Tucker Carlson: The Trans Craze

The real Big Lie is forcing society to go along with this nonsense. There is no difference in my opinion and Tucker Carlson’s take on this issue. Every time someone is banned for “misgendering” someone else on Twitter or is cowed into using these made up pronouns they are going along with the Big Lie.

“Trans” is a social contagion and a fad that has been made fashionable over the last decade by novelty seeking progressive elites who pushed it into our culture as soon as “gay marriage” was normalized. It clearly appeals to vulnerable people: depressed young women, autistic women on social media, awkward nerds, mentally ill people, etc. Progressive elites are forcing this garbage on society from the top down. It is biologically impossible for a man to become a woman and vice versa by wishing it were so.

We watched “transphobia” join the laundry list of -isms and -phobias which were made up in obscure corners of academia and pushed into the mainstream by the corporate media. We watched the corporate media pick up and champion the issue the moment the Obergefell decision legalized gay marriage. We watched the thousands of new genders be invented on Tumblr. We watched “trans” explode over the last decade as it became the fashionable new trend in popular culture thanks to Hollywood celebrities.

“Trans” is only the most vivid example of how cultural degeneration has been engineered by progressive elites and the corporate media. Wokeness is another example. Children have been educated to hate themselves for being White in the universities and public schools. None of this is happening by accident. It is happening by design. It has been going on ever since the rise of higher education and the mass media in the early 20th century. The triumph of “anti-racism” and cosmopolitanism in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s – first among trend setting progressive political, academic and media elites, only later and gradually among the masses – set the template for what followed with other issues.

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  1. The problem with mentally defected people is that they have mess in the brain chemistry and this mess goes worse by the time, so they need stronger stimulants to launch feel good chemicals like dopamine serotonin and others.

    Social stimulants are very similar to medical stimulants. For example when liberal start using chemicals to feel good then in the beginning those chemicals are mild. One antidepressant morning to feel good and sleeping pill in the evening. But pretty soon this is not enough and brats need unbelievable cocktails like Michael Jackson or Heather Ledger just to keep going.

    So actually this madness is good thing for us. Mentally defected brats running out from feelgood stimulants and nearing the very same moment as Jackson and Ledger. Bad news is that there is one last stimulant is left. The very same one what serial killers using to get satisfaction and good feeling.

    So, if anybody does not have gun then it is good to get one. Slaughtering Nazis fascists and racists may be soon be to only feel good stimulant left.

    Researchers find a ‘liberal gene’

  2. This is what happens when you close down mental institutions and change the definition of mental illness.

  3. Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro have become conservative heroes for giving tepid push-back to the cutting edge of liberalism, yet they unconditionally accept every other progressive victory of the last 50 years. This is how you know they are controlled opposition. In 10 years time they will accept the trans rights movement as legitimate and in the spirit of Martin Luther King. One should not judge a trans man by the mutilation of his genitals but by the content of his character!

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