White Allyship: Was It Just a Fad?

The optimists are saying that there has been an enduring 5 point shift in White racial attitudes toward the “racial justice” movement:


“One year after the death of George Floyd,there is widespread recognition that America’s national reckoning on race still has a long way to go. But another thing is becoming clear: data suggests public opinion on racial justice issues has changed dramatically, powering a sustained and historically significant wave of activism among white Americans.

It’s a development with wide-ranging political and policy implications, creating the conditions for rethinking approaches to policing, criminal justice, housing and health care disparities, to name a few. President Joe Biden’s unprecedented acknowledgment of — and frequent references to — systemic racism is but one reflection of the altered dynamics. …

Wise also noted the importance of educating the next generation as an outcome of the movement for racial justice.

“You can get people in the streets — the question is if you can get them to raise their kids differently,” he said. “I do suspect that a lot of the younger people who have come in will stay connected to the larger social justice umbrella over their lives.”

People who participated in BLM protests tended to be young, and polling data for younger voters suggests that support for BLM and similar racial justice initiatives will continue to rise over decades. Among white voters aged 18-34, support for the movement significantly outweighs opposition — the opposite of other white age groups, who mostly oppose the movement.

James thinks the next generation of voters may bring the country closer to justice. …”

The pessimists are saying the White allies were virtue signaling and were only around for a season of solidarity that peaked last June.

U.S. News and World Report:

“Based on the name alone, it’s hard to mistake the social and political leanings of Reparations Club, a low-profile Los Angeles independent bookstore. Jazzi McGilbert, the proprietor, says it’s a cheeky “calling card” to her clientele, a not-subtle hint that her stock consists almost entirely of books about Black issues by Black authors, from WEB Dubois to Colin Kaepernick.

Last spring, amid intense demands for racial justice after the police killing of George Floyd, a surge of white customers swept into her shop, clamoring for books on race, African American history and literature. They were heeding the call of Black Lives Matter movement leaders, who urged aspiring white allies to educate themselves beforelinking arms with protesters – and fill the coffers of Black-owned businesses in the process.

That kept McGilbert’s cash registers ringing: In June alone, “our sales topped the entire previous year,” she says, a big boost for a fledgling business struggling to survive during a recession and a global pandemic. “We’re still here because of that shift.”

But as the BLM protests waned during the fall and winter and President Joe Biden replaced Donald Trump in the Oval Office interest seemed to wane.

But what went up eventually came down: A year later, McGilbert says, sales “have definitely tapered off,” with far fewer whites have come to her door.

Given those developments, Dowe says, it’s not surprising white allyship gradually faded, despite clear evidence that the “race problem” in America is far from solved. …”

I think it is fair to say the following is true:

  • Support for Black Lives Matter peaked last June
  • Support for the police is way up over a year ago
  • Republican voters have grown increasingly hostile to BLM
  • The racial attitudes of White Trump voters have hardened
  • White and Hispanic support for BLM is down
  • Overall, BLM support is up since 2017, but has retreated over the last year
  • Violent crime is way up
  • There are now calls to refund the police in big cities

It has been exactly one year since the death of George Floyd.

Last year, the streets were exploding in the worst riots of my lifetime. Now, we aren’t seeing much happening on television or the corporate media, but it is clear that violent crime has been ticking up in the big cities this spring. We’re likely on the precipice of the bloodiest summer in decades.

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  1. Black Lives Matter is a violent anti-white racist Black Organization funded by Jeff Bezos that engages in the public racial intimidation of innocent White People….

    We owe Blacks this much:0

  2. This was always a fad of the urban class of progressives. As long as it doesn’t cost them anything, their for it. Slowly the truth of BLM gets out, and it starts to cost them crime, disfunktion, and money. Then the enthusiasm fades

  3. BLM leader in UK shot in the head by 4 black gentlemen. All Cops Are Bastards, amirite?

    • Being president did absolutely nothing to moderate his views, or temper them with reality: he continues to lie & incite just like Sharpton, or his own revvun of many years Jeremiah Wright.

      He remains what he always was: just a goddam nigger, like any other.

  4. Re Girdusky’s tweet.

    I think that’s easy to explain, and, contra himself, is not “so wild.”

    In the 12 years from 2008 to 2020, every Millennial got 12 years older. (Then again, every non-Millennial also got 12 years older.) That’s just a function of age, or rather, aging.

    Along with that, Millennials of 2020 matter more than Millennials of 2008. Use 1982-2000 birth years for Millennials, and the Millennials of 2008 were ages 8-26. Meaning not even half of their generation was even eligible to vote, and since the oldest Millennials were mid-20s, it means that hardly any Millennials actually voted. Fast forward to 2020, and they were 20-38 years old, meaning they all could vote, and because close to half the generation is now thirtysomethings, more and more by percentage of their total numbers are doing so, and at the same time exerting more and more of a real influence on outcomes.

    In terms of hard boiled analysis of age demographics and electoral politics that matters, you’re pretty much invisible until you’re at least 30.

    It goes back to my axiom that any politician who is banking on the youth vote is already writing his own concession speech.

    • True, except you speak as if age groups are unified blocs sharing common backgrounds, experiences, interests, like Blacks or Jews, who overwhelmingly vote with one voice. Especially not true in increasingly “diverse” younger generations; race/sex far greater identity factors than age.

      (Plus 2000 late cutoff–usually 1995 considered latest cusper Millennials: old enough to remember pre-9/11 childhood. Millennials range 25–39. Most Gen Y in age 30–44 polling group; age 18–29 mostly Gen Z.)

      Per Edison Exit Polls: age 18-29 voters D+24 (Biden 60-36%); age 30-44 voters D+5 (51-46%). However this obscures the real demographic factors at play.

      Even Gen Z Whites 18-29 voted R+9 (Trump 53-44%). Millennial Whites 30-44 voted R+16 (57-41%)–tad more R than age 60+ Boomer Whites R+15 (57-42%). And White Males across all ages are 15-20pts more GOP than White Females.

      But 89% of Gen Z Blacks 18-29 and 78% of Millennial Blacks 30-44 voted Biden, as did 69% of Gen Z Latinos 18-29 and 62% of Millennial Latinos 30-44.

      Gap even more significant in crucial battlegrounds. According to Tufts Univ CIRCLE analysis: in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona: “Black and Latino youth singlehandedly made Biden competitive.” Biden won landslides with Latino youth D+49 (73-24%), Asian youth D+68 (83-15%), Black youth D+77 (87-10%).

      Tufts says Biden won 18-29 White youth 51-45%…but net result of 19pt gender gap: 18-29 White Men R+6 (Trump 51-45%) vs. 18-29 White Women D+13 (Biden 55-42%).

  5. Among white voters aged 18-34, support for the movement significantly outweighs opposition — the opposite of other white age groups, who mostly oppose the movement

    I hope this is just lying Jew propaganda, because it contradicts the Millennial voting patterns mentioned in that tweet by Girdusky. While Hispanic moderation might be driving some of the numbers in California and Florida, I’m willing to bet that most of that Red Shift among Millennials can be attributed to the White vote, which implies that White Millenials have shifted Republican between 2008 and 2020, the opposite of what the (((media))) is telling us and what Richard Spencer told us in his December 2019 report about White voters turning the country Blue.

    If it’s true that White voters aged 18-34 overwhelmingly support BLM, then consider me a supporter of the Great Replacement – and helluva lot worse – because it’s exactly what our race deserves at that point. But it doesn’t make sense for their to be a massive Red Shift among White Millenials at the same time that they supposedly support BLM. This suggests that young White voters might be lying to the pollsters to save face and avoid getting exposed and their lives cancelled.

    As a third option, it’s possible that young White voters actually do support BLM in their hearts but then proceed to vote in a matter that fundamentally aligns with their self-interests and values. I know a guy who has voted Republican his whole life but thought I was being unfair by dismissing all the complaints and grievances of BLM out of hand. I asked him, “is your first instinct when you hear BLM’s complaints to consider them and wonder if they might be right?” and he said, “yes.”

    Stupid, gullible goyim, indeed.

    • I just said that to my wife tonight (actually- I repeated it to her)- Blacks, jews etc will always circle the wagons and defend their own no matter what – Whites have some mental deficiency that cause every little thing to divide them.

  6. Its Brave New World. The White libs got bored with BLM virtue signalling and moved on to the next novelty, which was virtue signalling about COVID. Now COVID is blowing over, they will be back to virtue signalling about global warming and racism.

  7. I tune in tonight to watch the last sports bastion of Whites – the NHL – and what do the Hurricanes show before the National Anthem – a 5 minute video montage of BLM, Diversity and other Woke BS.

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