Tucker Carlson: Corporate Media Is Frantically Updating Its Lies On COVID-19

As Matt Taibbi said yesterday on the Jimmy Dore Show, the main reason that the corporate media so badly bungled the origin of COVID is that most “journalists” don’t know shit about anything and rely on “experts” and other authority figures who often have an agenda that gets in the way of the truth. Most don’t even have a basic grasp of how science works and invoke “science” as a cudgel to silence dissent.

At the New York Times, the serious “journalists” range from Donald McNeil, Jr. who was their main guy on COVID and who was up for a Pulitzer before he was canceled who thought the lab leak theory was “tarred” by association with Donald Trump and the “far right” to the even younger and dumber woke Millennial crowd like Taylor Lorenz who specialize in being exhausted and traumatized and too precious for this world. The people who have given credibility to the lab leak hypothesis are folks like Nicholas Wade who used to work there but have been driven out due to wokeness.

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  1. How did the corona virus jump from China to America? The corona virus has amazing leaping skills?

    Hint:What is the basis of US Immigration Policy?

    Another Hint:the Native White American Vote was nullified on Nov 3 2020?

  2. “your favorite reporter”

    99% of Americans do not have a “favorite reporter” and I seriously doubt the majority of Americans could even name one.

    “Journalists” are just so comically narcissistic and self-important it is sometimes difficult for normal people to believe it.

    I met a guy who worked at one of the networks once. This guy was convinced he was some sort of celebrity, but I had never heard of him. This drove him absolutely nuts and he just couldn’t believe that everyone in the country didn’t sit on their asses watching some actor on TV reading “the news.”

    Television is a boomer thing, no one under the age of 30 – hell, probably 40, maybe 50 – pays any attention to it. Sure they might watch a show on Netflix or something.

    But these guys like Morning Joe? I’ve watched perhaps 15 minutes of him on Youtube. I only know of his because he murdered his intern and got away with it.

    No one gives a shit about these people, and if they had a clue they would realize that it is actually better for propaganda purposes to have the “journalists” kept generic, and nameless, and interchangeable.

    Our ruling class is so far out of touch, with their heads so far up their own asses … I just don’t think it’s going to last much longer.

    • @BannedHipster

      “Television is a boomer thing, no one under the age of 30 – hell, probably 40, maybe 50 – pays any attention to it. Sure they might watch a show on Netflix or something.”

      Even when I was a kid in the 1970’s, I spent more time outside playing, than I ever did watching TV.

      The last time I had TV, I just kept it on the Western Channel, or RFD TV. But even on shows like Gunsmoke, or The Big Valley, you can see where they were starting to slip Bolshevik propaganda into the plots.

      Now, I don’t have TV anymore. Most of what’s on is just Judeo-Yankee Urbanite nonsense and Communist propaganda. It’s not worth the $95 a month that DirecTV wanted.

      • @JO
        That’s because you and BH come from lower socioeconomic statuses. When most respectable Americans had air conditioners and TV sets by the 1950s, color TVs by 1965, touch-tone phones by 1970, and computers by the 1980s, your families probably couldn’t afford them until decades later. Not having wealth and influence makes many men feel inferior, especially middle-aged white men like yourselves who expect the world to bow to you just based on your race. Maybe someday you’ll realize most white people care more about socioeconomic status than race and that’s why people like you will never get the respect you crave. HW seems to understand this, which is why he focuses mainly on socioeconomic topics than race unlike you.
        Most respectable white people look up to somebody like my European boyfriend and me more than you and that’s why we’re in a prosperous suburb while you toil away in the sticks. Truth hurts, huh?

        Haley/DeSantis 2024
        Always support consumer choice and chains, not protectionism and local businesses which lead to higher prices and inferior domestic products.

        • > my European boyfriend

          LOL – the “Jewish mulatta” very much wants us to know she can get a Pure White Man! No Jews or Negroes for her!

          Also, just so you know, you’re like the 10th or 15th online troll obsessed with me. I don’t know why I have the effect I do, but I’m the only person on this entire site you obsess over.

          Now why do you think that is?

          I mean, I know why. But I want to read you say it.

        • Thank god someone is toiling away, because this country never would have been anything without those people. Wouldn’t expect a parasite jew to consider such a thing, though. Those folks out in “the sticks” produce real things and real wealth. Parasites then suck off of it.

  3. “-most “journalists” don’t know shit about anything”

    I figgered that out in the early 1980’s.

  4. If you know the media lies about almost everything you are ahead of the game. Whatever they say, it’s usually the opposite. There a few exceptions such as Carlson.

  5. Really “Hunter”? You were touting all of these Establishment Media reports as the Gospel Truth about covid-19, and joining them in denigrating us sceptics as conspira-tards. Remember? I sure do. I also said you would lose the majority of your regular commentors over this slur on behalf of Those Who Hate Us. Well, guess what? We ” conspiracy theorists” were right, you Sensible Conservatives like Unz, Hunter, and Sailor were WRONG. So where us your apology, sir?

    • I don’t recall ever saying the lab leak theory was a conspiracy theory. I said it wasn’t a hoax. I said it was a highly infectious, moderately lethal real virus amd that it either jumped naturally from an infected animal and got out of that lab. Over a year later, the death toll was far higher than I expected it would be

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