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  1. Have you seen Reagan’s speech about aliens? Maybe the ’84 Olympic ceremony? Maybe Werner Von Braun’s take on alien invasion?

    It’s a force that can unite an otherwise un-uniteable humanity. IOW, if it is a psyop, it’s a failsafe to congeal an otherwise dysfunctional multi-cultural system.

  2. This UFO stuff is natural catnip for people who “lean right”.

    I’ve always been interested in alternate explanations for things that that don’t have obvious answers. Stuff like this tends to obfuscate the nuanced things that would otherwise be clear. This is the same kind of thing as Masons and illuminati. Racial and tribal competition explains our current paradigm brilliantly. Occam’s razor. But blaming our situation on nefarious decentralized groups of people with secret handshakes tends to distract us from the obvious.

    UFOs are no different.
    I’m not against considering the possibility of these things and investigating it. But when I see mainstream media talking heads giggling about it while the report on it, I realize that this is just another “ad space marketing tool” to shore up a dying business model.

  3. Unidentified Flying Object was German V1 V2 rockets raining down on the city of London the conspirator of war. Russia and China will surpass in military technologies.Coon general of Department of Defense,we’ll sleep better at night.

  4. The FOX headline is a blatant lie. The video shows no such thing.

    A radar display screen is turning on some green pixels in a way that some people claim is unexpected. There is no “unidentified flying object.”

    As the famous saying goes, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” People have been sitting on their asses in front of these screens for so long they think the blinking lights are “reality.”

    This is as moronic as those “Kirlian Photographers” that would over-expose an old camera and get some “spooky” looking light effects and claim they were “ghosts” or “spiritual auras.”

    Wow, dude, can you align my chakras?


  5. If these are being from another world, I hope they will take us over. I don’t think they could mean us any more harm than America’s ruling class.

  6. If the alien land on this planet and says take me to your leader,ADL,they’re Holocaust survivor.

  7. Andrew Anglin wrote a good article about this on UNZ. My opinion: There are too many psychopaths in positions of power.

  8. The psyop is their last ditch effort for complete control and to simultaneously get us, their subjects, to whole heartedly believe we are one big happy diverse human race. And also, that no God/spiritual reality exists and we’re definitively one big accident, cause big brained aliens said so

  9. It’s really quickly explained: a last ditch effort of the US establishment to get the public attention towards an external threat, just like Reagan said in his speech said to the UN how an alien invasion would unite divided humanity. A USA torn apart by international separation, a country with groups who have nothing in common with each other anymore, deeply divided, the same is true for the USA and Europe. So why the hell not try “Alien Invaders!” The last stand of the enlightened, liberal civic nationalism where the one tribe is humanity and not the races and nations.

    As for Alien Life other than earth? Most certainly. Exo-Biology is a scientific field. Visiting earth? Possible. Observable by us? Doubtful. Technical glitches and fakes? Most often.

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