Paul Ryan Emerges From His Political Grave To Urge GOP To Return To Reaganism

I think that Paul Ryan has a long way to go.

Republicans don’t even want to return to Reaganism. Paul Ryan’s agenda was a loser that lost the House of Representatives in 2018. Virtually all of the Reaganites in the GOP are over the age of 45.

Los Angeles Times:

“WASHINGTON — Former House Speaker Paul Ryan, once a rising star of the Republican party who lost the battle over the soul of the GOP to Donald Trump, will urge his party Thursday to end its preoccupation with the former president and revive its commitment to conservative values.

After years of laying low and only rarely publicly challenging Trump, Ryan, in an evening speech at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, will describe conservatives as at “a crossroads.”

“And here’s one reality we have to face: If the conservative cause depends on the populist appeal of one personality, or on second-rate imitations, then we’re not going anywhere,” Ryan is expected to say, according to excerpts released in advance. “Voters looking for Republican leaders want to see independence and mettle.” …”

To be brutally honest, it is mainstream conservatism that is the political albatross for the GOP, not populism. The things which the populists who backed Trump wanted to do which cut against Republican orthodoxy – protect American jobs from Chinese competition, secure the Mexican border, withdraw from stupid wars in the Middle East – are things which were and remain broadly popular.

What do American voters dislike about the Republican Party that keeps it stuck at 40% of the electorate? Where do we even start? Ryancare? The 2017 tax cuts? Paul Ryan’s entitlement reform plan? Mitch McConnell’s $600 stimulus check which lost the Senate to the Democrats? Funding infrastructure with a gas tax on working class voters? Opposing Joe Biden’s “premature withdrawal” from Afghanistan? Opposing minimum wage increases and subservience to oligarchs and corporations?

Here is a helpful guide to what motivates Republican voters:

Notice that the Top 5 issues are protecting individual rights, secure national borders, severely restricting immigration, high quality health care and holding public leaders accountable for their actions. In contrast, the priorities of the old Republican establishment like global free trade, military crusades for democracy in foreign countries and “open to immigration” at the very bottom of concerns. Also, it doesn’t appear that OUR GREATEST ALLY or “fighting anti-Semitism” even made it into the Top 55 issues.

The “divisive cultural issues” which we are pushing on this website – immigration, political correctness or wokeness, crime, civil liberties, censorship, trans and American heritage – all poll in the 50% to 70% range and resonate with the Center of the electorate. The populist agenda on economics and foreign policy, which is held back by the albatross of Conservatism, Inc. and its ossified ideology of True Conservatism, is also broadly popular with the Center of the electorate. It is far more popular than Ryanism.

This website supports a wealth tax on ultra millionaires. We support taxing Wall Street and alienating Charles Koch. We support taxing Wall Street to invest in infrastructure. We want to break up and regulate corporate monopolies. We also supported the stimulus checks. We want a more affordable and accessible health care system. The shrieks of horror coming from the “fusionist” conservative-libertarian crowd on these issues are drowned out from the applause from the wider electorate.

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  1. Lol! Nothing left to sell. It’s over. Shlomo has run out of room. It sucks living in a collapsing part of the world but at least we have humor. I don’t think the USA could even support 6 million (magic number) refugees from Israel.

  2. This is the major problem. Our political leaders are all still living in the Twentieth Century. Specifically in the 1980’s.

  3. With all due respect to both President Reagan and Speaker Ryan – ‘Reaganism’ has a lot to do with why smalltown Dixie has been devastated.

    In a name, ‘Alan Greenspan’, and in a phrase, ‘Free Trade’.

    Ryan’s notion of social Liberalism, with ‘Free Trade’ politicks, did not work well in the 1980s, much less now.

    I did not vote for that agenda then, nor will I ever vote for it now.

  4. Reagan was Irish and he put out for the Jews like nobody’s business. Reagan did not do a goddamned thing for whites or Christians, but he did plenty for his Jew buddies.Plenty. He was the father of the whole conservative grift the Jews have layed on us.

      • The Good Friday peace accord was compensation paid by the Jews to the Irish for all the services provided. George Mitchell, Virginia Roberts, Jeffrey Epstein do math.

    • @John…

      Totally agree, but, you know they cannot do it, because they are financially owned to be globalist, in their economick views.

  5. Political grave? He always looks to me like Ryan is rising from his actual grave. The Republican Party is chuck full of parasites, but Paul Ryan takes the fucking cake, he always looks like Count Dracula..

  6. Good article. Thanks Hw. Paul Ryan is a goofball. The guy just talks nonsense with his yawning ” supply side economics, open borders, more wars, school choice and other lame conservative crap. Anyway, the populist and conservative labels are often intertwined so one must dig deeper on it when a political person is called conservative.

    Remember when Biden destroyed him in the Vice President debate? Joe was a lot quicker back then. Ryan gave stumbling bumbling answers despite him being known as a smart guy. That happens when your position can’t be defended.

    Plus he is a classic cuckservative. Ryan bends over backward to be politically correct with blacks. Meanwhile he is from an overwhelmingly White district in Wisconsin. If he ran for office in any black area he would be destroyed no matter how many ” I have a dream” speeches given.

    I remember when his presidential nominee sidekick, Mitt Romney, was doing exactly that and he still got a whopping 4% of the black vote. Trump wound up getting more than double that It just shows you really don’t have to attend the stupid events or make cheese whiz statements with blacks. You still will not get their vote as a Republican. Consider 10% of the black vote a milestone. 12% you should throw a party. There are only so many Thomas Sowell, Burgess Owens, Candace Owens and Charles Payne type of blacks to go around.

    If the Republicans make a massive push to go back to boring, standard, conservative blabbering, put them on a wall next to the Whig Party.

    Trump may be goofy and more bark than bite but he has far better political instincts than so many of those lame conservatives like Romney, Thune, McConnell, Ryan, Toomey, etc. Those guys would bring a snoozefest to a Playboy Bunny party with open bar.

    • @12AX7…

      Very well thought out and said.

      Yes, Speaker Ryan belongs to a diminishing group of ghostly politicians who, for whatever reason, seem to be unable to come to grips with where we, as a political nation, are…

  7. The rise of Paul Ryan can be explained by the following: When GOP populists were shouting “Ron Paul” in the 2012 primaries, the GOP establishment, who was busy shoving Mitt Romney down their voters’ throats, simply thought they heard them say “Paul Ryan”. “Ron”, “Ryan”, easy mistake to make.

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