GOP Releases “Stand With Israel” Video

I don’t stand with Israel.

I don’t support a government which murders women and children, where Jewish lynch mobs prowl the streets at night and where Jewish settlers are kicking Palestinians out of their homes and taking over their property. No other country in the world could do what Israel is doing and get away it.

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  1. The GOP Platform:

    1. Israel First.

    2. Jew Wars for Israel

    3. LEGAL immigration.

    4. Democrats are the real racists KKK Nazis.

    5. Drag Queens are Natural Conservatives.

    Yeah, I’ll pass on voting Republican, thanks anyway.

  2. The GOP is an embarrassment and we should never support them again until they learn to suck up to Whites the way they do to jews and Israel.

    • That is never going to happen – they would sacrifice America to save Israel. They already send Whites to die by the score in wars for Israel and International Jewry. Don’t waste one second of your time waiting for the redemption of the Republican Party.

  3. The Grand Ole Party standing with Israel, ‘while it commits war crimes’, is completely consistent with the party of New England, that has long been The United States’ Government.

    Yes, The Grand Ole Party has long been the party behind every regime-change war, behind the spy-surveillance state.

    That The Democrat party has, of late, become just as bad, or that now the GOP is a party of Southerners, Midwesterners, and Plainsmen, who are at odds with it’s New England-spirited leadership does not change the fact, though, certainly, it makes it devilishly ironick.

    Folks carrying on about what is going in in Israel, in recent weeks, seem to forget that this is the party that has been full speed behind blowing away countless Iraqi, Syrian, Libyan, Afghani, Serbian, and who knows where else civilians, not to mentions all the millions and millions displacet or lives plum ruined by the endless fiascos.

    Nope, The GOP standing with Israel, ‘while it commits war crimes’, is perfectly consistent and not one bit hypocritical, for the GOP…

    • The only South you might be from is the Negev desert in the south of Israel. Your anti-New England crap is typical, pitting white against white. American Southerners and New Englanders and those from the Mid Atlantic, not to mention the rest of the country, aren’t riven by 150-year-old hatreds. They don’t stew over it, if they think of sectionalism or the Civil War at all. That’s what made the country such a success. The veterans’ reunions that lasted until the 1930s where Blue and Gray affirmed they were American. The melting pot where white ethnicities made nice to each other and recognized benign rulership by the Protestant Anglos in return for the fruits of teamwork.

      You, however, are howling from the desert with thousands of years of hate, and it’s against all of us, not just New Englanders.

  4. The GOP will never stand with the dwindling, hated White majority and will condemn anyone who does. Look at what they did to Steve King over his, at best, insipid “pro” White remarks.

  5. Hey BLM and antifa have something in common with the GOP. They all stand with Israel and they all stand against Christ and God almighty….. and they are all going to hell.

    Do they, these politicians, ever tell us why they stand with Israel? Why? Can they tell us that they are whores who have sold themselves to the enemies of Christ. Would they?

    They can’t reason with us because there is no good reason for supporting the Christ killers. It is that simple.

    • Why? It’s very simple. These people are told every Sunday that they are the spiritual kindred to the people of the Old and New Testaments. This puts them in the mindset that they are physical/genetic/tribal kin, as well. The jew worship will never end as long as Judeo-Christianity survives.

  6. Back in 2015 Comedy central John Stewart,he was right front about the GOP when Bibi gave a speech at U.S. Congress,Republicucks were non stop standing ovation, and Steward said ,they were giving Bibi bj.GOP stands for nothing.

  7. I stand on Pissrael’s greasy neckbeard.

    These Repuglicunt scum, steppin’ ‘n’ fetchin’ for Boss Shlomo as always, with the applause of the retarded evanjewlickal christer vermin absolutely sure that JEEEEEEEEEE-sus in on the Greyhound and will be here at any minute…

    Fuck ’em ALL.

  8. They don’t stand with them, they stand FOR them.
    It shows who runs things.
    No other country is “vetting” our presidential candidates.
    No other country is our “ally”. No other country gets talked about SO MUCH in politics. So much praise. So much avoidance of any criticism.

    The only reason politicians “support” them is because if they don’t, they’ll lose their job (get fired) by the big corporation they work for, the USA.

  9. These latest Republiscum loudly pandering to Israel is so pathetic and such a waste of their time and, especially mine that once again, they only underscore why Sam Francis named them The Stupid Party.

    This cognitive dissonance they engage in when reasoning that Jews who vote and fund the Democrats are either stupid or self-hating when there is absolutely NO such thing as a stupid or self-hating Jew.

    When is it going to occur to those dumbasses that all the Democrats NOT also publicly bowing the knee and kissing Netanyahu’s behind are SECRETLY sending financial and material support to Israel, so the Usual Suspects can engage in their favorite past-time of predatory practices all the while bitching and screaming that they are the real victims in this latest dispute against any one who defends themselves against them.

    I can’t see myself being bothered to vote in 2022. Let’s hope that the next war the USA decides to fight on behalf of its closest ally that our armed forces have driven out any REAL fighting men and are staffed only with the intersectional clowns they are running this current clownshow with.

    • The only real strategy is just waiting for boomers to die off. Almost any younger person who is even vaguely “right wing” and online is aware of the JQ.

      • So, now your generation thinks it’s the first to discover the Jewish menace. That’s funny.

        When boomers die off you will be looking for a way to get out of this country with whatever you have left of value. Take a boomer’s advice, try to pick up another passport while you can.

        • Nearly impossible to leave. Jews have locked us down. You will be a second class citizen anywhere you go. Thanks to the IRS it is nearly impossible to even open a foreign bank account.

    • Are you from the South? What region of the country do you find more receptive to the the JQ than the South?

  10. The slaughter of the Crew of the USS Liberty in 1967

    The ADL

    Dancing Israel Art Students on a Hoboken NJ Rooftop on 9/11

    The ADL

    Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard

    The ADL

    13 year old Mary Phagan’s corpse

    Leo Frank

    The ADL

    • I don’t care about Jews, period. Or anybody else that’s anti- Occidental and anti-White.

      Those opposed to Western civilisation would also oppose the civilisations of China, Korea and Japan. They’re nihilists. They’re ultimate goal is the annihilation of Humanity, for which purpose, communism, socialism and all of the other isms were invented.

  11. Is the Jewish Question easier to sell in the North? I don’t think so. The Southerners are, on average, more Jew-aware than the Northerners.

    • @cole blease

      “Is the Jewish Question easier to sell in the North? I don’t think so. The Southerners are, on average, more Jew-aware than the Northerners.”

      The North is essentially dominated by the New England Moral-Political Paradigm. That is based in Puritanism. Which is a kind of Judaism for certain goyim.

      Naturally enough, the Puritans and the Jews both wanted to “reform” the world. Therefore, it was easy for Jews to assimilate into Northern society. Since Northerners appeared to hold similar views, and to have similar socioeconomic and sociopolitical goals, as Jews. Which made it easy to bend Northern sociopolitical activitivism to purely Jewish purposes and ends, over a long time.

      Because of this, it’s hard for nominally normal, Northern Whites, to tell Jewing from Yanking, since Jewish and White Northern SJWs appear indistinguishable from one another. The subtle difference being that the Jews are advancing(semi-covertly) Jewish power, while the Northern Whites are advancing Yankee power( which they call Americanism and patriotism), and not noticing that they’re being used as a Trojan horse/vehicle by the Jews. Which they regard as friends, allies, and co- belligerents, in their two hundred year old struggle to both dominate and “reform” America. And especially Dixie.

      We notice Jews in the South, because we’ve been the target of Yankee political warfare and subversion since ten minutes after the ink dried on the Constitution. Which gave us formidable analytical powers, when it comes to divining the who and what, and the nature of our enemies. The Jews stand out from the White Yankees, the way Yankees stand out, to us, from Southerners.

      However, we have folks who worship the Jews for religious reasons, just as the North has folks who support, aid and abet them, for secular ideological and political reasons. Or as is the general case, are ambivalent to Jews. We also have Sephardic and Ladino Jews in Dixie, who have largely assimilated Southern culture, and don’t behave like Yankees. Like the Jews in the popular media do. Which makes it hard, to an extent, to wake up folks who aren’t necessarily Jew worshippers, but who are disinterested.

      Interesting to note. Everybody who hit me with the “Jesus was a Jew” line, had fear in their eyes, when they said it. A few of them have even implied that if it wasn’t for the fear of an angry God, and of hellfire, that they would oppose the Jews. It’s ironic that the Jews are trying to destroy Christianity, since it’s the only thing that keeps the most of the Southern Nation from turning on them completely, or nearly so.

  12. I don’t support a government which murders women and children, where Jewish lynch mobs prowl the streets at night and where Jewish settlers are kicking Palestinians out of their homes and taking over their property.

    Yeah okay. The thing is, both you and the white cuckservatives you mock are getting absolutely sweet fuck all out of your respective stances. The left thoroughly owns the anti-Israel issue. Any victory against Israel is a victory for leftist interests, not pro-white interests. (Isn’t this obvious?)

    Now, I’ll grant that anything that can blacken the reputation of Jews is useful (and long overdue), but leftists don’t really need your assistance on the Israel issue.

    A better use of your time and resources would be to go after white cucks and ask them why they don’t demand the same deal for themselves as Jews have in Israel – the equal right to identify their enemies and defend their own interests that Zionists enjoy.

  13. Wow remember when Joseph Sobran used to write for National Review & questioned America’s obsession with a tiny ethnostate in the middle east?

    Remember when Pat Buchanan said: “The Congress of the United States is Israeli-occupied territory.”?

    The GOP is in steep decline & is now subservient to a foreign power. This Zionism plus freak tranperson Caitlyn Jenners candidacy in California really has me thinking of re-register ING as an Independent. (The main reason I have stuck around the GOP lately is to vote in orimaries for Rand Paul or Josh Hawley.)

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