Shots Fired At George Floyd Square

Did one of the White allies break the rules?

KARE 11:

“MPD said at 10:09 a.m., officers responded to the 3800 block of Elliott Avenue South on a report of the sound of shots fired. The callers told them that they saw a vehicle speeding out of the area. 

According to MPD, one person showed up at the hospital with a gunshot wound. MPD doesn’t believe the injury was life-threatening. …”

You could say this is the official beginning of Black Summer 2021.

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  1. Black Oxford graduate leaders of BLM shot by four black fellows at a house party in London. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    • “She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

      That can be condensed.

      “Around nggrs”

  2. Derek Chauvin is innocent….

    James Fields is innocent……

    WW2 just wasn’t worth it….

    The Civil War just wasn’t worth it…..



    • Derek Chauvin was criminally negilgent. There’s no reason with 4 police on the scene they simply didn’t handcuff his ankles together while waiting for a Paddy wagon for transport.

      James Field committed man-slaughter.

      Your car being hit twice from behind doesn’t give you a license to run over random people in front of you. It does explain his panic/fear/intent.

      World War Two Was Awful, but also at this point it’s kind of like who cares.

      The Civil War was retarded, whites would’ve lost no matter who won. However the south would probably be in a worse place now if the CSA had won… If you think the south has a lot of negros now. If the south won and slavery was extended by another 2-5 decades…. Southern demographics would be Haitian

      *I don’t support slavery and regardless of my feelings on it slavery was on the way out anyways and the south would’ve only merely delayed the end by a few decades…. Which is huge for wealthy land owners to get their ducks in a row before transitioning away from slavery completely, however it’s meaningless to the big picture.

      Big picture wise the south losing the war preserved the white demographics of the south.

      • Ivanka. Take your foul smelly person as far from this site as possible.

        James Fields IS INNOCENT. Derek Chauvin merely did what ISRAELI IDF FORCES DO to Palestinians.

        If you want to place blame, woman. Start with your ‘sisters’ who willingly abort their ill-conceived one night stands, and are damned thereby.

        Women are to keep silent. – St. Paul


  3. Hunter Wallace, so let me get what I read straight…you’re almost 41, spent over 20 years trying to build a movement and be its leader, in all that time you’ve yet to reach close to what has-been Nick Fuentes did before he mortified himself at the Capitol riot, all you have to reach the public and make a living is this website, and the loyal readers here actually idolize you? Wow, so many winners here it’s amazing here. In case you geniuses didn’t notice, that’s sarcasm.

    • You and your kind are the big winners aren’t Mick? You and your kind have whored yourselves out to the enemies of Christ and you have betrayed God and country to boot. I got news for you Mick, you are going to hell, and just like the Jews you are too blind to see it. Go pull a novena Mick, God need a God laugh.

    • I think it’s safe to say he’s not remotely interested, whether it’s “sarcasm” or not.

    • Hunter;

      The ankle biters are back again. You must be over the target, you are getting flack again.

    • The struggle for White self-determination is not a competition for who can become the biggest Social Media star. Hunter speaks the truth while Nick Fuentes is just a closet fag who gets paid to shill for the GOP.

    • @Mike Malloy Show Listener

      I think you and I are probably the only ones here who aren’t on the fringe? BTW I’ve heard Mike Malloy’s show before and while I disagree with some of the things he says, especially on economics and the justice system, he’s a hoot when he denounces the religious and alt right.

      While I disagree with many if not most of HW’s positions, I’ll grant him some credit for being honest about his beliefs unlike many of the cowards here. Just be glad the throwback hillbillies will never have any real influence in our nation and both parties will continue to cater in one way or another to those of us who are either upper middle class, socially liberal, or fiscally conservative. They seem to try to convince themselves they have real power because of Trump and recent polls, but keep in mind Trump was an aberration and the GOP has fortunately always ignored populist backwards voters once in power. Populism is a stone’s throw away from socialism, whether Marxist or national.

      Haley/DeSantis 2024
      Always support consumer choice and chains, not protectionism and local businesses which lead to higher prices and inferior domestic products.

      • “Throwback Hillbillies.” Oh, WE’RE not engaging in STEREOTYPING now, ARE we?

        Ho. SHIKSA ho.

        1 Thessalonians 2:14-16: “The Jews, who both killed the Lord Jesus, and the prophets, and have persecuted us, and please not God, and are adversaries to all men; prohibiting us to speak to the nations, that they may be saved, to fill up their sins always: for the wrath of God has come upon them to the end…”

        “Live in peace not only with your friends but with your enemies; but only with your personal enemies and not with the enemies of God.”
        St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves (+1074)

        Stone her with stones.

    • Anti-White logic: On the one hand Pro Whites, aka “White supremacists”, aren’t a pimple on anyone’s ass. On the other hand they’re the biggest menace to freedom and democracy and the only domestic terrorists we have to stomp out.

    • @Mike Malloy Show Listener,

      So what really has your panties in a bunch? The deserved mockery of George Fentanyl Floyd’s ghetto hood rat legacy? Impatience with the pace at which jewry is trying to mainstream pedophilia? Both?

  4. I’ll say the same thing about this as I have The Palestinian/Israeli conflict or the Armenian/Azerbaijani conflict or the Saudi-Iranian conflict – it’s not my business.

    Nope, as a Rural Southerner, if the good folks up in The Twin Cities want to go this way with their lives and their communities, it is their business.

    Minnesota is not my country.

    As to all the money they collect from us to pay for this stuff, sure I do not want my money going to pay for it, BUT, I’d rather have it go to repairing crazy Yankee cities than building bombs to drop on the heads of 3rd World women & children…

    • “if the good folks up in The Twin Cities want to go this way with their lives and their communities, it is their business.”

      You’re not considering the full scope of racial matters. We are all effected to some small degree by racial dysgenics.
      The surgeon that would have saved your life, may be killed while in conference in NYC.

      • @Arrian…

        It’s a very good point you make : that we’re all interconnected, and, that, in some way, we will all be affected.

        I get it.

        That said, this is Northern thinking, which is why The New England Yankee United States’ Government is all over the globe trying to slice everybody’s pie.

        I, on the other and, have Southern thinking – this stuff in The Twin Cities, or in the metropolitan areas of The Blue States, may affect me a little, but, it ain’t my business.

        That so, I’ll keep my eyes on my community, as will my neighbours and friends.

        Just keeping our community in line with what it has been since the late 17th century is not only as much as I (we) could possibly hope to do, it is of benefit to you, and everyone else in this country, because my community forms a breakwater of thousands of small towns, across this here land, that ain’t going along for the ride – whatever that ride happens to be.

        All the best to you on this day, Sir!

    • You’re right Ivan, Southerners must not regard those Northern states as being a part of their country.

      • He’s wrong, Spawn. Just as you are. Ever hear of ‘No Man is an island’? John Donne? ENGLISH culture? Literature? Civilization?

        UNTIL and unless we SECEDE from YANKEEDOM, we are covenantally joined to those who voted for HHH, a Muslim converso heretic (Ellison), Ilhan wHOmar, and all the rest of the evil councillors that are doing Satan’s bidding… just like some other people I could name…..

        Are the Minneapolis liberals all insane? Yes. Without a doubt. My wife was talking with one of her old friends, and the friend (who considers herself a liberal) said, “They’ve ALL drunk the Kool-Aid around here.”

        Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds – ever read it?
        And… as long as the JEWS Media controls our narrative, we are in this… together.
        To borrow a very overused expression…. without ANY legitimacy (cough, COVID) at all…..

        • @Fr. John…

          We are always agreed upon secession.

          Any other way is a way only backwards and down…

      • @Spahn…

        Thank you, Kind Sir, for the support.

        The truth, of course, is complex, that namely being that I was born and raised an American Patriot, and, that so, I would very much like to consider all 50 states a part of my country.

        That said, many of these states, or at least their governments, keep demonstrating, and have kept demonstrating, that not only do they have no regard for me and mine, they want no part of us, in Dixie.

        And, as Father John, below, acknowledges, no man is an island unto himself, I am affected by this treatment of The South from The Blue States.

        Too, in the wake of the failure of The New England Yankee United States’ Government to uphold practically anything of The Constitution, I was forcet some time ago to go into my backyard, throw a funeral for Uncle Sam, and acknowledge what had lain within me, at the base of it the whole time –

        A Southerner, pure and simply – one whose nation looks to Chryst, Washington, Lee and our timeless set of values, brought over here from The Mother Country by our Anglo Forefathers, for guidance and leadership examples.

        So, when America burnt off the bark, I found my pith – as one whose heart has always bled grey.

        Be well, My Friend!

  5. Stepping ten paces back,
    The absolute insanity of worshipping a dope dealing, felon, welfare baby.

    Please, someone tell me a nation where sanity prevails ?

    • “It’s believed to be gang related”

      Must be those Swedes and Danes shooting it out……..bwahahaha

    • @Arrian – See previous post of a grown black man simulating masturbatory homosexual sex acts on a syndicated national program aired on broadcast television. George Floyd is the perfect saint for this age.

  6. “We are the future……..”

    I’m afraid so….
    (“Get down, down………, down, behind the engine block” toooo funny)

  7. Soon enough george floyd square will be up there with Malcolm X and MLK streets, ave and blvd.

  8. Apparently even 165 grains of lead headed in their direction from 100 yards away isn’t enough for these stupid, gullible White people to wake the fuck up. They seem a lost cause, Darwin will go to work on them no doubt.

    • Spot on. I watched a re-run of that silly ABC remote jive-talkin broadcast and you could see several old fat ass Garrison Keillor walrus looking types out preening for this event and when dem “shots rang out” they just stood there like deer looking into the headlights.

  9. Too bad the ZOG media reporters who were in Fentanyl Floyd Square to praise black criminal violence and vilify white gentiles weren’t taken out by that gunman.

  10. I can’t think of a more fitting tribute to George the Floyd, anointed martyr and saint of The High Anti-White Church of Political Correctness, aka our state imposed religion.

  11. On the topic of Murderopolis, whatever happened to Boomer X? His posts were usually well thought out. Hopefully, he didn’t fall prey to the North American urban pavement apes summer of rage lastyear.

    • November,

      May I remind you that the freak called Boomer X called me a whiny teenager bitch when I objected to being called a whore, a Mexican insect/animal and because for some strange reason I objected to being stripped, forced to my knees and to sexually service donkeys in Tijuana by a demented bitch called Denise.

      Boomer X and a good portion of Occidental Dissenters can go to hell where they belong.

      • @Cristina,

        It appears that the old saying from the 1600s “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned ” is apropo, eh? You and Denice have that in common. haha.

        From what I recall of your heated exchange with Boomer X was that he inferred that you have a high opinion of yourself. The part about being a “whiny teenage bitch” doesn’t ring a bell, at least the “bitch” part of the description.

        You come from a genteel background, so slights and slurs are not a part of your everyday experience. Because you are polite, you expect others to behave according to “The Golden Rule.” As you’ve discovered, online anons can be crude, cruel, unhinged, and otherwise unpleasant.

        Boomer X is a Christian, so I really do not believe you wish him cast into eternal damnation for an insult.

        If I may so bold as the give you a piece of advice, do not take verbal jabs and pokes from strangers too personally. It provides them with unearned joy at your discomfort. That is not to say that should not defend your honor, just do not let them get under your skin.

        • November,

          As always you strike to the heart of the matter. Yes, I am still not used to the roughness of this website though it is far softer now than a year ago. Of course I do not wish anyone any unjust harm. I have not met anyone in real life like these people here.

          Actually, outside of the Boomer insults I also think he writes well.

          Graduation for some of my sisters is upon us. My youngest sister from kindergarten, my sweetest sister from the 6th grade and another sister from the 12th grade.

          I am at home today helping my mom since my grandmother fell and broke her hipbone. We have her at a hospital in Grapevine. Operation in a couple of hours.

          Once again thank you for taking the time to write and advise me.

        • November,

          You might get enjoyment from this. Recently I gave a speech in class and then answered questions from my classmates. One guy stood up and evidently could not care less about my presentation and said ” Cristy maybe we should hang out together. I was stunned and said I would rather be the sex slave of Jabba the Hut than hang out with you”.

          Well he was not embarassed in the slightest. All he said was that I was the snootiest, snotiest, and the biggest snob he has ever known but he still liked me. So maybe Boomer X was not completely wrong about me after all.

          • @Cristina…

            My wife was repelled by me, at first, too, and, yes, in part for what she regarded as my irretrievable arrogance!

            Not so long afterwards, however, she found herself inseparable from me.

            The fact that you detest him so is a sign that he penetrates your soul, so be forewarned!

        • November,

          I need to add that 5 months ago I gave my word I would not be active here. I have mostly but not completely kept my word. So I will wrap up these current threads and then stay gone for awhile. Interesting website with some of my views overlapping but ultimately my side is unfortunately somewhat at odds with the Occidental Dissent side in some areas.

          I remain pro white but it comes with my obvious other attachments.

          Catch you later.

      • “Boomer X and a good portion of Occidental Dissenters can go to hell where they belong.”

        Your drama is so boring.

  12. I’m reminded of a joke that was on Saturday Night Live’s faux-newscast, Weekend Update, years ago. At a high-school somewhere in the U.S., a local newscaster—in real life, that is—had been mugged, on-air, while he was doing a report about violence at that very high school. “Interviewed after the incident,” read Norm Macdonald, in the role of Weekend Update’s anchor, “the attackers said they had nothing personal against the newscaster; they just love irony.”

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