Newsweek: A Year After George Floyd’s Death, Minneapolis Mayor Wants to Re-Fund Police



“Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey remains opposed to calls for defunding the police one year after George Floyd was murdered in the city by former officer Derek Chauvin.

The Minneapolis City Council voted to cut $8 million from the police budget and reinvest $2 million community safety and mental health programs last year. Debates over more comprehensive police defunding proposals continue, while voters could weigh in on the issue in November if petitioners are successful in their effort to put a proposal replace the police with a “department of public safety” makes it on the ballot.

Meanwhile, the number of Minneapolis Police Department officers has dropped by a third, while violent crimes have been surging in the city. …

On Sunday, Frey called on state and federal agencies to help the understaffed Minneapolis Police Department combat the city’s surge in violent crime. Police statistics indicate that murders and non-fatal shootings have more than doubled over the past year, while carjacking incidents have tripled, according to KMSP. Frey cited the increase while reiterating his opposition to police defunding on Monday. …”

Jacob Frey, the progressive lightweight who is the mayor of Minneapolis, recently had to call in the state and the feds for help.

FOX 9:

“MINNEAPOLIS (FOX 9) – Minneapolis is relying on outside help to deal with a surge in violent crime because the city’s police department is so short-staffed and crime has risen so quickly.

Mayor Jacob Frey acknowledged Sunday that Minneapolis Police can’t handle the situation alone. The city is getting support from the Minnesota State Patrol, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, and federal investigators, he said.

“Safety has to be a priority within the city. Given some of the attrition that we’ve seen over the last year, these resources are going to be really, really critical,” Frey said.

More than 200 officers, nearly one-third of the force have left Minneapolis Police in the year since George Floyd’s murder. The wave of departures came as the City Council debated a major restructuring of the police department.

Frey has proposed new spending to replace the officers who have left, but several council members oppose the plan. …”

What about all the people who have been shot and killed since George Floyd died in Minneapolis and the police gave up? Will anyone say their names? Does Black Lives Matter or the corporate media give a shit?

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  1. No matter what he does, he will be hated by both sides and rightfully so. He’s a weak coward.

  2. Though my wife and I are continuously grateful to The Good Lord, for a whole host of reasons, over the last year we are particularly vocal about our gratitude to be able to live in The Rural South.

    Not a single rainbow flag in my town, not a single purple-haired Wokeist, not a single riot nor anyone voicing ridiculousnesses like, ‘Defund The Police’, neither gay couples nor race-mixers, throwing themselves in my face, I can walk our streets with my wife, enjoying the verdant flora, the deep quiet, and not suffering my blood pressure to be raised one bit – unlike what it is like when the wife and I go to visit kin in big cities.

    The air is fresh, the traffick is nil, the people are friendly and courteous, and the cost of living is spare.

    Yep, we are grateful – VERY GRATEFUL…

    • I’m residing in a Whitopia, and unfortunately a sizeable number of the generation coming up have embraced the purple-haired woke religion. A rainbow flag on main street; a BLM visual eyesore of a yard sign on an all White street. A Catholic area, no surprise… And habitat for humanity has made its first encroachments.

      I say this with sadness — enjoy paradise while it lasts.

  3. Think about it, Frey and his wife and kid could be under threat of imminent harm or danger and in need of police help and the cops …..get a flat tire……get lost on the way……run out of gas. It is not safe or a wise thing for the little Jew to be against the police.

  4. No one remembers “Free Mumia!” do they?

    Mumia Abu-Jamal – real name “Wesley Cook” – was a black criminal who murdered a police officer in cold blood and went to prison. He was quasi-political, posing as a “Black Panther” and all throughout the 1990’s every single lefty, progressive event had their “Free Mumia” posters and protests.

    Mumia was an idiot, and a scumbag, but at least he was in some sense “political.” George Floyd was just a criminal druggie and thug – but look at how they worship him.

    It’s quite bizarre isn’t it? A gold casket? The Jew mayor pretending he cares about this thug’s life? He seems to have actually died of an overdose. They actually paint pictures of him as some sort of saint or angel, despite the evidence of him being a drugged out loser and violent thug.

    It’s a religion – “Woke” is the exact same religion as Jim Jones’ People’s Temple and it’s actually run by the same people. (Look up Dan Mitrione to see what this nonsense is all about.)

    Let me tell you something about black people – the 1960’s Civil Rights/MLK bullshit only worked because Television was very new at the time and people really believed it.

    In 2021? No one believes the TV, all white people – and “Hispanics” and Asians and everyone else – don’t buy this “blacks oppressed” narrative anymore.

    So this George Floyd/BLM business is their last hurrah. They have burned all of the credibility they gained from the Jews who ran the TV in the 1960’s. Now every young white knows the truth about MLK and the scam.

    There will never be another “Civil Rights” movement because the TV isn’t the authority anymore, and as soon as the Boomers die in the Day of the Pillow, all this shit goes away.

    I’m just happy I get to live to see it!

    • Excellent analysis of the civil rights swindlers. Spot on.

      Most of the woke acolytes on the streets aren’t “boomers”. Your generation will be a smaller, despised minority. Enjoy!

  5. The only cops that probably actually prevented crime are Chicago cops. At least they used to be proactive. Most cops are beyond useless for citizen protection and probably do more to cause harm so fuck them. What’s happening in Minneapolis is Nogs running wild. I don’t even think Chicago police at their best could put this Oogaboogalo down without the massive use of deadly force.

  6. People here on this board don’t understand what is going on up here in Minnesota. Frey is no “progressive”, whatever that means, and he is no weak coward. He is a smart, conniving, clever, mendacious Jew. And he was the pointman on the entire George Floyd hoax, which means he is highly trusted by the CIA.

    We are in the early stages of a communist revolution. The Red Terror feared by many, including the League of the South, is coming, unless we get it together and break this nation up. Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, these are part of a well coordinated Communist Revolution. This is not some local cops and robbers tv show

    Replacing the current police with Antifa police takes time So Mayor Frey defunds the police, then gets the Communist State Government to send in their cops to calm the joggers down.

    It’s a solid strategy on his part and it will work.

    • @Thim…

      That’s a very thoughtful and interesting comment on your part.

      Yes, I can see that working in major cities, particularly in Blue States.

      In Red States it will not be often successful, even in major cities, and, in small towns, in rural areas, this strategy will not work at all.

      So, in the end, if this is what is going on, it will be a vain effort.

      Judeo-Bolshevik Soviet Union 2.0 will not work here, for even as they construct, they are deconstructed…

  7. FUCK kike Frey & all the nigger scum getting shot down up there. And fuck the pale-pelted race traitor scum; hopefully they too will begin to drop from the storm of lead.

  8. Itz beyond sweet to see that filthy kike vermin ran outta da hood by the insufferable nigger scum he did so much to weaponize against Whites. No doubt he thought a “brilliant”, fast-talking jewboy like him could control them.

  9. Unfortunately, I don’t see the power of wokeness dissipating any time soon. In Europe there may be a growing rejection of wokeness but in the US it seems like, for the time being, wokeness, cancel culture, and antifa are all-powerful and unstoppable. So as long as that is true we should try to use them as much as we can as a force for good.

    One tactic we can use is to get obnoxious liberals cancelled by finding evidence of anything “unwoke” they might have said in the past, expose those “problematic” views on Twitter while pretending to be a leftist, and sic the Twitter mob on them. However, we can also use this to clean house within our own circles, by using the power of cancel culture and antifa mobs to terrorize wignats and degenerates so they won’t infest the nationalist movement anymore.

    I actually did something like that recently. There is a woman in my area who was claiming to be “white power” (in the wignat sense) and she was also a single mother, and a white trash, degenerate roastie. So I informed her landlord, telling him about her “white supremacist” views and how they could not be tolerated – and eventually I got the landchad to evict her. Based as fuck. But nobody knows that I secretly have ACTUAL, high-IQ “white supremacist” views, LOL.

    So you see how we can use woke hegemony to turn it against people who deserve to suffer. Does anybody think that is a good idea?

    • Have you ever seen the show “Crank Yankers”? I think someone could bring it up to cancel Jimmy Kimmel. The jokes made on that show at the expense of jews, coloreds, and gays would certainly get him canceled today.

    • You are without honour.
      Your actions and proposals are so weasely and completely without honour that it glows and n the dark.

  10. It’s a surge in black crime, not violent crime. Apparently no one is in charge right now. All the cops, politicians and officials are paralyzed with fear of being called names if they try to do anything. But they say Nature abhors a vacuum, so how much longer can this weak, pathetic state of affairs possibly last?

  11. Lol. It’s so rich seeing the obvious happen. Police force gets cut plus many left and blacks take advantage of that to commit crime? Gee, who would have predicted that? How about nearly everyone!!

    Jacob Frey is another demented Jewish person raised on hating Whites whom are not Jewish and thus, he too strays from normalcy. Worrying about another Holocaust prevents these people from being rational and normal. Thus they ” align” with non Whites and the obvious happens.

    My question is who in their even remotely right mind would take a police job in the now shithole of Minneapolis? This is also a city that has ” I love my Somalia but no way would I ever go back there cuz ridin the whitey train is so much more fun” Omar as its Congress creep. Sorry bitches, you’ve been Detroited. Once it goes black it never comes back.

    This country has lost its mind and social media is in the driver’s seat on it. Plus our media is so vile as in rancid puke that all it does all day is suck black….oh, and the Asian scam is a great one, too. Mostly black thugs attack Asians but ” muh Trump” is to blame? The same serpent news only speaks of crime against White skin if you are Jewish. Then again who heavily runs our lying news ? But even a gay goy boy like Tim Cook would be no better. Or rancid guido Chris Cuomo.

    And Kevin McCarthy is a comedy act. He is the ultimate used car salesman showman congressman with the coiffed hair to boot. His latest ” suck up statement” on Taylor Greene’s statement on masks comparing it to gov’t control in Nazi Germany was such a pathetic moment again of bowing to Jews who will give you 30% absolutely tops of their vote.

    Instead he throws her under the bus again despite Mtg receiving the most campaign donations outside of Pelosi in a cycle. For a freshman congresswoman that is outstanding. She is getting such contributions because what she mostly says on crime, the border, abortion, terrorist Blm and Antifa, the gutter hypocrisy of Democrats, etc. is so on point. This is why filthy media is making her the ” new Trump.” Just Trump is far more hot air but he opened formerly locked doors that even coiffed windbags like weathervane Kevin McCarthy are for finishing the border wall.

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