Infowars: The Great Debate

The path forward is to focus on issues and policies where we can build a consensus that resonates with our own community as well as outsiders in the Center and the Right, not on feuds between personalities.

We’ve been trying to do that here for the past several months. Virtually everything we cover these days is about taking a position on some specific issue. Last month, we agreed with Nick Fuentes on the civil liberties issue and this month we generally agree with Fuentes on OUR GREATEST ALLY.

Note: My primary concern is that I am sick of Israel controlling our foreign policy and embroiling us in their conflicts in the region. Israel should be treated like any other foreign country. I’m much more sympathetic to the humanitarian argument though than Fuentes. The fact that the Palestinians are being brutalized, pushed off their land by Jewish settlers and essentially incarcerated in Gaza bothers me.

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  1. If I was benevolent dictator of the USA I’d transform Israel from a country of bigotry and hatred into an international city for refugees. If we built enough skyscrapers, we could fit 300-500 million people into that territory, and it would become a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.

    • I like this idea. You have to make sure you bring in the most unskilled people, so they can have a chance to live in a first world nation. Also, the schools will need to be dumbed down.

  2. Palestinians are incapable of self-government – much like US negroes. Think of Israeli settlers as Southern Confederates. Get the picture?

  3. When proof surfaces that Fuentes is a literal faggot, how many of his followers won’t give a fuck?

  4. Nick was actually debating Alex by the end of this shitshow. All Barnes did was repeat the term islamo-fascism 999 times like a fuckin retard. Jones compared the tactics of the ADL to Hitler twice before the debate even started lmao

  5. There is a double standard though because Jews will push for us to get rid of our Nation’s White Christian character while they are allowed to have their own ethno-state, mistreat the native population, and no one bats an eye. If you expose the fact that Jews have one set of morality for their own tribe while another for the rest of us, it is anti-Semitic.

  6. Does it bother you that we did the same thing to the Amerindian? Without those actions, this country wouldn’t exist. Would you undo what your ancestors did if it meant no Alabama? I mean, seriously, how many in the dissident right lose sleep over what has happened in Sudan over the past decades. We only care about Israel vs. Palestine because it involves our government and the Jews. And, of course, because of Western Muslim indignation and constant media coverage. White Americans who oppose the conflict on humanitarian grounds have no leg to stand on unless we are willing to admit that what we did to the Amerindian was wrong. And if we admit that, then certain logical consequences follow from it i.e. the Amerindian remnants are due reparations and as much land as possible without causing undue harm to everyone else. Justice is not done simply by admitting that a crime was committed. Jews and other non-whites will attack us making these arguments.

    It’s much more sensible to approach the conflict from an “us vs. them” point of view i.e. “I want to see Israel fall to the Palestinians because I believe it would be good for whites.” Personally, I think that argument can be debated, but this line of reasoning is much more consistent with how non-white groups (especially Jews) view moral issues around the world.

    • No, not really.

      The Creek Indians still live here. They own casinos in Wetumpka and near Mobile. There is plenty of land here and we don’t live in a society of farmers and hunter gatherers anymore that was the source of the conflict. I don’t have a problem with the Indians who live here who have the same rights as everyone else. This is not true of the Palestinians. That’s like engaging in ethnic cleansing in modern New Jersey.

    • > Does it bother you that we did the same thing to the Amerindian?

      Ahistorical bullshit. Do you have the slightest clue about the actual history of the colonization of North America? It was *nothing at all* like what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians. Palestinians are NOTHING at all like the Savage Indian Tribes, and Jews are NOTHING like the Anglo settlers.

      Here’s a hint: “Dances with Wolves” is FICTION, not history.

      But you aren’t serious anyway, you’re just shilling for Jew Israel. Your just posting hasbara, not an actual argument.

      It’s not working anymore. Yes – you should start to panic just about now because the jig is up, Chaim.

    • @Nickandros Do you have any idea of how much our taxed incomes support the Amerinds? Housing, food, medical care in their own hospitals, and anything else they want. You can work in their hospitals, but you can’t use them.
      The guilt trip generates a lot of money. A white with a little Injun blood gets a check every month, too.

      They weren’t idyllic naturalistics living here in paradise. They warred among themselves. They did horrible things to the settlers.

      They weren’t wiped out, either. Most Mexicans are just Amerinds. The Spaniards didn’t breed with them for hundreds of years. It’s why Mexicans look like Filipinos, or other Asians.

      Yet people want more and more of them in the US, and all it does is spend our money.

  7. Most of the Creek Indians were relocated to Indian Territory during the so-called “Trail of Tears.” Had this not occurred, Alabama either wouldn’t exist or its demographics would be vastly different.

    There are Arabs still living in Israel. That doesn’t mean the Israelis didn’t take the land from someone else.

    • There are still plenty of Creek Indians in Alabama and those who are in Oklahoma have all the rights of American citizens and they are free to move anywhere they like these days. These are also tiny populations spread across a vast continent. There is no shortage of land in the United States. Only a tiny fraction of the population works in agriculture and hunter gather cultures are non-existent these days. Thus, there is no longer any conflict between Whites and Indians. The fight was over land in the early 19th century. There is plenty of land to go around now. They are just another minority group.

      In Israel, the Palestinians are being driven off their land in dense urban areas. They are being kicked out of their houses and apartments in East Jerusalem and packed like sardines into Gaza which is one of the densest places in the world and a bombed out war zone. It is like ethnic cleansing in New Jersey. They don’t have enough water in Gaza and the people there are locked in by blockade. When the Five Civilized Tribes in the United States were moved from the Southeast to eastern Oklahoma, they were simply relocated from one fertile area to another. They are doing fine today. They were doing five in the 1860s when they sided with the Confederacy. Also, the Trail of Tears was no different than migration which was general in that era. Indians had always migrated around North America. Blacks were relocated from the Upper South to the Deep South in that era. White settlers were constantly being uprooted and migrating West in the North and South. Europeans uprooted themselves in countries like Ireland and Germany and came across the Atlantic Ocean.

      • >There are still plenty of Creek Indians in Alabama and those who are in Oklahoma have all the rights of American citizens and they are free to move anywhere they like these days.

        Cope. The Native Americans live under White Supremacy. This nation doesn’t represent their values. They don’t have full access to their land. They don’t “rights of American citizens.” They want their land back. Ultimately if you support the Israel colonizer bad narrative, you have no justification for the existence of America. You’re coping, deflecting and spinning to avoid this huge problem. That’s a losing mentality.

  8. The illegitimate state of Israel is the cornerstone of the anti-nationalist ideology that gentiles are forced to live under. It is no coincidence that the “Holocaust” mythology appeared out of nowhere at precisely the same time Israel went to war with its Arab neighbors in the late 60s. The “Holocaust” is simply an Israeli PR campaign that never went away.

    If you’re pro-White or Pro-nationalist you cannot be pro-Israel. You cannot even be indifferent, you must be opposed to Israel because Israeli nationalism exists at the expense of gentile nationalism and vise versa.

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