Tucker Carlson: The Lab Leak Theory

You will not be surprised to learn:

Basically, COVID tripped the “racism” circuit and the Trump Derangement Syndrome circuit in the early months of the pandemic and that determined how it was covered by the media. Now that Joe Biden is president, the truth is coming out about COVID and Russian bounties.

Note: The virus was always real. It kills mainly sick and old people. It is deadly because it is moderately lethal and highly infectious as we said all along. The evidence currently suggests that it escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology as many people here suspected last February and March.

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  1. Escaped? He means released. This was all planned right up to mail in ballots for the 2020 election. Side benefits were the destruction of small, independent white businesses and the acceptance of a lock down culture by the sheeples. You were locked down before but at least you could take a 3 month holiday somewhere. Next they are going to starve us out unless something changes.

    • It hurt China too bad to be deliberate although it was a convenient gift for the malevolent liberal establishment in the US. I suspect typical Chinese incompetence, I work with mainland Chinese and their safety, quality, and competence standards are abysmal. I find them to be a bunch of idiots and are not surprised when buildings collapse over there because contractors “cheat” on the quality of the concrete, etc. I would like to see though a parallel universe alternate reality of how life could have been without the Covid breakdown, or also how history could have unfolded without 911. Things just really started going bad after 2000, the exact opposite of the flying cars and white paradise predicted by futurists when America was Great in the mid 20th century.

  2. It doesn’t matter to me if COVID – the Kung Flu was created in a Chi Com military laboratory or just resulted from unsanitary wet markets in China.

    The effect is the same:

    It’s a terrible plague coming out of Asia like other terrible plagues in the past such as the Black Death/Bubonic plague that wiped out half the population of White Europe in the Middle Ages.

    Filthy, overcrowded places in Asia like dirty Indian slums have terrible sanitation, terrible human hygiene so guess what?

    These places breed disease, plagues.

    The obvious solution is to cut off all migration from these dirty POC 3rd world places.

    We – Alternative Right, Race Realists should have jumped all over this to end all bad 3rd world immigration, student visas, refugees programs etc. We should say:

    “Hey we’d really like to welcome the entire populations of Haiti, Bangladesh, Liberia – but because of COVID, our borders are now completely closed, those 3rd world POC all ready here, anybody gets tested positive for COVID, TB, Ebola – they get deported”.

    This is simple, a very popular populist proposal. We’d have to be really stupid not to use COVID to restrict bad immigration.

    But, White American Right wingers can usually be counted on to do, say and think really stupid things like obsessing about the conspiracy origins of COVID or pretending it was never a real problem.

    “Hey what could go wrong with welcoming tens of millions of filthy, low IQ 3rd world Orcs that don’t use toilet paper or soap?” And 9-11-01 supposedly had nothing to do with Islamic extremists, Muslims have never given White Western European peoples any problem at all – it really is a religion of peace, it’s all about economics – Ron and Rand Paul and all the Libertarians keep telling us mass migration of 900 million plus 3rd world Islamists and Ebola infected Blacks wouldn’t be a problem if we just cut back on the welfare state and put these plague carriers to work in our food processing plants”.

    Again, they don’t call it “The Stupid Party” for nothing.

  3. It could be true, but I am not going to take the government’s word for it, especially when they are openly trying to start Cold War 2 against China. Whether it was a leak or natural doesn’t change the fact that the US government dropped the ball by keeping the borders open.

    • Releasing a bio-weapon in a country you are trying to take control of and then blaming their current management for it. Chutzpa for sure.

    • Closing the borders would have violated the new official American religion of Diversity and Anti-racism.

  4. The flu mysteriously went away along with the common cold. Everything is now “covid” It’s not too hard too see the scam they’re pushing, you just have to open your eyes.

  5. Fox News, The Daily Mail, The Wall Street Journal and Infowars are all Zionist operations and should not be trusted at all. Ever. Period. In fact if they take this position you can pretty much guarantee the opposite is true. This is just ‘Russian collusion’ for the right wing. Don’t let yourself get finked. A biological weapon would kill more than 0.001% of those it infected. I mean its a funny sort of weapon that leaves a population younger and healthier than it was before right?. It has a eugenic effect if anything. The economic damage it caused was entirely due to the hysterical overreaction to it. Ironically Trump was right when he said the cure was worse than the disease. Letting the virus run its course while isolating the sick and the elderly would have been the most sensible course of action. The global warming hysteria has been going strong for 30 years, human beings have never been rational.

    No, this is simply more neocon lies from the masters of deception. They see a rising China as the biggest threat to total ZOG supremacy and so are busy engaging in a psychological war against that nation. China is patriarchal, authoritarian, and above all else – not controlled by Jews. Jews hate anything they do not control.

    • Oddly enough, Communist China has evolved to become a lot like NatSoc Germany. So of course it is demonized.

  6. Bullshit. The “virus” was bullshit all along. But not to worry…it will nicely segue into the next line of bullshit, the “Climate Emergency”. COVID was about conditioning the population for follow-on “projects”.

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