Five Oregon Counties Vote To Consider Joining Idaho

The big divide these days isn’t really North vs. South.

It is rural vs. urban, working class vs. professional class, populist vs. modernist, nationalist vs. cosmopolitan. Wokeness is another big marker of the divide especially in the Pacific Northwest.

Oregon Live:

“Five eastern Oregon counties voted Tuesday in favor of considering becoming part of Idaho. Baker, Grant, Lake, Malheur and Sherman counties join Union and Jefferson, which voted last year to require county officials to study or promote joining Idaho.

Grant voted 1,471 to 895 for county officials “to meet and discuss relocating Idaho border.”

Lake voted 1,341 to 463 for the “relocation of Idaho border” to be taken up in “county board of commissioners meetings.” …”

Who can blame them for wanting to dissolve the Union with Portland? Even the people who live in Portland are now saying it is over. Portland has become the national posterchild of woke progressive insanity and misgovernance. They want to put that shit in all the public schools.


“In rural Oregon, voters in several counties want their state to go from Democratic blue to Republican red — and to do that, they hope to leave Oregon altogether and join neighboring Idaho. Five counties approved ballot measures this week, joining two others that had already voted in favor of the idea.

“This election proves that rural Oregon wants out of Oregon,” said Mike McCarter, president of the advocacy group Citizens for Greater Idaho.

He added, “If we’re allowed to vote for which government officials we want, we should be allowed to vote for which government we want as well.”

All seven counties voted heavily for former President Donald Trump — whose name appears 17 times in the advocacy group’s 41-page proposal to shift the borders.

In the movement led by McCarter, conservative voters want to reshuffle counties in eastern and southern Oregon, making them part of Idaho. The plan’s backers want to get ballot initiatives placed on the ballot in more of Oregon’s 36 counties. …”

There are still regional cultural divides though. The fault line between the Left Coast and the Far West is heating up as the people who live in Metro Seattle and Portland go insane.

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      • @KT-88…

        You could not be more wrong, Dear. KT.

        My ancestors, from Georgia, Virginia, and North Carolina, who served with Robert E. Lee did not give a flyin’ damn who printed the money – it was all city-slicker racketeerin’ to them!

        No, Sir – they were fighting to maintain control over our lands, such as not being demographically replacet, and Lord Rothschild ain’t never had nuthin’ to do with that.

        • @Ivan

          You’re right, The Rothschild’s and the federal reserve didn’t come into play until 1913 long after the civil war was fought. The congress still printed their own money until Wilson sold out to the banking cartel.

          • I would like to learn more but from what I can tell it was Rothschilds controlled with their very own Slomo in charge of the Treasury. Even without a central bank the North was already a vassal state evidenced by the election of Lincoln. Tyler vetoing the bank cracks me up but changed little in the end.

          • @John…

            Thank you, Sir.

            Yes, you’re right – after Jackson slufft off Rothschild in the 1830s, and then Presidnet Tyler stampt that into place, shortly thereafter, Rothschild was of no account here, until Wilson – the very man who campaigned against the premise of ‘making publick’ our currency.

            Be well, My Northern Friend!

          • @KT-88…

            You are very right to be amused by Tyler.

            Yes, the story of how Rothschild successfully rigged our economy to succumb to inflation in the late 1830s, so as to derail President Martin van Buren (he was continuing Jackson’s anti-Rothschild policies) and then hand-select his globalist candidate (William Henry Harrison) IS funny.

            Yes, after all the effort Rothschild went to to get Harrison elected, he neglected to check on Harrison’s running-mate, John Tyler, who, when Harrison passt away just shortly after inauguration, lowered The White Southern plantation boom down on ‘The Bank of England’.

            For that, Tyler is one of my top five presidents.

            God bless John Tyler!

    • Amen, Dear John, amen.

      Jefferson Davis, as he fled our capital in early April of ’65 ,was overheard to remark that there would be a time, perhaps 4 or 5 generations up the way, when The Confederate Idea would again have it’s day.

      And now we are at the precipice.


      • “as he fled our capital in early April of ’65, was overheard to remark” Davis was in Washington DC in April 1865? Ok, if you can make stuff up, Davis was also heard to say “@#$% the jews, they don’t vote for us anyway.”

    • Idaho is slapping down critical race theory pretty well. Mormons are a problem but they don’t control everything clearly.

  1. In a reorganization the big question no one wants to ask is who gets the colored people? No one including, especially, the PMC class, who’s salient characteristic is is hypocrisy wants them. The colored folk are petrified of being cut loose from White folk and left to their own devices despite their avowed hatred of White people. They wouldn’t survive a month on their own and everyone knows it.

    • Nog kebab will be on the menu in most urban areas pretty soon after the grid goes down. White skanks will go first.

  2. I remember while attending a southern university riding on a sports team bus passing through a small “backwoods” town in a rural part of a southern state (over 90% on the team were Yankees) and one of them said, “Can you imagine growing up in a dump like this?” I didn’t say it then but I should have said, “I don’t have to imagine, I did.”

    Be so glad to see all rural counties to secede and leave the only counties left in the state — the “urban dump” counties.

  3. Too bad almost all of these rural folks in Oregon have got completely on the wrong side – supporting or ignoring the proposed, worst ever mass slaughter of 90% + of Idaho’s Grey wolves.

    Wolves were/are sacred to most native American tribes as they were to classical Romans “Romulus and Remus” and to German, Scandinavian tribes. Our tribal God Odin/Wotan had two loyal wolves Geri and Freki

    But never underestimate our Right Wing Conservative patriotard, gun cowards not to do really stupid, counterproductive things like slaughter 90% of the most beautiful endangered species wolves in North America.

    We wrote about these really stupid, cowardly Conservative/Cuckservative ranchers, fat as*** Reagan Western Conservatives when we outed Cowboy rancher Cliven Bundy who JUST LOVES, LOVES mass undocumented Orc illegal immigration of “spanish people” Not!

    But it is what it is and yeah, our people so often do really really stupid, cowardly things like waste the 20th century slaughtering our Germanic, Northern Italian, Dutch kinsmen in 2 world wars.

    All father Odin and mightyThor are now looking down on the confused, cowardly rural White folks in Oregon and Idaho and they are preparing their retribution.

    It’s not nice and is rather a stupid thing to piss off Mighty Thor and Odin/Wotan.

    • I’d say it’s an algorithm of ethnic and religious makeup of the population, geography and the types of economic activities undertaken.

  4. The best news we’ve heard in so many years, I cannot think how long!

    Just the beginning.

    By 2040, this country will be many, once again, and NOTHING anyone in Washington D. C., or their mercenary hirelings, will be able to do about it.

    The Confederate Idea, the very bedrock idea of this republick, is peaking it’s head out of the beech!

    3 cheers for Jeff’ Davis!

    • So instead of a giant continent-wide sap that reliably supports a New Jersey-sized place on the other side of the world no matter what, you want a collection of New Jersey-sized states on the other side of a continent and ocean who will…? I thought you Jews were supposed to be smart.

  5. “The fault line between the Left Coast and the Far West is heating up as the people who live in Metro Seattle and Portland go insane.”

    If a civil war breaks out, it’ll be on the Pacific Coast. The urban, coastal Left, and the Mexicans in California, will be pitted against the Inland Empire. Which is culturally and historically part of the Western United States. While the coastal strip is the western outpost of Yankeedom. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that it’s eastern counties in Oregon, that want to join Idaho.

    The coastal strip was settled by Yankees, who came by ship from New England and New York City. What’s happening now, roughly from San Francisco, to Portland and Seattle, is the final flowering of the New England Moral-Political Paradigm and the endless social revolutions and experiments that it spawned, and that have wracked the North since roughly 1800-30, and the West Coast since the 1960’s.

    For decades, “alt-right” conservatives had prognosticated that things were headed this way. Even way back in the 19th Century.

  6. It’s interesting, to say the least. Especially the lack of a response from Yankeedom proper.

    • @James Owen…

      They don’t know what to do – after all these years they thought the secession issue would rise up, from The South, as it did in 1861, but, though history does repeat, it often changes it’s manner.

      This is a big brush fire for The United States’ Government, one of only many to come.

      They won’t be able to put it out, without violating the one last law they follow – The Appearance of Propriety.

      • @Ivan Turgenev

        On social media, and in other public places, they’re doubling down on scolding and blaming the Southern People for things that are happening, or happened last year, in Michigan, Minnesota, and concurrently, in Portland and on the Pacific Rim.

        Late last year on Twitter, a hardcore Neo-Yankee from Pennsylvania, with a Pennsylvania Union General as an avatar, said to one of my fellow Southern Nationalists; “Promise me that you won’t attack any federal buildings.” He said this in response to my associate’s comments about the AntiFa/BLM actions in Minneapolis and Portland, and about the Constitution and laws of the United States pertaining to them.

        Aside from the usual arrogance, condescension, and overwhelming sense of entitlement, there was the usual Yankee assumption that the Northern People, even as individuals, have ruling authority over America, are the living avatars of both the United States of America, and it’s government, and that all non-Yankee states and their citizens, are the property and subordinate subjects of the Northern People.

        The other assumption, that the South is full of militias, was evident, too. This in spite of the fact that the vast majority of “militias” are to be found in the Upper Great Lakes, and in the Pacific Mountain West and coast. But I guess he regards the national guard, active reserves and law enforcement agencies as “militia,” simply because they happen to be in Dixie.

        Which brings up another Yankee assumption. That the South is lawless and wild.

        At any rate, I lit into this individual, and called him out for his arrogance, patronising condescension, and assumed commanding authority over an individual that he regards as a subordinate subject, not as a fellow, equal countryman and citizen.

        As Brad said, Yankees lack self awareness. This individual was no exception.

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