Rising: Data Reveals Class Populism Is Key To Winning Elections


The real center of the electorate is populist and working class. When you include the people who don’t normally vote in elections, it is even more lopsided. The people who we are accustomed to calling the “center-right” and the “center-left” are college-educated, professional-managerial class voters. These are the people who the Democrats are obsessed with wooing because they are more reliable voters and donors which is why they lean so hard into pushing social liberalism.

Note: The typical working class voter is socially conservative and moderate on economics.

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  1. This is not rocket science – Candidate Trump had it all figured out – President Trump droppt the ball.

    Be that as it may be : any candidate who comes along in a sincere Huey Long way will be the next president, assuming that The Purple States have secured their voting processes, by 2024.

    • It is one of the great tragedies of the bloody 20th century that Long did not become president. I’m quite certain that the main reason for banking secrecy is that for Satan worshipping pedophiles assassinations are just part of the play book. We don’t even know who owns the Federal Reserve for example.

      • @KT-88…

        Interesting thoughts.

        I do not know if a Long presidency would have derailed the inevitability of us arriving here.

        As to who owns The Federal Reserve, we know what is essential : we do not own it, which is not only against The Constitution, it is against all sovereign sense.

  2. Money talks and neither party with turn “populist” because people like you tea bagging tea party alt right cranks don’t have the wealth as the donors do. Most voters like you whiners are too lazy and ignorant to vote for an outside party and both parties know you’ll always end up voting for the same.

    Haley/DeSantis 2024

    Always support consumer choice and chains, not protectionism and local businesses which lead to higher prices and inferior domestic products.

  3. The path to victory (at least via the insufficient ballot box route) is there for any White with the balls to seize it: relentlessly hammer the insufferable Cultural Marxist billionaires & CEOs who believe they have the right to decide every political issue with their ill-gotten shekels; vow to tax the fuck out of them to pay for infrastructure & anything else to benefit the working class (and be specific); rely on small donations from grassroots voters, while demanding an end to the big corporate donation control scam; promise to close the borders to all invaders, including legal ones, to deport the millions already skulking here, and to bust up the monopolies of the censoring Silicon Valley scum; condemn the trans, faggot & above all, the anti-White systematic racism filth, and vow to put an end to it in schools.

    Of course the Repuglicunt vermin will pull their dusty trick of mouth-farting about these things just long enough to get the rubes to elect/reelect them, then resume blowing the kikes & billionaires, like that piece of shit Dump did. It’s why someone fresh needs to step up, not the old retread whores.

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