60 Minutes Slammed For Airing Segment On Trans Transitioning Regret


60 Minutes aired a story this weekend on the Big Lie that men can become women by wishing it were so and mutilating their genitals that has sparked a progressive backlash.

I’m old enough to remember the distant past which was when I was in college in the early 2000s and “trans” wasn’t fashionable, gender fluidity wasn’t a fad and there weren’t 20,000 new genders and pronouns. When I was growing up, women were women and mothers were still mothers, not “birthing persons.” The vast majority of these new genders have been discovered over the last decade by autistic people on Tumblr since Bruce Jenner came out at Caitlyn on the cover of Vanity Fair in 2015.

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  1. Yes, talk about the sky high suicide rate among ‘trans’.

    If ‘trans’ were a drug, it would be immediately outlawed, as a clear and immediate danger to society, which it is.

  2. “since Bruce Jenner came out at Caitlyn on the cover of Vanity Fair in 2015”

    Anglin had an interesting perspective on Caitlyn.
    As Bruce , he was using such powerful steriods, When he quit using them he had a hormone ‘recoil’ that caused his sexual dysphoria.

    Seems likely.

    • It does seem like a lot of steroid users end up going trans. It could be hormone problems caused by the steroids. It could also be that they had body image problems to start with, which is why they were juicing and bodybuilding. Then their body image problem shifted from bodybuilding to wanting to become a woman.

      • I always thought Jenner was sexually suspect, what with that pageboy hairdo he always sported.

        My gaydar is a finely-calibrated instrument, just like my jewdar.

      • For older men who turn into women it is purely a sexual fetish. They also want that magical power that young attractive women have to make others fall to their feet. Bruce Jenner doesn’t want to look like an ordinary 70 year old woman, he wants to look like a hot 22 year old slut lol

        • Another BIG reason for the trans explosion amongst men is meth usage.

          People who have a history of mental illness are prone to psychotic snaps when they do meth for prolonged amounts of time.

          Even the APA (american psychological association) still includes psychotic snaps as a reason for make to female transgenderism…. Only they never screen for it/interrogate the trans “woman’s” drug usage

          The media doesn’t want to admit drugs can be bad. and thanks to our governments relationship with Mexicos drug cartels a certain amount of meth sales is simply baked into America’s Mexico’s diplomatic relationship. Thus leading to americans with a family history of mental illness to become meth addicts and stuffer a psychotic break. It’s really very sad.

        • Marrying a whore like Kris Jenner did him no favors she probably cheated on him like crazy I’m assuming by her catty looks

          Fun fact she was friends with Nicole Brown despite OJ killing her and basically beheading her all her daughters are coal burning sluts lol

          • Dude, the Kardashians are on the map because the original Kardashian patriarch was one of OJ’s dream team of lawyers.

  3. I feel sorry for all these folks who, taking all these designer drugs, come down with new and potent cancers before they reach the age of 50…

  4. This trans stuff doesn’t trigger me like the gay activism does. I think maybe because it is just too absurd to even take seriously. Does this stuff even have any power if we refuse to acknowledge its legitimacy?

  5. “Woke” ie anti-discrimination is finally hitting the upper classes and they’re losing their shit lol

    I don’t give a fuck.

    Poor whites have already been dispossessed and cultural humiliated. Why would I care now that rich whites are starting to realize they might if let anti-white bullshit go to far….

    The trans they realize is merely an attack in normalcy and they realize they might want some normalcy in the world yet… Well too bad.

    These are the same whites that were fining destroying our communities as sacrificing poor whites to the diversity gods and now they want to enlist the whites they made their whipping boy to rush to their protection lol no…


  6. It seems to be most prevalent in nerd subcultures. I know of three dorky losers online who don’t have girlfriends, work lousy service jobs, and are super into video games and anime and all three of them eventually trooned out or are planning to. For them I think they believe it will be like pushing the reset button on their shitty life and they can somehow live out their fantasies of being a sexy girl that all the boys fall for.

    It’s just fucking sad.

  7. Well, despite Hunters comment about men mutilating their genitals, the big craze is among troubled young girls. This is how you can tell something is wrong, sexual perversion like so many other pathologies is disproportionately male. The sudden onslaught of teenage girls is a social phenomenon, not any genuine gender dysphoria. Even back in the day in the 80s when they would explain weird things like the sex change surgery on PBS type documentaries they used to have a rigorous, multi year process of concealing, then living as the other gender, before they would even consider the mutilation surgery. Now days it’s like a Simpson’s episode, where Lisa is having another one of her nerd girl over achiever breakdowns and ends up getting a testosterone prescription and transgender diagnosis after a 10 minute doctor visit. Leslie Stahl must have read Abigail Shrier’s book or known someone personally affected by a troubled child drawn into this insane fad.

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