Axios: “Defund the Police” Lives On As a Local Movement

“Defund the Police” isn’t merely a silly slogan.

In the heat of the moment, the idea was swiftly acted on in many big cities last summer like New York City, Murderapolis and Seattle where progressive activists got their way.


“In the absence of support from President Biden and most national Democrats, the “Defund the Police” movement has gone local, ushering in an unprecedented wave of cuts to departments in major cities around the country in the year since George Floyd’s death.

The big picture: At least 20 large U.S. cities have reduced their police budgets in some form, adding up to some $840 million, per data from the progressive group Interrupting Criminalization and media reports from across the country. 25 have ended contracts with police operating in schools. …

In Minneapolis, where George Floyd was killed, the city council slashed $8 million from its police department. It reinvested $2 million in community-based violence prevention programs and a new mobile mental health team. …

In many cities, opponents of Defund the Police note that policing cuts have coincided with dramatic increases in crime — which also happened in cities with police departments that operated under federally court-ordered reform agreements. …”

The progressive policing honor roll includes Portland, Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Oakland and Dallas.

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  1. One cannot have cities without civilian, municipal police departments. No city anywhere can long endure without civilian police departments. No doubt reforms are necessary such as ending no knock warrants, prohibiting military equipment for civilian police and public disclosure of information.

    The main reform necessary is for the black/brown colored people to stop committing crimes and start complying with petty laws such as traffic/motor vehicle regulations. If the colored people did that they would find life got much easier for them with far fewer run ins with the police. Since genetics dominates behavior perhaps it’s a fool’s errand to try and get the colored people to become law abiding.

    • The “walking through” videos on youtube are interesting. Some darkies can hang on to civilization with varying degrees of success. Adis Ababa seems to be about the lowest level of a functioning system.

  2. After watching every single police force in the country (except briefly in Chicago) stand down and let BLM burn, riot and loot why not support defunding them? Confiscate their pensions while you are at it.

  3. The more blacks kill-off each other the better. The cops just need to contain it.

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