Newsweek: Hundreds of Princeton Faculty, Students Sign Letter Opposing Israel’s ‘Jewish Supremacy’

It is not every day that you wake up to headlines like this one.


“Hundreds of faculty members and students from Princeton University signed an open letter condemning the continued attacks by Israeli armed forces against Palestinian people in Gaza and expressed opposition to “Jewish supremacy.”

The letter, which appeared in the independent student newspaper, the Daily Princetonian, was titled “Princeton University community statement of solidarity with the Palestinian people.”

As of Thursday, the letter had received signatures from over 60 staff and faculty members, as well as hundreds from Princeton alumni, undergraduate and graduate students. …

“The brutal system that controls Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories is ideologically founded upon Jewish supremacy, rules over the lives of Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel alike, and is practically committed to territorial theft from Palestinians who continue to resist physical removal and existential erasure,” the letter said. …”

It instantly dawned on me that I had heard this term before.

Dr. David Duke has been following Israel’s assault on the Palestinians and as you might imagine has been chiming in on the human rights abuses there. He has been covering the issue for decades.

Duke recently interviewed Greg Felton about his book The Host & The Parasite: How Israel’s Fifth Column Consumed America which is timely in light of recent events and the shift in public opinion and especially among young people on both sides of the aisle on OUR GREATEST ALLY.

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  1. Some Jews have commented on their own, tribal behavior, both from a negative and positive point of view. The gist of it is that the Jews can’t help themselves. They are destroyers and revolutionaries, and will always be so. They will always push things too far because of their hatred for whites and Christians, even though they know there will probably be consequences.

    • Yes….there is no “conspiracy”. It is simply their natural inclination to do the things they do. Any society that wishes to maintain its health needs to keep jews away from it.

    • Thats funny, jews hate christianity? Why, Christians worship a jew as god!!!! How they get the christianized nation’s to do their all of their evil bidding such as wage war on innocents!! Hand in hand with “chosen one’s” of [their] god balderdash!! Great psyop whitey is still hypnotized by and frankly Stockholm syndrome puppets now.

  2. Will be interesting to see how this will pan out. After all, the “official” BLM twitter handle posted some solidarity tweets opposing Israel and caledl them (correctly, actually) “supremacist settler colonialism”.
    It will have serious effects, If the jew-black “alliance” really crumbles.

  3. The notion of ‘Jewish Supremacy’ can be traced back to Marx who was a self hating Jew. Then Gramsci created cultural Marxism with his critical theories. A new wrinkle was added with Critical Race Theory around the 1970s. (Derrick Bell would be one of the main guys behind that.)

    Eventually CRT posited the existence of ‘White adjacent’ groups. Mostly Asian. However Askenazim Jude’s fit very easily into this concept. From there it is only a hope skip and a jump to the notion of ‘Jewish Supremacy’.

    In a strange way Leftists like Marx, Stalin (the doctors plot and anti-Rootless Cosmopolitans) and radical CRT advocates are correct about the Jew, they just arrive at this conclusion in an odd way that is very alien to the Western Mind of say a traditional Protestant that reads Luthers ‘On the Jews and their lues’ or Henry Ford’s ‘The International Jew’.

  4. The Progressive crazies take these positions only because they always take the anti white side and in their minds Israelis are white supremacists. Their take is as unrefined as the Magas and Fox crowd. There is irony when you realize wokeness and anti whiteness is exclusively a Jewish creation which is now backfiring on them. Premeditated bias has made the majority of Americans irriational and unable to think on their own. Whats right is right and there isnt alot of gray

  5. Only jews and a few carefully selected nonwhites may openly criticize the Zionist state.

  6. I don’t give a single solitary fuck about the Palestinians.

    We have our own problems with the Jews and nobody is going to help us with them, especially not the god damned Palestinians.

    The the only good use of our limited remaining political capital on that front with the people we can influence in our lives, our families, should be applied to making them see the double standards of Jewish organizations like the ADL who advocate replacement politics here, and protectionism in israel, like Tucker pointed out.

    Otherwise, even discussing the Jews specifically should be done only when making fun of them, like asking if Greenblatt is nosferatu (pretty sure he is fam). And this only in tasteful moderation.

    Antisemitism is a waste of the little regard we have remaining and I refuse to go anywhere near it anymore. It gains us nothing.

    Being woke to the JQ is a pyrrhic victory, and wasn’t worth the cost in credibility we suffered as people because of the obvious excesses of our autistic “intellectuals” who were enabled by shitlords and keyboard warriors, half of whom were probably shills and feds anyway.

  7. Jews are genociding entire families – grandmothers, mothers, children, grandchildren.

    Jews are MONSTERS. This is inhumanity. This is GENOCIDE. Remember what the Jewish Communists did to Russia?

    That is EXACTLY what the Jews want to do to us.

  8. Quote of the Year:

    “If Israel attacked the US the GOP would stand with Israel”

    -Patrick Howley

    The true power of this quote is what demographic it comes from and the fact it’s exactly what is needed from this demographic at this time to generate some potential for change.

    Definite Whitepill……

  9. I had the same opinion about advocating for based Iran after Trump (the orange man who was bad) droned Brown Hero General.

    Why should I waste effort trying to convince people like me that droning a brown guy that hated us is a bad thing? The enemy of my enemy is my friend doesn’t apply because they are also our enemies, which they openly declare.

    Just like the based Han Chinese. Not our friends.

    Fagging for the Palestinians is the perfect way to lose face with normy working class White people.

    White people shouldn’t carry water for brown people because we gain nothing by it, and that makes us look weak and gay.

    There isn’t reciprocity.

    Show me articles by Hamas or Iranian journalists about the opioid crisis perpetrated on working class Whites by the Sacklers. Show me evidence they give any kind of a damn about Whitey and I’ll reconsider.

    Until then, fuck em. We got bigger fish to fry.

  10. What TF does chosen mean if not racially superior to all others?? And the kyke would have us believe God, the creator of all life made Jews superior. What a load of crap, these kykes are trying to sell.

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