Poll: More Than Half of GOP Voters Now Dislike Liz Cheney After Her Ouster From Leadership

Nothing has been accomplished by all the simping in the media for Liz Cheney except improving her public image among Democrats.


“Republican Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney is nearly three times more popular among Democratic voters than Republican voters, according to a recent poll.

While only 15 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning voters view Cheney favorably, 42 percent of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters view her favorably.

Conversely, while 53 percent of Republican voters view Cheney unfavorably, only 22 percent of Democrats view her unfavorably. Put another way, nearly 2.5 times more Republicans disfavor Cheney than Democrats.

Approximately 80 percent of Republicans supported Cheney’s recent ouster from her Republican House leadership position, according to CBS News poll released last Sunday. …”

Five Thirty Eight is pushing this delusional narrative.

Five Thirty Eight:

“Although Cheney hasn’t said publicly whether she’d join this third breakaway party (she previously told the “Today” show she would not leave the GOP over its embrace of the former president), it’s entirely possible that this is her next move. The group of Republicans who have threatened to join if the GOP doesn’t pull back from Trump largely fits the pattern of former officials breaking rank, but it does include some prominent former officeholders and high-ranking Republican staffers.

As far as the ideological leanings of the breakaway coalition go, political scientists I talked with told me to expect it to be composed of “Trump-skeptical moderates” and “anti-Trumpers” — two of the five wings of the Republican Party Perry Bacon Jr. previously described for FiveThirtyEight. That’s to say, this isn’t even close to the majority of the GOP, and reports so far say Republicans on board with this effort are generally fiscally conservative but more centrist on cultural issues. Because of this, we wouldn’t be surprised if some Democrats joined this effort, too. Last year, the Pew Research Center found that conservative and moderate voters make up about half (51 percent) of the Democratic electorate, so if there’s potential for this third breakaway party to have any hope of viability, it needs it to be bipartisan, too. …”

I think she has a long way to go to take back the Republican Party.

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  1. For my part, I do not dislike Miss Liz. No, not at all.

    She stood up for her beliefs and called a spade what she regarded to be a spade, knowing full well the whirlwind she’d reap.

    That’s gutsy.

    I do, however, nearly entirely disagree with the secularist-progressive New England Yankee Empire she protagonizes.

    It is entirely unSouthern, anti-Southern, and, what’s worse, anti-White, unconstitutional, and, because it is so, profoundly unAmerican and ungodly.

    More I cannot say, nor does anymore need be said.

  2. The Democrats are 100% united right now. If the Democrats was worried…all those paid protesters would be back in the streets sturing up Democratic Voters. What about the Republicans? I don’t know why the Republican Party thinks that Trump is the only Republican on Earth that can be President. Why don’t they just let it go and find another Common Sense Republican that will run for President in 2024. Someone that unites the people and is liked by everybody. Same goes for Democrats…find people and run them for office that everybody likes. Have a little image of how America was before. One Nation Under God. Deo Vindice !

  3. Who cares about Cheney or the Republicans for that matter? They sure as hell don’t care about our grievances.

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