MSN: Climatarians Are Grilling Brood X Cicadas This Memorial Day

This is beyond parody.

The world’s great emerging religions have always regulated diets and proscribed certain foods as unclean like pork or beverages like alcohol. Woke progressives achieve secular salvation by hating themselves for being White and eating insects to reduce their carbon footprint and save the planet.

NBC 4 Washington:

“You’ve probably heard of the Brood X cicadas that have emerged after 17 years underground — maybe you’ve even heard them singing in your own yard.

Did you know cicadas are edible? That’s right, Brood X is on the menu. …”


With the emergence of trillions of Brood X cicadas in the US, Americans have more bugs flying around than they know what to do with.

Some insect aficionados have decided to turn lemons into lemonade – or rather, make a meal out of cicada season.

Those who’ve tried eating cicadas have called them “the shrimp of the land.” Once you get past the crunchy exoskeleton, they have a juicy, buttery texture inside. While most compare the taste to shrimp or chicken, others say the bugs have a “green” flavor similar to tinned asparagus. …

She added that crickets, another popular edible insect, contain a whopping 43 grams of protein per serving. That’s more protein than a serving of beef, which typically contains around 31 grams.

Cicadas contain a comparable amount of protein to red meat – more than 100 grams per pound, according to Inverse. Of course, you might find it more palatable to eat a big steak, but eating insects comes with a smaller carbon footprint. …

Compared to factory-farmed meat, insects have as much protein without harmful environmental impacts like air and water pollution …”

We laugh now at the people who jump on fads who think that eating insects is the key to saving the world. We think there is no way that will catch on. Stranger things have happened though.

Most Democrats now believe that our trans girls should serve in the military and should compete with women in women’s sports. They are also deeply split on the existence of two genders.

National Review:

“Alarmed by chatter that Joe Biden was plotting to take my burgers away, I hurried online for reassurance. A journalist in the Guardian wrote that this was just scaremongering and along with the Washington Post traced the burger panic back to the Daily Mail, which had run speculation (with caveats) that “Biden’s climate plan” could limit Americans to “just one burger a MONTH.” This was based on a single academic study, but the Mail was given its opportunity by what was described in the subheadline of a recent story in Vox as a “burger-shaped hole” in the president’s climate proposals. …

Meat-eaters who brush off concerns about the threat to their meals are too complacent. No, burgers, chops, and steaks will not be banned, but in all probability they will be rationed, if by price rather than by law. The prospect that increasingly onerous — and undeniably regressive — greenhouse-gas taxes might be imposed on meat is far from remote. …

It is quite possible to accept, as I do, that human activity is making some contribution to changes in the climate, while considering that the conviction that global warming will lead to catastrophe owes more to a form of religious fervor than to any reasoned attempt to follow the #Science. If that is the case, forbidding or restricting the eating of certain types of food is hardly without precedent. It does not hurt that tucking into meat is easy enough to include within another familiar religious theme — that “excessive” self-indulgence is not only sinful but will also trigger retribution — which has long been a key subtext in global-warming narratives, especially those in which ancient millenarian thinking is so evidently a major influence. …”

We shouldn’t be resting on our laurels.

Greta has already opened fire on meat eaters.

Experience has shown time and again that progressive activists have succeeded in bullying Democrats into adopting politically toxic and self-marginalizing causes. Look no further than censorship, systematic racism, toppling monuments of George Washington or “Defund the Police.” Nanny Bloomberg is already pushing the line that beef is the new coal. These people are also convinced that they are saving the world by stopping working class people from driving gas guzzling vehicles and eating meat. Practical politics will not deter people who have an apocalyptic mindset from forcing the issue.

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    • John- From your mouth to God’s ears.

      I’ve been (re) reading the Accounts of the Davidic Kingdom in the O.T. in my daily chronological Bible reading plan, and it’s amazing HOW MUCH BEEF the ‘Chosen People’ (i.e., the REAL ones) offered to YHWH as ‘acceptable sacrifices’- and how, with the dedication of the First Temple, how WELL-FED everyone was, from the remnants of the ‘sweet savor’ from those massive (thousands and thousands of cattle) sacrifices.

      Truly, as Christians, Fat and Meat, and REVELING IN IT, is a gift from the Lord.
      Bring on the PORK! “Arise, Peter, kill and eat.’ Yes, LORD.

  1. They want us to eat bugs to “save” the planet. Criminally deranged psychopaths are running the planet.

    • They also wanted us to achieve Zero Population Growth to save the planet. Now they tell us we have to import millions of third worlders or our economy will die and social security will go broke. They also wanted us to reduce carbon emissions to stop climate change. But what happens when millions move to a country that has a per capita carbon footprint 5 times higher than the the country they left?

    • Do you eat shrimp? Same difference really. Hormone injected beef is really the unnatural food.

      • 1. Shrimp aren’t bugs. Shrimp tastes good and doesn’t evoke disgust at the thought of eating it.

        2. There’s no justification for why White Americans should be weened off beef and red meat.

  2. Hell, you can walk any food market in thailand and do much better.
    Cooked cockroaches, scorpions, water bugs, rice bugs snakes etc.

    They are grilling them? THAT USES ENERGY, CO2 POLLUTION !!!


  3. As the Thais do, bite off the head and suck the guts out , RAW!

    Ask any traditional chinese village girl about ‘dead baby soup’.
    You’re double good then , abortion and low methane emission.

  4. “Once you get past the crunchy exoskeleton…”

    Just bear with it…

    “…they have a juicy, buttery texture inside.”

    Ever step on a big cockroach? ‘Member that juithy, buttery squirt of guts on the floor?

    Bon appetit.

  5. Imagine spending 17 years underground only to be eaten by a libtard when you emerge.

  6. What difference is there between cicadas and crawfish/shrimp, which live in and eat sewage? Not outraged or disturbed by someone eating crickets, ants, or beetles. If they trumpet those things over beef, chicken, pork, that’s obnoxious and should get pushback, but being fastidious about bugs seems weird, like being some holy jew or muslim (“great religions”!)

  7. In the lineup of 2022 headlines: “Foodies’ Cicada Craze Has Made These Antediluvian Creatures Extinct, and It’s Your Fault.”

  8. Haven’t we learned by now that polls about whatever type of moral insanity the Jews are pushing are not to be believed?

  9. Jews and Muslims do not eat pigs because the pig is unclean, look at a chicken, Muslims and Jews eat chickens and the chicken is as filthy as a pig.

    Here is why they do not eat pigs. Along time ago the pig was only fed grains to make it grow. It took seven pounds of grain to produce one pound of pork. The rich people could afford to eat pork as much as they wanted and the poor people would starve. The religious people said, God does not want you to eat pork, banned pork so the poor could eat the grain used to feed the pigs.

    • Jews and Muslims don’t eat eat pork because they are weird Semitic desert cultists.

      Our pagan Aryan ancestors, on the other hand, were particularly fond of pork. Christians too have always enjoyed pork because the dietary laws are an the Old Testament thing that Jesus himself announced the end of.

    • Robert- your feeble attempts at Eisogesis (reading into the Scritural account that which is not there) fails, on so many levels.

      Go have an all pork hot dog with mac and cheese (meat and milk) and call me after Shabbat.

  10. I’m not eating any damn bugs. If I ever have to give up meat because cows all have mutant strains of corona and died off I’ll just go vegan ffs

  11. The left is really trying to meme a multi-racial right-wing populists BURGER NATIONALISM into existence.

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