Secular Talk: 40 Progressive Activist Groups Try To Kick FOX News Off Air

Progressive activists are busybodies.

They are people who live in terror of not being able to control and silence other people who have different opinions and values. These people hate the fact that other people in America are allowed to talk on the internet and make their case without their permission. The great hushing has already been forced on the internet and now the same people want to eradicate non-conformity on cable news.

The Wrap:

“Over 40 progressive organizations, including the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation and GLAAD, on Tuesday released an open letter urging media buyers not to buy advertisements on Fox News or risk damaging the reputation of their brands.

“Fox News has already made clear what you can expect from the network next year: more Tucker, more lies, more extremism, and more racism,” the groups say, according to an advance copy of the letter obtained by TheWrap. “Use this inflection point to quietly part ways with Fox News.” …”

Media Matters:

“The Republican Party, Fox News, and the broader right-wing disinformation apparatus that revolves around them have responded to Donald Trump’s 2020 defeat by institutionalizing his lie that the election was stolen and laying the groundwork to rig the next presidential election in favor of the GOP.

Fox is a primary source of information for the party’s voters and a key Republican power base. That would make the network crucial to the future success of an antidemocratic GOP plot, just as it was when Trump tried to overturn the election in 2020. And Fox’s propagandists appear eager to try again in 2024, relentlessly casting doubt on the 2020 results while helping to push out Republicans who refuse to support the party’s authoritarian turn. 

They are positioning the country on the brink of the abyss. Next time, political conditions may prove favorable enough to end the American experiment in electoral democracy. …”

The PMC Question is the inability of this social class to separate their role in society which is largely bossing other people around and telling them what to do and believe from their politics.

Media Matters:

“In a new open letter to media buyers during the television industry’s upfront period, a broad and diverse coalition of more than 40 organizations is urging media buyers not to buy advertisements on Fox News, warning that any ad spend on the network will fund the promotion of COVID-19 conspiracy theories, bigotry, and lies.

Citing Fox News’ unprecedented year of pushing deadly lies about the coronavirus pandemic, routinely broadcasting racist rhetoric, questioning the outcome of the election, helping lay the groundwork for the January 6 insurrection, and leaning further into its extremist programming, the letter explains: …

The letter ends with a simple request: “Our ask to you as media buyers and advertisers is simple: Stop funding lies and hate; don’t buy ads on Fox News.”

The open letter was signed by a wide array of organizations including civil rights groups, LGBTQ+ advocates, feminist organizations, and environmental activists — with the variety of supporters illustrating the many issues that Fox News coverage villainizes and misinforms its audience about on a daily basis. …”

This puts me in an odd position. I disagree with liberalism on intellectual grounds (my view of it is that our rights and liberties evolved out of our own English tradition rather than from nature), but I also have a liberal temperament. I enjoy reading and watching a wide variety of sources. I enjoy watching people with wildly different perspectives debate because it is much more interesting. I generally don’t care what people say in the comment section on this website because I spend so much time articulating my own point of view. I object to being called “bigoted” because I am really fine with a diversity of thought.

Woke progressives are extremely intolerant. They like to spend their time surveilling and reporting on others, giving them a hard time and trying to punish them for their thoughts. They need to control thoughts and beliefs. They feel compelled to come after people and to get people in trouble for saying the wrong words. Why do they care so much about something as unimportant as words? Beats me.

In my view, we should allow people to speak freely and say whatever they want without living in fear of being destroyed by a progressive mob. There will inevitably be people who have bad takes. I disagree with this campaign to control thoughts and words and consciousness because it is totalitarian.

Why stop at banning FOX News?

In order to save “democracy,” why wouldn’t you just disenfranchise these people and criminalize expressing the wrong opinions?

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  1. Yep and I wouldn’t be sad if Fox News was deleted off TV. I’d actually be happy about it. Why? Because the TV Networks have 100% deleted all programs / documentaries / shows on the Confederacy, White Nationalism, Southern Heritage & Culture, Christianity, the Confederate Flag, and everything else about White People. So delete the Cuckservatives and Jews off TV and make Fox News feel how we’ve been feeling for all these Years. Deo Vindice !

  2. Can I sign a petition with them? Fox news has done more harm to your average fifty five and older than any other media. If not for them maybe the cows would shut off the Zio feed and read a book

  3. Say what you will about the tyrannically authoritarian and repressive Woke Left, in the end it is the responsibility of The United States’ Government, most assuredly The Congress and The Judiciary, to enforce the 1st Amendment of The Constitution and to ward off those who try to skirt or flout it.

    Unfortunately, that is something they, both entities, seem no longer inclined to do.

  4. Unfortunately there are no negative consequences for people like this which would disincentivise their behavior.

    They just keep at it until they get their way, because nobody is willing to do whats necessary to put them in their places, they just do this kind of pearl clutching headline, then go back to what they were doing while the scolds wittle away at the foundations of the social contract.

    There are only two solutions to this creeping rot of totalitarian excess by the left, as I see it.

    1) Radical decentralization of all forms of government and business to eliminate their ecomomies of scale, which are currently being weaponized against liberties of all kinds through ever more efficient technological means of nagging the shit out of everybody. This can happen now, and is already to an extent as the centralized institutions lose legitimacy. This will accelerate as the States reassert themselves into the vacuum of legitimate needs left increasingly unfilled by an ever more corrupt and inept ruling class in DC. We cant help with this because our movement is autistic and is wholly focused on the national level of politics because being engaged at the state level might actually involve meeting people IRL, and nobody wants anything to do with us IRL because we are autistic and fringe.

    2) Massive disproportionate retaliation against all public and private institutions that display this totalitarian impulse. Scorched earth by a populist groundswell that overwhelms their institutional enablers (media, bureaucrats, politicians). This won’t happen til things have gotten much worse. Way worse. We lack all mandate as a movement to do this because everybody knows we are an autistic fringe. Not too mention we are unable to do it because we are just an autistic fringe who don’t have money, connections or even good ideas. Lol. Would you trust a retard with a sharp object? Why would normies trust us anywhere near meaningful power, since there are no safety scissors in politics.

    Without a benevolent sheep dog at the top, who can wield power in a tolerably fair way, these are the only options. We aren’t and will never be that sheep dog because we are prone to fits of innane flailing and self harm, empowered by retard strength purity spiraling.

    What we need, is a playpen and a padded helmet with a propeller on top. And a mouth guard probably.

    Ultimately we serve no positive purpose as we are and our main objective should be to shut up, until we grow up.

    Also fuck Fox News. I hope they get canceled.

  5. I wish it would get kicked off the air. Nothing but neo-con, jew-loving, and race-blind talking points to keep people in the dark. The folks who watch this useless civ-nat garbage need to get a clue.

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