Palestine 101

This was very insightful.

If you turn on FOX News, all you hear is that OUR GREATEST ALLY is under attack for no reason by Hamas which is firing rockets. Maybe you have heard about the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem. The corporate media is dancing around the fact that what set this off is that Palestinian families are being kicked out of their homes so that they can be replaced with Jewish settlers.

If Jews tried to kick you out of your home and dispossess you of your property for they could replace you and then had the audacity to portray themselves as the victims, what would you do?

Note: Click through the second video to watch the Gaza documentary.

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  1. Biden is getting prepped for war in Crimea. This is just the dinner salad before main dish. Jews now completely ready after vaxxing and now butchering some Arabs.

  2. Yes the jews were trying to take folkses homes but there is a bit more to the story.

    Dirty judes also entered the Al Aqsa Mosque as well.

    What has been occurring is Netanyahu is trying to create a conflict so that he appears to be a powerful leader and that likudniks will be sure to turn out and vote for him.

    It should be noted that Ariel Sharon used a very similar tactic in 2000.

    In the recent past I considered China’s Rise** to be a more urgent threat but now the jewish supremacist is the world’s foremost problem.

    **Out here on the west coast we have tons of yellows in our major urban centers. Vancouver BC is called ‘Hong Couver’. Chinese submarines have surfaced just off the west coast. The japs never managed anything like that.

  3. Since when do WN Christian fascists care about Palestinians? Oh wait, you don’t. You only care about Christian heterosexual white males so stop pretending, hypocritical bastards!

    • @ mike malloy show listener, so this means when you are not lusting after mr.malloy, you are reading thee minds of straight, christian white guys, wow you are quite thee talent, thank you, for bringing enlightenment, too occidental dissent.

    • The topic is about Palestinians,not about white,black,purple green whatever shit you want to make this about.

      • @ theone, i didnt say it wasnt about palestinians, you did, something needed clarified, white, straight, christian males, can actually give a shit about thee palestinians or anyone else, that we choose, for that matter, i’ve made my point, back too thee palestinians, they have been mistreated, used as pawnsl, i hate too see this going on ,the world could have done something, something intelligent, we had the chances, i didnt happen , so the world is soon going to get war, a war like never before. So enjoy yourself “theeone”.

    • They don’t have to “truly” care about Palestinians in order to point out that Palestinians are being unfairly treated.

      Tom can hate John’s guts, but Tom can also point out that it’s wrong for John to be, say, hanged over a parking fine.

    • While we prefer that Palestinians stay in Palestine, we also have sympathy for those being overrun in their own lands, particularly when it is done on our dime and creating enemies we don’t need.

  4. People’s minds are made up on Israel for reasons other than dead brown kids.

    Zionism is the status quo, and spending energy pushing back against that, given our absurd history as a movement, is a waste of time.

    I’d rather have to read articles about modernism in womens fashion again.

    Even Anglin over at the Daily Stormer, where they seemingly never miss an opportunity to be cringey and gay, isn’t simping for palestine.

    HW. Can you give me a reason why this matters to me, a working class Cracker in the mid-west? Why I should even spend energy reading about something that even if changed would have no positive effect on my life? Why I should do anything that makes me seemingly in political alignment with BLM (who is openly pro Palestine) right at this key juncture when momentum has finally shifted against the BLM rioters burning cities in my own backyard?

    Wise men choose the ground they fight on based on tactical advantage. This affords us (Whitey) no tactical advantage.

    I wont carry water for this issue and won’t promote this discussion.

    • I don’t think so.

      On the contrary, I think public opinion is rapidly shifting on this issue, especially among young people. It is old people in their 60s and 70s who have made up their minds on Israel and tax cuts and all kinds of issues which are the status quo on the Right. We’re not “wasting time” or “energy” talking about the people who are our worst enemies in American politics. Why the hell should we simp for Jews and Zionists in particular in light of four years of the Trump administration in which we were totally boxed out of politics while these people seemed to get everything that they wanted from Trump even Jonathan Pollard being sent back to Israel?

      We’re doing what we also do here which is 1.) talking about the news 2.) in terms of our values and interests. It is great news that Israel’s public image has taken a massive hit in the United States because of this. We’re certainly going to do everything in our power to expose the truth about Israel while young people are paying attention to this too. Why are we complaining that the concept of “Jewish supremacy” is gaining traction? Again, why should we be defending our enemies?

      • I suspect Ironic Sock Account of being a Zionist agent who is attempting to disguise himself as an America First good ol’ boy, HW.

        • I agree Spahn. Am very suspicious of anyone complaining about criticizing Israel. If Ironic Soc doesn’t care about the issue, then why is he constantly whining about it? Clearly he has a dog in the fight, and that dog is wearing the star of Israhell.

        • @Spahn,

          Definitely, ironicsockaccount is Hasbara adjacent. He probably doesn’t leave home without his Scofield bible.

      • @HW and Spahnranch.

        Being unwilling to carry water for palestinian grievances isn’t anything at all like supporting Israel and Zionism, thats a false dichotomy.

        It turns out that there is a third position, which is giving absolutely no fucks at all about Israel or Palestine, which I thought I’d been pretty clear was my position on it.

        Maybe young people are having different views on the israel thing. So what? How does that help us with our problems with Diaspora Jews in the U.S.? See its only in our minds that the issues have anything to do with eachother because we are so used to approaching every issue from the premise of the JQ. Nobody else see’s it that way and you can’t assume that premise in your discourse with other people.

        This is exactly my point with the antisemtism knee jerk reflex of this thing. Its not related to reality.

        If Israel fell off the face of the earth, and Palestine got to move back in, it would have ZERO positive benefit to me, an average hayseed from the midwest.

        • I think at the most basic level lots of people just look at it and conclude that those people are being treated horribly when you have mobs of settlers going around lynching them and kicking them out of their homes. Why on earth would anyone defend that? If you saw a mob of Jews doing that in your own city, how would you feel about it?

          We’re talking about it, not because we are obsessed with the subject, but because it is the news. It is the top story in the world. The context here is also four years of MIGA or Zionist Jews in the Trump administration led by Jared Kushner controlling our foreign policy. Again, this blog has never been about fighting “anti-Semitism” or supporting Israel. We have always been critical of Israel. We’re also delighted that millions of people are waking up to what being “pro-Israel” has always meant all this time.

          • Not giving a shit about Palestinians being screwed over is not tantamount to defending Israel screwing Palestinians over.

            This isn’t a binary issue. I literally don’t give a damn about it, and see no reason I should even think about it.

            My getting all torn up about those poor sad brown people won’t help me in anyway deal with the machinations of the Jews here at home.

            I don’t oppose anti-semitism on principal, as I dislike Jewish behavior and their preeminence here as much as anybody does.

            What I oppose is the autistic excesses that anti-semitism leads people in this thing to, including simping for brown people just to spite Israel, like that accomplishes anything for Whitey besides making us look weak and gay. Or attacking me, who’s been posting anti-semitic shit under this name for 5 years non-stop across all kinds of platforms, because I can’t be bothered to give a rats ass about what Jews are doing to another group that also hates me.

            I’m more than racist enough to hate them all quite honestly and am happy to see them obliterate eachother because they all hate me because of who I am anyhow.

            Who’s really the cuck here?

          • Good question.

            If memory serves, the machinations of those Jews at home for the last four years was using the Trump administration to deliver victory after victory for Bibi Netanyahu and giving Israel everything it wanted up to the point of nearly plunging us into a new war with Iran in shortly before COVID hit in January 2020. It is not a matter of two tribes squabbling on the other side of the world in a multiethnic state like, say, the Congo. It is that tribe controlling our foreign policy at home which is the essence of cuckoldry.

            I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on this issue. I see no reason to defend Israel and Bibi Netanyahu. My views on Palestine are no different than my views on Syria or Iraq or Iran or any other country in the region which I also write about. I oppose Jews trying to control our foreign policy and steer our government into their own regional conflicts. I also agree that the Palestinians are being treated horribly by Israeli settlers. I don’t think brown people should be treated horribly just because they are brown people. I don’t support backing up Saudi Arabia in its assault on Yemen for the same reason.

          • Does it really wake the goyim up though…? About Jewish power? Double standards? Johnathan Pollard? USS liberty? The Jewish-Zionist role in the World Wars? Control of media, finance, internet monopolies? Or isn’t it actually providing help to people who would fanatically defend America’s role in the second world war, the alliance with Stalin and communism, “Holocaustianity” and the post WW2 consensus – including all the foundations of white guilt, open border policies and critical race theory.

            It’s not about defending Israel, but literally helping the direct enemies of whites in the West. I can understand why an American would be skeptical of anyone defending Israel when your MIC funds Israeli war crimes, but please understand that “Eurofags” are not super excited about Querfront with anti-white radlibs, Jihadists and commies.

        • “thats a false dichotomy”

          It isn’t, though. The issue is zero sum. Either Jews win or Palestinians win. There is no other possible outcome. You want Jews to win, therefore you are a Zionist, pro-Jewish (de facto anti-White), and a race traitor. It’s very clear cut.

      • There’s two basic assumptions right now: 1.) Hit the Jews, which are hostile to all white nationalists in the USA, over Israel where they are weakest. 2.) Schadenfreude that the Jews get a good healthy doze of their own medicine of anti-racist woke mobbing. And, I guess, 3.) That “JIDF” doesn’t want you to talk about it, is enough of a reason to talk about it.

        However I, and I think I’m not the only one, have a problem with it: the mainstream of anti-Zionism, especially inside the West, is post-colonial, woke leftism crossing into direct communism. – In Arab countries its militant Jihadism, occasionally praising Hitler. – The problem that these types see in Israel is not a specific Jewish Supremacism (Chabad Lubavitch, early Rothschild-Frankist Zionism, Jabotinski, Meir Kahane etc.) But just another white, not fellow white, but white Apartheid State which needs to be brought down like South Africa. Ultimately leading not to an end of Zionism, but a return or rather even further strengthening of Jewish radical leftism. Memba Judeo-Bolshevism? Supposedly Zionism vs. Bolshevism is but a false dialectic. But Max Blumenthal described the rift between right-wing Zionist Israelis and American Jews taking on ever more progressive causes and praised the latter. Which are precisely the Jews which fight white nationalists in the US and ethnats in Europe tooth and nail. Netanyahu is indifferent to US white nationalists and aligned with the Euro right.

        I am not convinced that exposing Zionist Jews as “racist, NAZI like ethnic cleansers” through post-colonial Marxists leads to less anti-white racism, let alone more white homelands. Even if we ignore that all right-wing parties in Europe are Zionist in the first place. And in either case the racial issue of the Jews can be deflected to Likud and Netanyahu or West-Bank settlers, or Jared Kushner and huwhite Evangelicals or whatever.
        Furthermore: what blacks are in the US, Arabs are in Europe + terrorism. By all means: have your 300 moment watching missiles rain down on Tel Aviv. But cheerleading anti-white Marxists wanting to bring down an Apartheid-State of ZIONAZIS!!!1 or aligning yourself as a European native with Arab Jihadism is deeply misguided. And especially Americans are treating on thin ice: post-colonial Marxists want to bring down the colonial settler state of Israel like the colonial settler USA. There’s literally nothing in this for white advocacy. Unlike WW 2 and Holocaust revisionism, which Jidf also doesn’t want you to talk about. Even less so.

        There’s three questions that are important: Is it good for whites? Does it weaken the anti-white and Marxist Jewish diaspora and their institutions like the ADL,SPLC, ACLU and European councils of Jews, or does it strengthen them? Will this make European ethnat position stronger and more defensible in the long run?

        And I think the answer to all three questions is NO.

        Furthermore asking Brits who are victims of grooming gangs to cheer on militant Islam is insane and believing that only HIAS or IsraAid are responsible for Islamic immigration to, de facto colonization of Europe, and the Muslims have no motivations of their own, is retarded. Jews are powerful, in most cases deeply hostile leaders of the anti-white left, but they are not the anti-white left alone. And anti-Zionism in the West, currently, is just another post-colonialist cause of the broader internationalist and anti-white left. Unless you are a member of Hamas or Hezbollah and you are fighting Arab tribal warfare which none of us actually is.

        • I think that’s basically right. If Israel were taken down, it wouldn’t be a victory for pro-whites, it would be a victory for leftism, for anti-racism, for wokeism.

          Still, I don’t resent anyone who wants to lash out at the criminal state of Israel. They really are a nation of assholes. It’s intolerable they have such a stranglehold on U.S. foreign policy.

          • Sure, we don’t disagree on that. We are essentially discussing two different things here:
            1.) Israel getting dunked on. And I think it’s great that there are videos of Jews literally lynching people out there and Jews and Zionists getting their reputation ruined. That MIGHT be actually beneficial in the long run, but we’ll have to wait and see. Won’t work on donor owned GOP though. Yet I have nothing against these articles and position, they are great. And I actually think in 30 years Israel will have ceased to exist as a Jewish state and there won’t be Israeli run US foreign policy anymore. And maybe you can use it to say that Palestine isn’t the only state under Zionist occupation, etc.

            That we don’t disagree on at all.

            But 2.) is an attempt by some to try and drag white nationalism and European ethno-nationalism into some kind of bizarre Querfront with ultimately anti-white radlibs, post-colonial Marxists and Jihadists. And calling anyone a Zioshill who is opposed to that. Someone you agree with on 95% of issues: I’m a market skeptic moderate and white populist myself. Including Way of the World, Red Ice and many others. Lots of damage was done there. And I think that’s a result of the lack of a coherent ideological base in US white nationalism. I get it: we all just wanna grill. But if you think that, in a time where you are being deemed the No. 1 domestic terrorist threat, on the brink of being designated terrorist organizations and persecuted for mere white advocacy, you should make white nationalism a sidekick to Hamas and Hezbollah, you are making a fatal mistake. Brad Griffin has rightly identified the violent fanatics as the No. 1 threat to “Der Movement”. Now some want to play third wheel to Hamas and Hezbollah…? For what white benefit? But hey some also thought it was totally nunced to vote for Kamala Harris over Blormpf! Turned out great.

            And I know that a lot of right-wingers in Europe try to do this as well – NPD-Hezbollah alliance and so on, but what do and did we get in return? From the Jews we got nothing and you got 4 years of MIGA. “White Zionism” was retarded. Now, what do we get from radlibs, Jihadists and post-colonial Marxists again? Oh right, they hate our guts and want to see us dead! Great allies.

            Finally, Wignats to liberal Jews: “Zionists are racist ethnic cleansers! Running a Nazi like Apartheid-State! Total hypocrites and genocidal monsters!”
            Liberal Jews to Wignats: “Yes, you are right. We will support mass immigration to America, Europe AND Israel. Thank you.”

            Much winning.

            I really, really don’t get this constant attempt in US white nationalist circles to try and push it towards some kind of weird, incoherent one struggle mishmash. Mixed with Chicom worship, esoteric Neo-Paganism, militant Jihad, trying to rehabilitate Marxism, then post-colonial arguments, Duginism, confusing in- with out-groups and indeed earlier aligned with Zionism itself. While actually alienating yourself or outright despising the conservative, white Christian majority which you try to win over. It’s one long track record of distractions, in-fighting and depressed failure. I really can’t make this more clear and if I would suspect any glower sabotage, it would be in this year long pattern of defeat, fragmentation and in-fighting over anything – religion, out-groups, fringe ideologies – but white well-being.

            Anyway, that’s the core of the entire “shill-shill-shill” issue. Dunk on Israel all you like, but don’t alienate yourself from the people you want to win over in pursuit of novelty takes or just to own the kikes. And that obviously goes for Milo’s ghoulish genocidal Kahanist poison and Jacob Wohl as well.

          • Eurofag, for a eurofag, you make many good points lol. I agree with everything you said.

            It’s disappointing, but only to be expected, I guess, that a great deal of WN commentary on this issue is incoherent. It’s even more disappointing that the incoherence reaches all the way up the ranks to WN thought leaders (such as they are).

            Dart, in a comment below, contends that Arabs “wouldn’t be a problem” without Israel. This of course ignores the bazillions of Arabs already within Europe’s borders. From a European perspective, being pro-Israel at least offers the model of a “western” country (Israel) standing up for its own interests against hostile muslims. That may not sound like much, but the European political class today simply has no experience of unapologetically defending its own people.

            “I want for my people in my country what Jews have for themselves in Israel.” That is simple and clear and avoids the nettlesome secondary questions and issues that immediately arise when WNs take a pro-Palestinian stance. It doesn’t even require you to refrain from criticizing the Jewish role in the immigration and multicult catastrophe.

            Lastly, it puts zionists in a bind. They work very hard to avoid making Israel a partisan issue.
            WNs coming out in favor of Israel deepens the domestic divide by causing leftists – already heavily inclined to be pro-Palestinian – to double down on their anti-Israel stance, leading exactly to the nightmare that zionists want to avoid.

            This is a tall order of course. It would require WNs to have the restraint to forgo piling on Israel just at the time it presents such a mouth-watering target. If the WN track record of abject failure is anything to go by, it’ll be yet another opportunity squandered.

        • The primary enemy of Europe is the USA and zionism. Without the USA, Arabs would not at all be a threat to Europe because Arabs have no power.

          The “right wing” parties in Europe support Israel because they’re paid to do so.

    • Assuming you aren’t a fed…
      “Can you give me a reason why this matters to me, a working class Cracker in the mid-west? ” … because you or your kids are going to be taxed, drafted and worked to death to protect and serve (((them))). The jews are more than happy to spill the last drop of goyim blood to fight their enemies, and consume everything that you hold dear to satisfy their lust, gluttony and greed.

      PS, does it piss you off that the jews in America want to prevent you, as a white man, from owning a semi-automatic AR to defend your family for their BLM orc hordes, but use their bought and paid for politicians to provide FREE, FULLY AUTOMATIC M4s and M16s to New Yawk born and bred jews in order to steal more Arab land for the glory of World Jewry. If it doesn’t, you are a cuck.

      • None of this has anything to do with supporting Palestinians.

        Its not necessary to support Palestinians, because I gain nothing from it. Its really that simple.

        Its you all that seem to think we get something out of it.

        • Supporting the Arabs who wish to simply stay put, you have a problem with those Arabs? Schlomotastic. People prepared to fight Jews, undergunned no less, and you moan?

    • BLM think the Jews are white. Or at least pretend that Jews are white. This has serious consequences for whites.

  5. If Jews tried to kick you out of your home and dispossess you of your property for they could replace you and then had the audacity to portray themselves as the victims, what would you do?

    I watched a youtube a few years ago on this case where a pack of Jews had started squatting in this Arab’s house, based on some claim that it had been a Jewish home before 1948. Israeli soldiers were stationed at the front door, preventing the Arab from approaching his own house. in the interview, the Arab put up a brave face, claiming he was confident that he had the documents to prove his claims in court, but I don’t recall whether he successfully contested his dispossession or not (I don’t think so). Based on other cases in that video, I got the impression that this wasn’t some isolated case. Pity I can’t remember what the video was or what I searched for to find it.

    • If that vid was on Youtube, it’s long gone. Youtube has been purging anti-semitic (ie true) videos.The other day I was looking for a video of the NJ cop that arrested the Dancing Israelis on 9/11. Winston Smith beat me to it.

  6. I notice our resident Zionist, Ivan, has been avoiding all the articles here criticizing Israel. On the one hand I have to hand it to him – at least he isn’t wasting his time trying to convince us why we should be siding with Israel against the Palestinians. On the other hand, his refusal to criticize Israel or support the Palestinians is even more proof of his deceptive Zionist nature.

    • @Gnillik…

      Kind Sir – I do not have a dog in this hunt, so I am neither with The Israelis or Palestinians, but, hoping both will find a way to coexist.

      If you mean by ‘Zionist’, I believe that Jews, as do all people, need a place to be, then, yes, I am a ‘Zionist’.

      If, on the other hand, you mean by ‘Zionist’, that I think Israelis have a right to deprive Palestinians of their dignity and human rights, then, no, I am not.

      As I have constantly said this, I get tired of saying it.

      The reason why I do not critisize Israel or support Palestinians is as I have said scores of time – I, as a Southerner, believe my issues are at home.

      To that end, I do not condemn Azerbaijanis anymore than I support Armenians, or condemn China anymore than I support Uyghurs.

      I do not agree with The New England Yankee mindset that it is our business to appraise other peoples or to force others countries to adhere to a Western Liberal mindset.

      That is the reason for my ‘silence’, which you, because you automatically regard everyone with Jewish blood as inherently evil, must turn into something craven and specious.

      In the end, I believe that segregation is best, and given that neither Israelis or Palestinians are ever going to leave The Holy Land, a two state solution is what must be, though, there again, New England Yankees have no moral authority ram that down their throats.

      No, Sir, they, The Israelis and Palestinians, must be the ones to decide where and when that occurs, and how it plays out.

      • I think the issue here is Jews fighting and campaigning behind the scenes, and very publicly, for causes and developments that are detrimental to our sovereignty and interests in the West, whilst wanting completely the opposite for themselves in Israel……that being a monocultural Jewish state. I can’t defend a race of people who control the media, banking, government, publishing, entertainment, porn industry and various leftist causes, and use them to gradually destroy the fabric of our civilization.
        Having said that, the Jews should be somewhere……may as well be Israel…….and only Israel. I’d wish peace and prosperity for Jews in Israel, if they wanted the same for us in the West. Most don’t.

      • Nobody is asking the USSA to “enforce” “western” liberal values on this conflict,we are just asking to Stop Tanks,F35 and nukes being deployed against unarmed women and children.

      • @ Ivan – This was one of your most eloquent comments (in my opinion). Simple, sincere, and fair to the very end. I certainly don’t agree with you on a lot of things; but your willingness to contribute so much to the conversation, to treat others fairly, and to never fail at being a gentleman, stands out starkly against the name-calling, dogmatic “knee-jerkers”. Your dignity never falters.

  7. I like Abbey Martin more than Laura Loomer but am tired of the fact that only Jews seem to be allowed political commentary.

  8. The Palestinians had nothing to do with building concentration camps, ovens and gas chambers for Jews but they might as well have. After a 2000 year departure Zionists wanted “their” land back again and damn those Palestinians for standing in their way.

    • The ” gas chambers” are a myth. The real showers … with windows, wooden doors, running water and soap (not made from fat jews by the way) … were for delousing the notoriously filthy urbanite Askanazi new arrivals to the camps.

      • I am positing this from the point of view of the mainstream that accepts the Politically Correct Holocaust narrative without question.

  9. There will never be peace in the Middle East until someone leaves and it isn’t going to be a billion and a half Muslims.

  10. Can we find a way to shift the blame from Jews and their Israel lobby to some little old Evangelical lady in Texas that “supports Israel?”

    How about blaming the Catholics, or the Irish? Or how about just attacking Christians altogether, “Christers?”

    Actually I don’t give a F— about the Palestinians, that is why I post in every thread about it how I totally don’t give a crap and you should be neutral.

    After all, “we” are all big haters of non-whites and love to talk about stinky brown people, because that is what pro-white people are all about, when we’re not out burning crosses on Negro lawns. Also, HITLER!

    /splc intern

  11. Didn’t the jews initially steal the land from the Canaanites? Apparently, one of the earliest intelligence gathering missions in history was when the Israelites reconnoitered Canaan for eventual conquest.

  12. The way this nation is heading, Whites are the Palestinians. We are demonized, attacked by media, govt, called domestic terrorists, banned for our views, etc. I think most can see where this is heading as far as being the jews next victim.

    • I only wish Abbey Martin would defend and go to bat for Whites as hard as she does for the Palestinians but that will never happen.

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