Rising: David Sirota: Disproving Once And For All Biden Is FDR

Editor’s Note: Apparently, Rising is leaving The Hill next week, which makes sense since it is an interesting and valuable show. I take it that they are getting kicked off the corporate algorithm due to their success. They are humiliating Brian Stelter and Nicolle Wallace.

I said it was an absurd analogy at the time.

Lately, Joe Biden has been increasingly compared to Jimmy Carter who was a nice guy who was swamped by rising inflation, violent crime, foreign policy weakness and an energy crisis. You can imagine Joe Biden in a sweater doing a fireside chat in which he asks people to give up their gas guzzling cars and trucks and their steaks to save the planet and to cut back and eat their Impossible Burgers.

Note: Joe Biden could do things that Secular Talk wants with the stroke of a pen like eliminate the student debt burden which would be popular, but instead he used the pen to kill the Keystone Pipeline and jack up gas prices and for things like abolishing immigration enforcement.

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  1. Who is rushing to try to be FDR in the current year when they’re getting ready to cancel FDR? You know, redlining, Japanese internment, and probably a few other transgressions against current year woketardness.

  2. A clever wag could do a deep fake video with exactly this monolog by Biden.

    Gentle fireside… Mantle… Pans to Grandpa Joe.

    “don’t let’s be beastly to the Mexicans, eat your imitation meat burger, turn down the thermostat and wear an extra sweater, carpool in your electric mask and let your wife’s son chop off his balls and join the army to protect the Jews in Israel from beastly Palestinians.” Biden 2024.

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