Bibi Netanyahu Tells Joe Biden To Suck His Balls

We told you so.

No other country in the world could get away with what OUR GREATEST ALLY is currently doing in Gaza and the West Bank. We’re talking about literal lynch mobs going around chanting “Death to the Arabs” and beating people to death with Israeli flags for being Palestinians.

Wrap your mind around the fact that we “Stand With Israel” at the United Nations and finance this while they are killing women and children. They call it “mowing the grass.” We also recently sent Jonathan Pollard back to Israel where he received a hero’s welcome and where he boasted about spying on the United States for Israel. Can you imagine us sending a Russian spy back home where he boasts about committing espionage? Can you imagine us applauding Poles while they lynch gypsies?

Yahoo News:

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday said that he’s “determined” to continue the offensive in Gaza, rebuffing President Joe Biden’s call for an immediate and significant “de-escalation” in the fighting.

Netanyahu said the operation will continue “until its aim is met,” per the Associated Press.

The Israeli prime minister thanked the US for its support, but said the offensive will move forward in order “to return the calm and security to you, citizens of Israel.”

The White House earlier on Wednesday released a readout of a call between Biden and Netanyahu that said the president told the Israeli leader he “expected a significant de-escalation today on the path to a ceasefire.” …”

Bibi told Joe on the phone that Israel will do whatever it wants.

Why do you think they have so much power and influence over American foreign policy?

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  1. Israel our friend!!!!

    The slaughter of the White American Christian Teenage Crew of the USS Liberty in 1967..,

    The ADL our Friend!!!!

    The corpse of 13 year old Mary Phagan..

    Israel our Friend!!!!

    Dancing Israeli Art Students on a Hoboken NJ Rooftop….on 9/11…


    • Include, the total devastation of American culture, mass non-WHITE immigration, integration, queer agenda etc.

      How many millions of American lives have been ruined by their social manipulations?

  2. Natanyahu is right – it’s not President Biden’s place, or that of any other, to tell him, or Israel, what to do.

    Some of us in this country have a big fat head, and think we can tell the rest of the world how to be, what to believe in, and how to go about things.

    Mind your own business, that’s a tried and true Southern principle and I am all for it.

    Let The Palestinians and Israelis work out their issues on their on terms and in their own time.

    • The Persians will work this out for all concerned, in their own good time.

      (((Ivan))), I hope your relatives in occupied Palestine are ready to be carried off in captivity … again.

      • “Natanyahu is right – it’s not President Biden’s place, or that of any other, to tell him, or Israel, what to do.”

        it’s not Natanyahu’s. place to be the world’s biggest welfare bum.

        Stop giving welfare to a terrorist state of swindlers.

        • @Arrian Yet, he wants the billions in “foreign aid” we give them.

          They should be practicing the same “Multiculturalism” they have forced on Europe and the US.
          They shouldn’t be “monolithic” anymore. Israel has not yet learned to be multicultural.

      • @WP…

        I most certainly am half-Hungarian Jew, Sir, and I make no bones about it, nor have ever made any attempt to hide it.

        As to all the money given to Israel, I do not approve of it, have never approved of it, nor do I approve of our tax money going to any other nation, for any reason except humanitarian relief, in the event of a natural disaster..

        No, Sir, we have too many needs here, and I absolutely hate the way The Jew-run New England Yankee United States’ Government tries to bribe every nation so that it can control it.

        Prime Minister Netanyahu is absolutely right NOT to cowtow to The New England Yankee United States’ government, most especially after President Clinton sabotaged his presidency in 1996.

        That said, none of my Hungarian Jewish family lives in Palestine.

        We live in Dixie, have long lived in Dixie and we love it here.


        Because we have been treated with every kindness and hospitality, and for a very dang long time.

        Because White Southerners have a god-given gift to set up a society and run it well.

        Yes, Sir – in Dixie my daddy’s Hungarian Jewish family has been given every opportunity to flourish or fail, and on our own terms, no less!

        We prize that, Sir, and, consequently, we will stand by our White Gentile Southern Brethren every inch of the way, to protect her – even if that means sacrificing our life & liberty.

        We wait only for our White Southern Brethren to relocate their once formidable balls.

  3. Queen Richard Grenell is on Fox speaking about why Palesintian children need to stop shooting fireworks and throwing rocks at the IDF shooting U.S. heavy armaments at them. These people are disgusting. At the same time on regular media right after also defending Israel there were four segments in a row about “white racism” and the Tulsa massacre. This does not feel like reality more a test on how to mentally destroy people

  4. I think I watcht this report a few years back.

    It is excellent, as is all work by Miss Abby Martin.

    I have neglected to remember her, when listing journalists I trust – like Tucker Carlson, Jimmy Dore, Mother Brad Griffin, Jamarl Thomas, Taylor Marshall, The Duran, Church Militant, Michael Savage, Steve Turley, Kim Iversen, and Glenn Greenwald.

    No, I do not share a lot of her views, but, I sure think Abby Martin has integrity and guts.

  5. In shocking news Google employees have sent a letter demanding that Google support Palestinians!

    The tide of public opinion seems to have turned against Israel and the Zionist Entity is well on its way to becoming an International pariah like it was in the 1970s & 1980s. (Before the Israel Lobby became so powerful.)

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