lot of publicity for his endeavours, by having run.’

          That said, we can’t be sure.

        • @skeptic16…

          Yes, that is a good point – President Trump came through for those with whom he has spent his life far beyond what he did for those who propelled him to victory.

  2. Trump is going to have a felony conviction soon. They love to tag some bullshit charges onto opposition so they can reference them as “convicted felon ….”. Not to say that Trump was much opposition but certainly still better than Biden.

  3. > He is amazed that they are angry with Joe Biden for having like 300 illegal aliens in their backyard every day.

    Those stupid Tejanos don’t they understand they are no different than the scvartzes how dare they vote for White Christian Hitler KKK Trump Republicans and not smart competent people like Senator Chuck Scumer of New York.

    Don’t these idiotic brown Uncle Tomitos who no speakee english even realize how RACIST the Southern white conservative Christians are?

    And they don’t even support Israel! Oy veh!

  4. Trump ,Trump he’s the goyims conman, if he can’t do it, the jews will find another goyim that can.

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