Conservatives Cancel AP Journalist For Criticizing Israel

The mainstream Right is hopeless on Israel.

We’re against ethnonationalism … EXCEPT in Israel which has a right to be a Jewish ethnostate.

We’re against Big Tech censorship … EXCEPT when it comes to people who criticize Israel.

We’re for America First … EXCEPT that means always putting Israel First like when we assassinate Iranian generals or attack Syria with Tomahawk missiles for Bibi Netanyahu.

We’re American nationalists … EXCEPT when it comes to sending people like Jonathan Pollard back to Israel as a last minute favor to Bibi Netanyahu where he boasted about spying on America.

We’re for free speech … EXCEPT when it comes to anti-BDS legislation in which we case we require people to sign loyalty oaths to Israel as individuals to work for most state governments.

We’re against cancel culture … EXCEPT when people criticize OUR GREATEST ALLY, and rightfully so, for the way that Jewish settlers treat the Palestinians. In that case, it is imperative to cancel those people.

SF Gate:

“Emily Wilder, a journalist and 2020 graduate of Stanford University, started a new job as an Associated Press news associate based in Maricopa County, Arizona, on May 3.

Two weeks later, she was unceremoniously fired by the news outlet after conservatives resurfaced old social media posts that drew attention from Republicans as prominent as Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton. In Wilder’s eyes, her firing is the latest example of right-wing cancel culture.

“There’s no question I was just canceled,” Wilder told SFGATE by phone Thursday afternoon. “This is exactly the issue with the rhetoric around ‘cancel culture.’ To Republicans, cancel culture is usually seen as teens or young people online advocating that people be held accountable over accusations of racism or whatever it may be, but when it comes down to who actually has to deal with the lifelong ramifications of the selective enforcement of cancel culture — specifically over the issue of Israel and Palestine — it’s always the same side.”

“They told me that I violated their social media policy and would be terminated immediately, but they never said which tweet or post violated the policy,” she said. “I asked them, ‘Please tell me what violated the policy,’ and they said, ‘No.'” …”

New York Post:

“An Associated Press reporter has been fired over pro-Palestinian tweets she posted while in college – and now she insists she’s a victim of “cancel culture.”

Emily Wilder, a former Arizona Republic intern, started as an AP news associate in Phoenix on May 3, but learned just 16 days later that her time at the 174-year-old news agency would abruptly end due to the “clear bias” it says she showed in her social media posts, the Washington Post reported Thursday. …”

BuzzFeed News:

“A 22-year-old Stanford graduate was fired by the Associated Press on Wednesday, after what she described as a “witch hunt” by conservatives who resurfaced her old social media posts critical of Israel, as well as her pro-Palestinian activism in college.

“It really felt like I got hung out to dry,” said Emily Wilder, who was fired only three weeks after joining the AP as a news associate in Phoenix. The role was not a reporting position and did not involve covering international news. …”

It is the same way on the mainstream Left.

When it comes to Israel, the mainstream Left also conveniently forgets everything it supposedly believes. After giving a longwinded speech about white supremacy and systematic racism and restoring America’s moral leadership, Joe Biden came out the other day and said he stands with Israel while Jewish settlers drive Palestinians out of their homes and form lynch mobs to attack them in the streets. The Democrats stand with Israel and even sell them $735 million in precision-guided weapons which they use commit war crimes in places like Gaza. All the talk about human rights stops at the borders of Israel.

The official policy of the political establishment is that Israel is OUR GREATEST ALLY and the only “democracy” in the Middle East and that it respects “human rights.” It is also “anti-Semitic” to say that reality is otherwise. Bashar al-Assad is a cruel dictator who is killing his own people. Unlike Bibi Netanyahu or Mohammad bin Salman, Assad is one of the bad guys. He hates freedom and democracy.

Note: Even if you are Jewish like this woman, you can still get in trouble for criticizing OUR GREATEST ALLY. You can lose your job for being “biased” against Israel!

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  1. Jews aren’t white.To think white could be capable of doing the thing that Jews do is very very insulting. Whites didn’t kill Christ, the Jews did. And whites do not persecute and torment the weak and the innocent like the Jews do. Remember that.

    • A vast majority — and many jews— are convinced they ARE White. Remember that.

  2. Now you why conservatives always lose. They care more about jews and nonwhites than do themselves or their own race.

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