Rising: How “Journalists” Came To Love The Spy State

What do you do when your own government starts treating you as a domestic enemy of the state on the basis of your political and cultural views? How do you respond to being treated as a national security threat for voting against Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden? That’s where we are at now.

Matt Taibbi:

“What a difference a decade makes.

Just over ten years ago, on July 25, 2010, Wikileaks released 75,000 secret U.S. military reports involving the war in AfghanistanThe New York Times, The Guardian, and Der Spiegel helped release the documents, which were devastating to America’s intelligence community and military, revealing systemic abuses that included civilian massacres and an assassination squad, TF 373, whose existence the United States kept “protected” even from its allies. …

After the Capitol riots of January 6th, the War on Terror came home, and “domestic extremists” stepped into the role enemy combatants played before. George Bush once launched an all-out campaign to pacify any safe haven for trrrsts, promising to “smoke ‘em out of their holes.” The new campaign is aimed at stamping out areas for surveillance-proof communication, which CNN security analyst and former DHS official Juliette Kayyem described as any online network “that lets [domestic extremists] talk amongst themselves.”

Reporters pledged assistance, snooping for evidence of wrongness in digital rather than geographical “hidey holes.” We’ve seen The Guardian warning about the perils of podcasts, ProPublica arguing that Apple’s lax speech environment contributed to the January 6th riot, and reporters from The Verge and Vice and The New York Times listening in to Clubhouse chats in search of evidence of dangerous thought. In an inspired homage to the lunacy of the War on Terror years, a GQ writer even went on Twitter last week to chat with the author of George Bush’s “Axis of Evil” speech about imploring the “authorities” to use the “Fire in a Crowded Theater” argument to shut down Fox News.

Multiple outlets announced plans to track “extremists” in either open or implied cooperation with authorities.  …”

Isn’t this a bigger threat than, say, Baked Alaska or the Q Shaman? I don’t really care for Baked Alaska, but YOBA szn isn’t a threat. YOBA isn’t trying to throw “domestic extremists” in a gulag.

The argument here is that we need to embrace progressive totalitarianism and empower the national security state in order to stop “domestic extremism.” The “domestic extremists” are anyone who has nationalist or populist views, which is to say, at least 50% to 80% of Republican voters. We have to stop those people from communicating on the internet. We need the government to spy on those people. We might even have to shut down FOX News in order to protect “our democracy.”

There are plenty of things which I dislike about the Republicans, but the assault on civil liberties under the Biden administration and all of this militant talk about “domestic extremism” and systematic racism has also convinced me that these people are by far the greater menace. While it is true that Ted Cruz is a lame cornball who wants tax cuts for millionaires, you have to weigh whether it is going to be people like Ted in power, OR, people who agree with the likes of John Brennan who want security state agencies to act like the Stasi and “journalists” to act like commissars. You have to take into account that the Democrats are pushing for a domestic version of the War on Terror against Trump supporters.

When you put it that way, even the lamest and most cucked Republican comes out looking a lot better by comparison. It is not because they have changed. Their opposition has just become so much worse.

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  1. The Democratic Party and White Trump Voters(‘and Bernie Voters) can’t live in the same nation. The Democratic Party is accelerating the situation by racially cleansing heterosexual White Males out of the US Military. With a majority nonwhite US Military….at gunpoint, they will force White Males onto Lebraun James’ cotton fields…..

    It all goes back to the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act…..and post-1965 Immigration Policy

    You can’t flee to Russia because the Russians view White American Males as faggots who allowed themselves to be demographically displaced over a 55 year period….there was plenty of time to shut down post-1965 Immigration Policy…It will be 20 years past 9/11 this Sept 11….After 9/11 White Males went back to NFL TYRONE ball because Rudi Giuliani told them to do so….when they should have kicked out all the Muslims…

  2. It’s not just 50-80% of republican voters, but also independents and some democrats, too. It’s at least half of the population that they think are “domestic extremists” and want to ban from banking, airports, and the internet. If you don’t worship the DC bureaucracy or dynastic politicians like Hillary Clinton or George W Bush, then you are “extreme.”

  3. Speaking of the media – that darling of the Fake and Ghey Conservative Movement – Tucker Carlson – used the jewish media’s tired old Muh Nazi canard and said that Lori Lightfoot was one.

    • Y’all really need to let go of that “OMG he accused leftists of being Nazis” stuff. In 2021, the factual politics behind WW2 are not going to interest 95% of people. Nazi has become a pejorative, and that’s all that really matters. It’s a pejorative about tyrannical authoritarianism. Even if it is misguided, the reason it is misguided is never going to sink in with the vast majority of people who basically agree with most of our narratives. Correcting them on this is not going to change things. Calling leftists Nazis is just a byproduct of who America allied with vs who we fought against in WW2. In 95% of people’s minds, it simply means “bad people who want to control me and maybe Genocide me”. Hiterphilia is never going to ring with these people, even if you can convince them of every thing you believe in involving contemporary politics.

      Let go of this obsession.

  4. James Mason is right, HW. The pro-white movement needs fewer reactionaries and more revolutionaries!

    • @Span,

      I agree 100%, that is the only way we will be taken seriously. WE cloud learn a lot from blm and antifa’s ideology. Fear and intimidation is a great weapon. Unfortunately, Whites or the right isn’t ready for that step yet.

      • The niggers & the antifags were/are indoctrinated & incited at jewniversities (shit, at all levels of edjewcation now), and their violence ignored & excused by the kikemedia & now the government itself; White nationalists have no such institutions of authority shaping & aiding us.

  5. Today’s Journalists are in bed with the govt, especially when it comes to going after Whites.

  6. “How “Journalists” Came To Love The Spy State”

    Journalists are, and, indeed, have long been, the voices of The Spy State.

    Absolutely no difference between the Jew-run New England Yankee United States’ ‘state’ and The Mainstream Media here, now, than existed between The Soviet Union and it’s ‘journalistic class.’

  7. Operation Mockingbird never ended. Why would the deep state end such a successful program?

  8. Remove the quoted hypen around journalists and replace with triple parentheseses Yes they most certainly are pro authoritarians Adl Cia, journalists and gheystream media are best buddies

    This is also why they were so pro lockdown/mask while fast-food junk joints and liquor were still wide open

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