Jimmy Dore: Former New York Times Journalist Approves Of Killing Children


This is what you call Jewish lies and hypocrisy.

Assad was a monster who was killing his own people. That’s why we had to occupy his country, fund a devastating civil war, impose crippling sanctions on Syria and send a carrier strike group into the eastern Mediterranean to shoot Tomahawk missiles at him. We had to do all of that because of the political establishment’s sacred commitment to democracy and human rights.

What about Bibi Netanyahu? We applaud him and recognize Israel’s annexation of lebensraum. We assassinate Iranian generals like gangsters for Netanyahu. We fight all of his regional enemies. We defend all of his actions in the United Nations. We do favors for him like sending Jonathan Pollard back to Israel. The Democrat establishment even sells him weapons which he uses to kill Palestinian children in Gaza.

Washington Free Beacon:

“Democratic leaders convinced their colleagues on Tuesday to drop an effort championed by the party’s left flank that would have delayed U.S. military assistance to Israel as the country battles Iranian-backed terrorist groups.

Rep. Steny Hoyer (D., Md.), the House’s second-highest-ranking Democrat, told reporters that after pressure from leadership, Rep. Gregory Meeks (D., N.Y.), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee (HFAC), abandoned efforts to delay over $735 million in arms sales to Israel. The Jewish state has used such weaponry during the past two weeks to battle Hamas terrorists as they fire thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians. Hoyer is one of the party’s most vocal pro-Israel voices. …”

Assad killing his own people … BAD.

Bibi Netanyahu killing his own people … GOOD.

Maybe Syria would enjoy OUR GREATEST ALLY status if it was Syrians who outright owned or dominated the media and the Democratic Party?

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  1. jews have killed 58 kids so far in the one sided struggle and hypocrite Republicans like Ted Cruz are over in Israel praising the jews for “defending” themselves.

    • I’m sure it’s more than 58. Id guess with the air strikes it’s probably around a thousand.

      Brutal stuff. On our dime.

      • You’re probably right. The jew media will never tell you the actual number but they will exaggerate the number of jews killed.

      • “Brutal stuff. On our dime.”

        Just think of all the doctors we could educate with that mony. All the poor WHITES who could be helped.

        Aside from the murder and torment caused by ((them)), we are being financially raped.

  2. Israel “purchased” about $725 million in munitions to replace their dwindling stockpile? I don’t think so. Israel presented a list of demands to the U.S. Government for fuel, munitions and other things. The U.S. Government, led by the worthless Republicans said: OK.

    I’ll bet a good portion of the munitions were shipped from U.S. Army depots to U.S. Air Force transports then flown courtesy of the U.S. Air Force to Israel. Perhaps the Israelis even charged a delivery fee, nothing would surprise me. Not a peep about this crucial story from the worthless press of course except “conservative” Fox News which has been gushing about “Our Greatest Ally”.

    What have those “conservative” assholes been conserving all these past decades? Perhaps “Our Greatest Ally”? Certainly not the U.S. in any recognizable form.

    • I figured they got them for free but I’m not Jewish so things like charging a landing and unloading fee at 50%+ of the value is something I would never even imagine. Greatest Ally.

    • “Israel “purchased” about $725 million in munitions to replace their dwindling stockpile? ”


      HAHAHEHEHE…..oh that’s funny.
      (not really, it’s awfully sad)

    • The LA Times did an investigatory journalism piece on a guy that falsely claimed to have invented Flaming Hot Cheatos. So the press is quite busy.

  3. Well I guess Jimmy Dore is getting cancelled soon. Doesn’t he know his job is to attack working class white “goys” and call them “racist” for voting the wrong way?

    Not to attack the Jews and their apartheid regime in Palestine. He’s not going to be making any friends in the Funding Class of Progressive Inc. talking about the Jews.

    Didn’t he learn his lesson when his former boss, asset Cenk Uyeger, fired him?

    Hell they will probably demonitize his videos now. These goys haven’t learned their lesson yet.

  4. Just a brief reminder that Israel exists because of our tax money. We are the goyim they always laugh at.

    Keep that in mind. And the war over there is fully paid for by American labor.

  5. Meh…our fluoride head, amnesic public will move from these brutal kike acts of terror, back to awards shows, Tik Tok, and sports ball games in a fortnight.

  6. I’ve been thinking about the Mandalay shooting. I’m just a few miles away from there and it is my spot to waste money. Not a gambler but I will watch my wife spend hundreds on slots.

    Get a room. The rooms there are no joke. Floor to ceiling windows. Cool stuff.

    So what happened is up in the air still. It really got to me. When it was on tv I’m thinking I know these people that work there. I really know them.

    What happened was the shooter was posted up and nailed a country music concert. Nailed it.

    I went down there a few days after. There were still shoes in the streets. Cops everywhere, helicopters you name it. Strange thing is none of us talk about here in Vegas. It’s not even a topic.

    For a person to kill that many people in just a few minutes. Boggles the mind.

    I went up to the Foundation Room, tourists everywhere. On the deck outside on top of the building it’s a clear vantage point of where it happened. Our local government is building a SWAT building on the spot.

    QRF. Quick response team. It’s very strange. After the shooting id drive by there and they had a sheet blowing in the wind before they repaired the window he was perched on.

    So far none of his ties have been arrested. It’s basically not talked about.

  7. Off topic: Interesting that your banner shows George Wallace at a Westchester County NY(!) rally. I grew up in Yankee Country (upstate NY), and there was a lot of support for Wallace in 1972. My dad voted for him in ‘68 which irked my mom who was a staunch Republican.

    Unfortunately, Arthur Bremer intervened.

    • George Wallace should have been elected President in 1968 then reelected in 1972 by a landslide. Bull Connor could have been his VP.

  8. More evidence the super edgy “right-wing” counterculture that emerged in 2015 was nothing but a collection of bloodthirsty Zionist Jews and their paid shills.

  9. Everything is a numbers game. The Democrats are getting more and more non White. That means communists will keep growing in their party. That also means they will grow in their anti White and anti Jewish sentiments. I am just stating fact here.

    The old guard Democrats( White) are dying or retiring or are relics like Pelosi, Hoyer or Feinstein who the communist wing of the Democrats want gone. She is pushing 90.

    The article states that Congressman Meeks, who is black and has a hideous voting record, changed his vote on delaying the arms sale to Israel once the old guard spoke to him. Well that ain’t gonna last much longer.

    Demographics rule. Moslems have tons of kids and their immigration numbers have grown rapidly. The only thing keeping Democrats in line is Jewish money to Democrats. But with a rising non White tide against Israel that vote will change. Old guard Democrats are barely holding it back now. People like Omar, Aoc, Bowmann, Tlaib, etc.and their clones are the future of the Democratic Party. Lunatic White people changed who can immigrate here in 1965. We have had the same policy since.

    So the future of the Democratic Party is clearly anti Israel but also anti White. As one person here so cleverly stated: ” To paraphrase- They ( anti Whites) won’t be happy till Whites are picking cotton on the Le Braun James plantation.”

    Remember that White scumbag who put out a movie where Whites are the slaves and blacks the slave owners.? I forgot his name but he’s an awful wigger with a criminal record, I believe.

    I crack up at these Whites who think they will be accepted in a black society because you kissed black butt. No, these scumbags are the types to jump on a plane and move to Switzerland after all the damage they created in America.

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