Vox: The Case for Requiring Gun Licenses

Hold up.

They’ve got another great idea.

It turns out that universal background checks and an assault weapons ban aren’t good enough anymore. We need gun licenses now like they have back East in Massachusetts.


“After a shooting in America gets national attention, the debate usually centers around a few gun control measures, particularly universal background checks and an assault weapons ban. That’s what happened after the April mass shooting at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis — with President Joe Biden calling on Congress to pass both measures.

But if America wants to make a real dent in gun violence, it might want to consider another approach: requiring a license to buy and own a firearm.

For one, the evidence on the effects of universal background checks and assault weapons bans is pretty weak. …

One way to explain these findings is that the reach of universal background checks and assault weapons bans is too small. 

A license system, though, is more comprehensive. In Massachusetts, one of the few states with a license system, obtaining a permit requires going through a multi-step process involving interviews with police, background checks, a gun safety training course, and more. Even if a person passes all of that, the local police chief can deny an application anyway. That creates more points at which an applicant can be identified as too dangerous to own a gun; it makes getting and owning a gun harder. …”

Sorry, but we’re going to need the gun too.

You’re also going need to hand over those steaks and chicken breasts in your refrigerator and get checked out for transphobia before you can post on Twitter. You might need to check your white privilege and get cleared by DHS for “domestic extremism” before you can catch a flight too.

Note: They are also trying to get the cable companies to deplatform FOX News. These people need to control what is on television on too.

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  1. Do you Southrons really want to live in a country that has Massholechusetts and New Jersey in it?

    • @Spahnranch1970

      “Do you Southrons really want to live in a country that has Massholechusetts and New Jersey in it?”

      No. Not really.

      But we’re stuck with cucked, scalawagged, reconstructed, worthless, and Reconstruction state governments. Some of whose members are actually Carpetbaggers, hostile to Dixie and her people.

      They won’t stand up for their states, or the South, the way that the sixteen Northern State governments do for their states, and for the North as a whole.

  2. “The Case for Requiring Gun Licenses”

    This must be occurring on a planet far away from North Carolina, because we not only need no licences for guns, we carry all over the place, all the time, without any licence or permit, whatsoever.

    What I will say is this : with every passing month Blue States will more and more resemble their own new Confederacy, and Red States will do the same.

  3. More then your steaks and your guns they need Moshiach and he is coming he is on his way and he is coming disguised as a space alien. These kykes are sick sick clowns.

  4. Easily 1 billion guns in the USA, despite the lower estimates of 300-400 million.
    17 million NEW purchases in 2020 alone.

    Certain forward thinking people’s children and grandchildren will NEVER need to buy one.

    PS. Let me know when they decide to get tough on black on black crime that includes firearms.

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