Jimmy Dore: Stunner: Biden Retracts Every Campaign Promise

It would be nice to have an alternative to neoliberal centrism.

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  1. Dementia Joe is not in charge of anything. He just reads from the cue cards and repeats what he hears in his earpiece, then it’s naptime in the Oval Office again.

    • Zion Don wasn’t in charge of anything either. Now would be a good time for Dixie to prepare for secession again. This time around the Union would be too weak and incompetent to stop it.

      • @Spahn…

        “This time around the Union would be too weak and incompetent to stop it.”

        Yes, other than mercenaries and some minorities, ‘The Union’ will not be supported by those they need most to wage such a war – The White Northern Rural Man.

        That man, The White Northern Rural Man, will either fight with us or stay at home, but, fight against us, as a group of people – not in a million years.

        I served with many of those Rural Yankees, and, to a one, they all agreed with Southerners – America is a White European Land, States’ Rights are paramount, and federalism ought be strictly limited to what The Constitution outlines.

        That said, I think this country will follow in the footsteps of the erstwhile Soviet Union, and, thus,will reconfederatize, with nary a shot being fired.

        The dirty little secret is that most people, of every class, age, race, creed, and region has grown sick of this country, as currently organized.

  2. Beyond damaging White People, I had no expectations of a Biden Presidency, whatsoever, so I am not disappointed.

  3. I’m just glad we had Donald Trump for four years….

    You don’t want to even think about how high you the corporate tax rates would be if trump hadn’t won.

    I bet joe will only increase the military budget by 5% a year….

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