Ezra Klein: Violent Crime Is Spiking. Do Liberals Have An Answer?


Judging by where violent crime is soaring, I think it is safe to say the answer is “no.”

“Early estimates find that in 2020, homicides in the United States increased somewhere between 25 percent and nearly 40 percent, the largest spike since 1960, when formal crime statistics began to be collected. And early estimates indicate that the increase has carried over to 2021.

Violent crime is a crisis on two levels. The first, and most direct, is the toll it takes on people and communities. The lost lives, the grieving families, the traumatized children, the families and businesses that flee, leaving inequality and joblessness for those who remain.

It’s also a political crisis: Violent crime can lead to more punitive, authoritarian and often racist policies, with consequences that shape communities decades later. In the 1970s and ’80s, the politics of crime drove the rise of mass incarceration and warrior policing, the political careers of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, the abandonment of inner cities. If these numbers keep rising, they could end any chance we have of building a new approach to safety, and possibly carry Donald Trump — or someone like him — back to the presidency in 2024. …”

Look at this.

“Social justice” has been achieved in Atlanta where Mayor Keisha Bottoms isn’t running for reelection due to the crime wave. She had only recently been a potential Biden pick for vice president.

CBS 46:

“Most recent crime stats show there have been 208 shootings in Atlanta this year, up to 51-percent from last year and 40 homicides, a 60-percent increase from 2020.

“We are committed to putting an additional 250 new officers on the street during the next fiscal year,” Bottoms said.

The crime trend is also a political issue due to the Mayor’s race this year. …”

In Portland, the local media is debating whether Portland is over. In New York City, violent crime is the second most important issue and Andrew Yang has stumbled in the polls after coming across as soft on crime.

Financial Times:

“Close your eyes and you could be back in the crime-plagued New York of the late 1980s. Last week’s mayoral debate was dominated by how candidates would tackle the city’s rising crime rates. Murders in New York rose last year by 43 per cent — and are on track to be higher this year than last.

The situation is even uglier in Chicago, which is close to its 1974 peak when almost 1,000 people were murdered. Ditto across urban America. There is even speculation about a repeat of the suburban exodus of the late 1960s and 1970s.

It would be unfair to blame Joe Biden for any of this. Yet as president — and leader of the party that controls most big US cities — he will pay a price if it goes on. The question is what he and local leaders can do about it. …”

The Biden administration, Black Lives Matter, the corporate media and progressive activist groups are responsible for creating this problem which is the result of the War on the Police.

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    • “Contain it among the blacks. Self Cleaning Oven”

      OH , NONSENSE !

      You know there’s spillover.
      You know they are atremendous drain on societies.
      Can’t even get into emergency room, because all the POC clogging the system. They even ship them out to suburbs, so hospitals are overloaded.

      Wishful thinker !

  1. I do this off topic thing alot on Brads great articles and this is a solid article Ezra Klein does some good work but I dont have a venue to discuss certain things anywhere so I AM SORRY AHEAD OF TIME.

    I have listened a lot to Adam Green of No More Knews a lot lately he does decent work on the Noahide laws and Israel despite always dumping on nationalism and attacking the notion of race. He gets called a crypto by many on our team but the past week he has done nothing but defend Islam with so much passion and now attack all Christianity with videos on “Christian Blood Magic”. It made me think about the others on the Right who attack the Faith as cucked and push Paganism. Or even worse atheism

    My personal view is preserving European culture is at the top of priorities in my mind but I dont see why it has to come at the expense of attacking the Lord. The institution of various churches being criticized I am fine with but I will never turn my back on the Faith. It is the force that has shaped 2000 years of European morality and after the Enlightenment is when we have seen more and more of these problems.

    I am just wondering how my OD family besides Krafty Worker deal with these issues. Why do so many of these people go so hard at us and our history.

      • Moshiach is great. He is so big and so girthy and you need him and you love him and you have got to have him, right or wrong kyke?

      • Congratulations. I wish I could remove the shackles completely. Haven’t quite been able to, yet. I know it’s all a sham, but the brainwashing runs very deep.

    • What of European culture to you believe is worth preserving? Anything good about it has already been dead for decades. European culture (and Euro-American culture) is completely garbage at this point.

    • @ Captain Shill

      They go hard on church beliefs, because so much of the theology has been corrupted, for manipulation and control. So many crooks behind the pulpit.

      Adam green is doing excellent work, he’s getting closer to the truth. He’s trying to counterbalance all zio-cuck doctrine.

      When ppl talk against your faith, just consider the points, where they might be right and where they make valid complaints. Otherwise, just let it roll off, like water on a duck’s back.

  2. Considering they caused it, obviously they do not have an answer. Getting these people to admit they were wrong is impossible.

    • Dart, absolutely right.

      Liberals can only spread and increase crime.
      They are such hypocrites, they can’t see their own faults. Too busy wallowing in self-righteous conceit.

  3. I just hope all this lawlessness and licentiousness results in the imposition of a Nazi style military dictatorship, complete with concentraton camps and einsatzgruppen mobile death squads. We really, REALLY need great men like Reinhard Heydrich and Hans Kammler in charge.

  4. As far as violent crime goes, it all depends on your ideology and race as to whether you will be prosecuted. Certain races are treated with kid gloves when it comes to violent crime and punishment.

  5. >uglier in Chicago

    Anti-racists say that blacks commit more crime because they’re arrested more often. Their solution? Patrol and arrest more whites and latinos, and patrol and arrest fewer blacks.

    Look at the Chicago crime map here:

    This year, homicide in white and asian neighborhoods is squeaky clean, which is amazing going into June in the middle of a historic crime wave. The latino neighborhoods are way down too with the occasional murder sprinkled here or there. The black neighborhoods in contrast have become Mogadishu. While crime is never evenly distributed, it is usually much more spread out than this.

    • ” Patrol and arrest more whites and latinos, and patrol and arrest fewer blacks.”


      • If anti-racists want to own the Trumptards by making white neighborhoods safer while getting thousands of blacks killed, who are we to argue?

        The entire woke political project is not even wrong. It is incoherent. And pretty funny, like the shape brainlet wojack, if you look at it the right way.

        They simply do not get that there is no such thing as equity per se, only different kinds of equity. Equity rhetoric focuses only on effects and excludes causation and will always own itself by working at cross purposes. More equity in arrests increases inequities in homicide victims. Shitlibs celebrate blacks making poisonous dietary choices so society can accept all black bodies, and then complain about inequities in coronary heart disease, diabetes, etc. derpity derp hurr durr

  6. I’m always amazed there is actually anyone taking a police job. For what? So your every move can be scrutinized, video taped and firings, harassment, danger with Democratic politicians looking to seize on any police infraction. The pay is not worth it.

    I know a guy who was an officer for a period of time. He was a police officer just a hair before the Blm nonsense started. He did always speak of unbelievable tension in ” the hood” He was stressed to the max and did 10 years as an officer to squeeze out a small pension. He intelligently quit after that and works now in a totally different field.

    Imagine voluntarily taking a job where you get yelled at, harassed, video taped constantly, can go to jail, have politicians using you to pander to blacks, and work in communities you are often hated with little appreciation? Sorry, life is waaayyy too short for that nonsense.

    It’s obvious many officers are doing nothing or barely being proactive. They just let the hood be the hood which means radically higher crime rates. Many officers are also retiring earlier or leaving in general.

    There are obviously asshole cops. Dealt with them. Dealt with some good ones, too. But in the end blacks have more issues with police because they commit far more crime per capita than anyone else. It’s the same old song.

    I would rather clean toilets over being an officer if I had to choose. Not because being an officer is bad in itself but all the problems it creates on the individual, on the family, etc. Maybe in rural areas it’s very different. But patrolling a city and now some suburbs? No way no how.

    • @ jeff

      Just mdans there will be more ‘dirty’ cops.
      In the job for the take…..easy to make several 100k a year.
      Rolex, benz, couple of houses, all tax free.

      (Politkcans know it will make cops dirty.)

  7. Jeff

    Someone could make the point, that all this scrutiny of good cops is designed to make cops more corrupt and maleable to corrupt laws.

    ((They)) thrive on corruption.

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