Memorial Day Weekend Gas Prices Hit 7-Year-High

The rise in gas prices is nothing to worry about. The inflation is only temporary. The surge in illegal immigration is cyclical. The spike in violent crime is also only transitory.


“Gasoline prices are expected to be the highest for a Memorial Day weekend in seven years, and prices could stay elevated all summer, as Americans take to the road in a post-coronavirus pandemic driving spree.

The current average price for a gallon of unleaded gasoline of $3.04 per gallon, 16 cents more than a month ago and $1.08 per gallon higher than last year, according to AAA. The motor club federation expects 37 million Americans to travel this weekend, a 60% increase over last year when the economy was still shut down. …”


“New York (CNN Business) – A nasty surprise awaits the 34 million drivers expected to hit US roads this Memorial Day weekend — the highest gas prices in seven years.

And that could be the least of the problems for the those taking to the highways for summer vacations. The gas shortages experienced earlier this month when a key pipeline shut down could once again be on the horizon, according to experts.

This time, the squeeze could be triggered by the lack of tank truck drivers to deliver the fuel, and a repeat of panic buying by travelers topping off their tanks.”

I think we have to worry about prices, supply and crowd behavior,” said Tom Kloza, global head of energy analysis for the Oil Price Information Service, which tracks gas prices for AAA. …”

If all else fails, blame it on Donald Trump.

It is not like Joe Biden’s policies are causing any of this.

It was Trump who caused “journalists” to blow the biggest story in a generation.

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  1. No jews/No commodity speculation – AH warned everyone about the “small, rootless, International Clique” that – like parasites – skim off of the labors and production of others.

  2. This is only temporary. The gas prices will inevitably drop once that pipeline from Russia to Europe is completed sometime this year.

    • Pretty interesting that the US establishment tried so hard to get it stopped, don’t you think? However, that is a natural gas pipeline. Doubtful it will have much effect on US gasoline prices.

      • Crude oil and natural gas prices usually rise and fall together. Nord Stream 2 completion will likely reduce European natgas prices by at least 20%. Let’s see what happens.

    • The Trillions in fresh Jude Fetzen printed since last March is not exactly deflationary for commodities, either. Lumber, copper, oil, corn, etc are all shooting meteorically higher.

  3. Boy I’m glad we helped Trump lose. We sure showed Israel whose really in charge in the U.S.

    We should support Palestine, in solidarity with BLM, and really drive the point home.

    “Jews will not replace us.”

      • There are Palestinian REAL Christians over there (some of whom even have blue eyes- like the Bishop of Bethlehem!) – i.e., Orthodox Christians. And THEY are being killed by the Jews.

        That’s who, WE.

  4. Thanks, Joe Biden. Besides destroying the country, he’s CONSCIOUSLY limiting our Freedom of Movement, and the possibility (via the Quackcine) to even LEAVE the COUNTRY.

    (At least Trump kept our gas prices low)

    And people think Secession is a dead idea. NOT!

  5. In October, when the wife and I were still paying not much over $2 a gallon, I told her : “Honey, if Biden gets elected, within 2 or 3 years this price will double.”

    Though we were happy with The Covid Stimulus, we understand that, after The Biden Presidency is through we will have paid 10, 15, 20 times that back in every sort of expence – from inflation, to rising energy costs, and taxes.

    Barring more Dominion voting machine shenanigans, The Republicans will kill The Democrats in both 2022 and 2024.

    Problem is : The Republicans probably will have no idea what to do with that, because they are on the same payroll as The Democrats, if, albeit, with a slightly different economick outlook..

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