Brookings Institution: Younger Evangelicals Are Walking Away From Israel

This is very encouraging news.

The days of Israel being OUR GREATEST ALLY are numbered.

Brookings Institution:

“As the recent eruption in Israel/Palestine brought attention to shifting Democratic attitudes toward Israel, including among younger Jewish Americans, Israel’s focus on the evangelical right as a cornerstone of U.S. support for the Jewish state has proven increasingly important. As our University of Maryland Critical Issues Poll research has shown, evangelical attitudes toward Israel account for most of the Republican Party’s support for Israel; without evangelicals, Republican attitudes on Israel do not substantially deviate from the rest of America. …

But a new survey commissioned by University for North Carolina at Pembroke researchers, carried out by Barna Group, has exposed what we have been finding for some time: younger evangelicals are much less supportive of Israel than older evangelicals, by a widening margin. The poll found a dramatic shift in attitudes between 2018 and 2021: support for Israel among young evangelicals dropped from 75% to 34%. This raises questions about the sustainability of the strong evangelical support for Israel that the Israeli right has cultivated for years and that proved reliable during the Trump administration. …

First, our 2018 poll showed a dramatic drop in young evangelicals’ support for Israel since 2015, accompanied by a dramatic rise in those wanting to see the U.S. lean toward the Palestinians. While 40% of young evangelicals wanted the U.S. to lean toward Israel in 2015, only 21% said the same in 2018. At the same time, while only 3% of young evangelicals wanted to lean toward the Palestinians in 2015, 18% gave that reply in 2018. The difference between the partisans of the two sides shrunk from 37 percentage points in 2015 to three points in 2018 — a virtual tie (within the margin of error). …

The bottom line is that there is evidence of a substantial and unusual shift. If the Israeli right is pinning its hopes on solid support from evangelicals as the backbone of U.S. patronage of the Jewish state, anchored in a biblical narrative that sidesteps international law and norms — as witnessed during the Trump administration — the trends among young evangelicals raise questions about the trajectory of strong religiously-driven evangelical support for Israel.”

Younger evangelicals are moving away from the Christian Zionism of their Boomer parents.

American Jews themselves are increasingly divided over lockstep support for Israel and particularly for Bibi Netanyahu’s government.

Non-Orthodox Jews are intermarrying and merging into the bugman race.

Finally, even with all of the heavy handed censorship younger generations are so online and dialed out of setting in front of the television that it is impossible for Jonathan Greenblatt and the ADL to control the narrative.

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  1. It has long struck me as strange that Protestants, so wary of falling into the idolatrous traps they feel The Roman Catholicks & Eastern Orthodox have forever fallen into – namely ikons – that they would fall into the idol of worshipping a physical Israel that not only has nothing to do with the return of Chryst, it was not even founded with the appearance of what properly observant Jews consider The Jewish Messiah.

    As for ‘our greatest ally’, or that of ‘allies’ in general, it seems to me that it is more often a kabal of raiders, with The American People often alternating with 3rd World populaces as the piñata.

    • “strange that Protestants,….. worshipping a physical Israel”

      I think ‘Protestants’ is overly broad.
      It’s the Fundamentalists who excel in this particular craziness.

      “Oh Jesus, bring about Armageddon so we may have peace”……….uh, stick to the moonshine.

  2. They killed your lord and savior and they want to kill you too. John Hagee and the rest of his kind can scream their lies at the top of their lung but the truth can not and will not be ignored. The hatred of Christ is the driving force behind the hatred and torment of white Christians every where. And why? The only explanation is that Christ is the son of God. Why else hate an innocent man who did no wrong for 2,000 years?

    The race stuff, the queer stuff is all being done out of a hatred of Christ not because Jews care about blacks, minorities, queers etc.

    • “The hatred of Christ is the driving force behind the hatred and torment of white Christians every where. And why? The only explanation is that Christ is the son of God. Why else hate an innocent man who did no wrong for 2,000 years?”

      Well said, Mr. Browning!

  3. At long last, young Christians begin to shake off the rusty mental chains forged for them by kikes long ago. Hawg Hagee is gonna shit himself with impotent rage.


  4. A large fat bag of rancid puss…

    According to Christianity Today…..Pastor John Hagee has volunteered every Chanukah to be a male prostitute in Tel Aviv gay brothels to service the underserved gay soldiers of the IDF….

    Pastor Hagee:”‘every anal wart was worth it…”

  5. With the passing of the Boomers and the emergence of 3rd world America the apathy or hatred toward Israel is inevitable. Is it time for the golem option, aka war with Iran, and will the senile pre-Boomer in WH accommodate them?

  6. It’s a lot harder to shill for more wars now. Back in 2003 Con Inc could portray themselves at the champions and protectors of Real America(tm) but now with every corp and bank pushing woke degeneracy and with Drag Queen Story Hour and gay marriage mandated by law they no longer have anything that can snag people’s true loyalty.

  7. You Christian fascists are really clueless. How can you be anti-Semitic when your own precious Savior Jesus was a Hebrew rabbi? As for your wet dreams of younger evangelical Christians transforming into Brownshirts, criticizing Israeli military tactics and being anti-Jew are two separate matters. One can’t be a Christian and anti-Semitic, especially evangelicals who are the most fundamentalist and rabidly religious in Christianity. As they’ve done for 2 thousand years, they’ll continue to stick to believing the Jews are God’s chosen people whether you far right wingnuts like it or not.

  8. I guess a big reason for people turning away from jew worship is social media. You can do your own research instead of listening to the media shill for them 24/7.

  9. Christianity has nothing to do with blanket support for the U.S. military, or sucking up to the Israel war mongers. Is there an anti war movement in this country? Every year it seems like memorial day gets worse. The professional veterans show up, they saved us, they protected us, freedom isn’t free. What a load of chickenshit. North Korea hasn’t hurt anybody in the U.S., unless you’re stupid enough to visit there; the same thing with Iran and Iraq. If anything screwing around in other people’s countries with little moral or legal justification, has made America less safe, not more. Other societies resent the high handed attitude the Washington war mongers bring to the table. .

  10. “Our Greatest Ally” has always relied upon elite opinion, which is never particularly religious to maintain their control over the U.S. The elites are still in the pockets of “Our Greatest Ally” 100%, in business, government, media and the most important thing, finance. Even if public opinion were to turn against them as it appears to be the policy decisions won’t change for a long time.

    There may be more public criticism of “Our Greatest Ally”, more complaints about their treatment of Palestinians and others and more questioning of the Government approved narrative: the only democracy, highest standard of living, Western outpost, blah, blah, blah. Changes we won’t see are ending all foreign aid, sending mountains of military supplies to “Our Greatest Ally” and unconditional diplomatic support. This was evident recently when the U.S. Government restocked Israeli arsenals with ammunition and fuel with hardly any U.S. publicity and zero effective opposition.

    As public support for Israel wanes their 100% death grip on Congress remains unchanged. They can threaten to end the careers of any politician immediately, and they will if necessary. That is their ultimate control. Not only do they control finance to make or break any politician but let’s not forget they have the likes of Jeffrey Epstein beavering away to compile dossiers on every scumbag politician and bidnessman, paid for buy their access to U.S. taxpayers’ money courtesy of a thoroughly corrupt U.S. Congress.

  11. This is true, I see it in my own family. The old boomers were raised on Christian Zionism and the millennials sympathize with Palestine and are aware of Jewish/zionist subversion.

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