Jimmy Dore: Caught On Video: Israel Youth’s Shocking Bloodthirsty Opinions

A cease fire has been declared.

Israel’s public image has been severely damaged though.

Jimmy Dore and Vaush have both discovered this video. The vast majority of Americans have no idea what OUR GREATEST ALLY is really like because the media has always kept them in the dark.

Note: It is worth noting here that people like Max Blumenthal, Norman Finkelstein and Glenn Greenwald have exposed this and have taken a lot of abuse for doing so.

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  1. Still don’t care.

    Where are the click baity pearl clutching articles about the little White boy who was murdered by the nigger who dumped his body in the street?

    I don’t care if Bibi Netanyahu skull fucks a palestinian to death, live on CNN. They aren’t my people and I don’t want their problems taking away from White people problems.

    • The boy’s name is Cash, and I’ve been crazy mad waiting and wanting revenge!

      An old Chinese Proverb:

      “Revenge is best severe Cooled”

      The song Demolition Man from the Police or Sting if you have it, keeps running through my minds gray matter on how pissed I am with and had it with this!


      • The Police:

        Ghost In Machine:


        Rehumanize Yourself a song from the album$

        Just says from this mad crack goy?

    • “the little White boy who was murdered by the nigger who dumped his body in the street?”

      Who do you think instigated this deadly race mixing culture, goy ?

    • As goes the Palestinians goes the rest if us. I’m no fan of muslims but they are the only ones fighting back right now. I also think they have good odds right now. The US is exhausted and collapsing. The irony is “Greater Israel” would make a nifty homeland for returning refugees after Israel falls. You can support Palestinian autonomy without really supporting Islam.

  2. Similar feelings here. Us vs them.

    Unfortunately this is the way the world is.

    Historical atrocities used as weapons to browbeat, galvanize, and dominate other groups of people. Reminds me of Enoch Powell’s speech. The whip goes into the other hand. The rhetoric of oppression is powerful to galvanize and create both self-righteousness and the need for survival.

  3. I could care about either one but if I had to root for one, it would be the Palestinians. The jew supremacists are worse than the “Nazis” One was fabricated and one is happening now and the politicians on both sides (mostly Republicans) can’t see through their hypocrisy. We are next if we don’t realize the jews are our biggest enemy.

    • The jew supremacist media can’t keep the people in the dark anymore thanks to social media. Now you see why the jews want anyone that criticizes jews/ Israel banned ,censored, or silenced. Hopefully, what the jews have been doing to Whites comes full circle and both left and right see who the real supremacists are.

  4. Oh Dear God! Why so much violence in the Middle East? So many children are suffering. So many violations of human rights on BOTH SIDES!!
    I can’t believe that are some people who are apparently incapable of respecting and loving each other, it’s so sad.
    I don’t want to offend anyone but it seems that our both Catholic and Protestant leaders and luminaries like Pope Francis and Krufty Worker are not doing enough to stop the senseless horrible tragedy.
    I pray in the name of “Lord Jesus” and Nelson Mandela to stop the disagreements and lack of civility in the Holy Land.

  5. I dont see all the proof in the World making a difference. I have showed these videos to my family and their friends. The fat pig stealing the house. The Israelis openly stating what they think about us. How throughout history this happens over and over again and I am met with “this is Arab liberal propaganda”. Too many hours of watching Fox, Newsmaxx and Facebooking with other Protestant and Evangelical types. My Catholic Boomer side is the same so I dont think it can be generalized

    • I was walking my dog in the park when some guy I know that walks his dog in the same park comes over to me. We never talked politics before until today. He goes on about “illegal” immigration” and Israel. I played naive to see what he had to say. He went on about Israel being our best friend in the M.E. and blah, blah, blah. I asked him if he ever heard of the USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, Jonathan Pollard. King David Hotel bombing, 9-11, etc? He said no to all, so I said go look all I mentioned up and than come back and tell me Israel is our best friend. He mumbled something under his breath and I walked in the opposite direction. Before we parted ways, I said I care about the rights of my people and there’s no difference between being invaded legally or illegally. It’s the same thing. The conservative is not much different than the liberal.

      • Idiots like that reckon that if we give the Israelis free reign or extra leash, then we too could missile strike columns of Mexicans and Blacks. That’s not how it works in practice of course. In reality Biden will be missile striking Sevastopol.

      • @John I’ve had conservatives tell me that if they just came here legally, like THEIR ancestors did, things would be alright. They have NO idea of how many trillions of dollars are being spent to prop them up in housing, utilities, food, medicine…Some of these people think they are smart, but they know nothing.
        I’m so sick of those people telling me how Israel is our friend. They worship every single “chosen” one of them like they are Jesus.

  6. Get ready America because that is exactly what the Jews are trying to do to us.

    And never forget it will be a Conservative Republican that sends you to the camps and drafts your kids to go die for the Jews in the Middle East.

    100% of Republican politicians are Israel First and 100% of them are blackmailed and bribed by Jews. Just look at Ron DeSantis and his “trips to Israel.” Every last one of them goes to Palestine to kiss the Jew Wall and pledge their loyalty to the anti-Christian Jew occupation regime.

    Remember – Jews were talking about “killing white babies” all the way back in the 1960’s in the Weather Underground terrorist group.

    We Are All Palestinians Now.

      • They are doing it much more efficiently in the US. And making the goys pay for the deracination.

  7. You think the opinions of the youth are harsh?
    They are mild, compared to what their elders teach.

  8. You can present christers, especially Boomers, with all the proof that kikes are malevolent shitz who hate, parasitize & then destroy all non-kikes, especially Whites, and in almost all cases, it will still avail you nothing ‘cuz:

    “Ah don’t CARE! JEEEEEEE-sus wuz a jew, an’ Gawd’ll sez: ‘Ah’ll bless them what bless Muh Chosen ‘n’ curse them what don’t’! Duh Bahble sez it, ah buhleve it, that SETTLES it!”

    • “Ah’ll bless them what bless Muh Chosen ‘n’ curse them what don’t’! Duh Bahble sez it”

      Yep, heard it countless times.

      Didn’t seem to be a blessing for Trump.

      Both Vespasian and Titus destroyed isahell, both rose to become Roman Emperor’s, the first commoners to do so.
      Hadrian outlawed judaism, ushered in Rome’s Golden Century, of peace, power and prosperity.
      Seems that history doesn’t obey the bibble.

    • Yes, blessed the Israeli lovers with BLM, Communism, Antifa, FBI manhunts and OTT Covid19 hysterics. Jesus was part human part god and therefore not Jewish.

    • @NBF The concept of the “Chosen People” is just too much for them. I guess they didn’t believe Christ when he called them, “Sons of Satan”. So many things are glossed over, because after all, we have to be NICE about everything.

  9. Once again my low opinion of most Christians (except for Jim Caviziel and Mel Gibson) has been fully justified. Where is the Christian outcry over the jewish slaughter of innocent Palestinians, many of whom are fellow Christians or Muslims who respect Christianity? They fear the jews who hate them more than they fear the judgement of their own god.

    • End time Xtians exist to worship and serve the (((Antichrist))), you know, the Moshiach promised in the Talmud, aka Zionism.

  10. Isn’t it about highlighting Jewish hypocrisy, not fighting for Palestinian rights. You don’t have to give a crap about the Palestinians to support what is going on in several dimensions: public discourse about Jewish supremacy (not limited to Israeli supremacy), the D’s infighting among their special interest constituencies (wokies and blm vs jews) and the potential ostracism of those political gypsy neocons, who thought they had found a new home among the D’s.

  11. You’re right except for one thing: As far as Jews are concerned, White Christians and Arab Muslims are the same. The way they treat Arab Muslims is how they would treat us if given the chance.

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