MSNBC: Liz Cheney Is a Fringe Figure In the GOP

I disagree with Joe Scarborough.

It is true that there are three parties in America.

There is the Republican Party which has been completely Trumpified, the multiracial working class Democratic base and the neoliberal centrist establishment party which controls the Democratic Party. The political establishment is consolidating inside the Democratic Party which is the home of all the elites in America. The Democratic establishment is annexing the Republican establishment voters.

The real divide in America is between the Democratic base which wants social democracy and Democratic elites who want to preserve the status quo. Republican voters have more or less succeeded in overthrowing the Republican establishment. Bernie Sanders failed on the Democratic side. You see this in the budget where Joe Biden has dropped student loan debt forgiveness.

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  1. One day, Dick Cheney took a shit in the toilet bowl….Liz Cheney crawled out of the toilet…

  2. “Liz Cheney Is a Fringe Figure In the GOP”

    For a change MSNBCIA-Channel-1 gets it right.

    I wonder what they’re up too…

  3. I’m curious what kind of sick Satanic rituals Congress goes through to get vetted for office. Epstein Island was only part of it. (((Spirit Cooking))) with Abromovic seems to be another creepy angle. She was even featured in Bill Gates Microsoft promotions. Add some cheese pizza and viola! You get the nomination and a bag full of shekels!

    • @KT-88…

      “I’m curious what kind of sick Satanic rituals Congress goes through to get vetted for office. ”

      I think it’s a whole lot mystical than this, Sir – advocates and lobbyists approach them with money for their campaign, after which they win and ever thereafter grant favours…

  4. How has the republican establishment been overthrown? It’s all of the same people saying and doing all of the same things they have been since Reagan, except putting “America first” branding on it. Even the most Trumpist politician, Marjorie Taylor Greene, is just a standard republican except with even lower IQ.

    This divide in the republican establishment is more or less imaginary. It’s ultimately just a debate over branding strategy and optics. Even with Liz Cheney, she voted in line with Trump 90% of the time. She disagreed with Trump’s boorish personality more than any of his actual policies. The old guard just believes republican politicians should pretend to look serious and in charge and wear bow ties and such, while the MAGA people agree with the old guard on everything except they believe republican politicians should instead pretend to be country and give speeches out of the back of pick-up trucks and go on Alex Jones and own libs on twitter. There aren’t any substantial differences at all.

    • It’s just going in circles. None of them are on our side.

      You see people get all excited about some new Repub…”Oh Josh Hawley!!” or “You should hear what Marjorie Taylor Greene” is saying.

      OMG. There were people on YouTube who had better things to say and promote.

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