Poll: Almost Three Quarters of Voters Think Crime Is On The Rise

Summer 2021 doesn’t officially begin until June 21st.

The trends are all bad news for Democrats: COVID is fading. Violent crime is rising. Illegal immigration is rising. Support for the police is rising. Support for Black Lives Matter is declining. White racial attitudes are hardening. Joe Biden’s agenda is stalling. The economy is behaving in weird ways. Democrat voters are also dialed out of politics and tuning out of the media while Republicans are more engaged.

FOX News:

“More than 7 in 10 voters think crime is on the rise nationally amid a backdrop of escalating crime rates in major American cities and FBI warnings for local law enforcement to prepare for increases over the summer.

That’s according to the latest Fox News poll released Wednesday and conducted May 22-25, before Wednesday’s fatal mass shooting at a VTA light-rail yard in San Jose, California.

The poll finds that compared to last year, majorities think crime is increasing both nationally (73 percent say there is “more” crime), as well as in their local communities (54 percent). …”

New York Post:

“Well, someone is looking forward to a new mayor.

New York City’s biggest problems are “crime, crime, crime” — and the Big Apple won’t recover from the COVID-19 pandemic until the streets and subways are safe again, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday.

“Of all the things we have to do when we’re talking in New York City, specifically, crime, crime, crime are the top three,” Cuomo said.

“And then we will get everything else.” …”

New York Post:

“Violence surged across the Big Apple last week — with significant upticks in shootings, robberies and serious assaults — as arrests plunged, alarming NYPD statistics revealed Monday.

The crime wave struck both the streets and the subways, with incidents on the transit system more than doubling despite a long-sought increase in police patrols.

The total number of arrests during the week that ended Sunday fell 10.2 percent, from 3,290 to 2,953, compared to the same period last year, official CompStat figures showed. …”


“(CNN) – One year since a nationwide movement sparked calls for slashing police funding in favor of other nontraditional forms of public safety, it’s not clear whether any city achieved anything resembling what protesters demanded: massively defunded or abolished police departments.

The calls to cut funding and overhaul policing came after a police officer in Minnesota killed George Floyd by kneeling on his neck, and video of the encounter set off one of, if not the, largest protest movements in American history.

Some departments defunded, at the insistence of protesters, cutting some from their budget without resorting to layoffs, and those departments saw changes in how they had to work. Nearly all major American cities are seeing spikes in violent crime. Republican politicians have used the “defund the police” movement as a political bludgeon against Democrats. President Joe Biden is on the record against defunding law enforcement. A recent public disagreement between Democratic representatives Jim Clyburn and Rashida Tlaib highlighted a division among democrats in how to approach changes to policing.

All these appear to be serious barriers for the police reform movement focused on defunding or abolishing police departments.

In Los Angeles, the city is poised to reinstate some funding cut from its department, which is raising questions about whether this will be a pattern seen elsewhere in the country. That department will see an increase in funding that restores some cuts, but doesn’t put staffing at a pre-pandemic level. …”

“Defund the Police” wasn’t merely a slogan.

This was acted on in at least 20 big cities controlled by Democrats. The War on the Police has also extended the Ferguson Effect nationwide as cops have quit their jobs like in Portland or Minneapolis or stopped policing. The romanticization of the thug was made possible by this long term trend in the decline of violent crime rate which had greatly worked to the advantage of Democrats.

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  1. It’s hard to hide the rise of violent crime with cameras and alternative media. It’s mostly the usual suspects behind it.

  2. Invite the 3rd world….become the 3rd world. Brown people have lower impulse control. Brown America will be more corrupt and more dangerous.

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