MSNBC: Sen. Cruz Shares Far-Right Russian Propaganda Video To Attack Military

Even if it were true and it was the Russians who successfully ridiculed Emma’s Calling, wouldn’t the implication be that woke progressivism is a national security threat? It would mean that Russia sees the proliferation of wokeness in the U.S. military as a vulnerability, right?

Joe Biden’s military is actively recruiting women with two mothers and trans girls while simultaneously purging “domestic extremists” who tend to be White men with traditionalist views who have been the backbone of the U.S. military for centuries. What kind of message does it send to the troops that you can be fired for “liking” the wrong post, but supporting Black Lives Matter is permitted?

Is it Russia’s fault that the Pentagon has embraced wokeness and transgenderism? Are the Russians behind the proliferation of critical social justice theory throughout all American institutions? Did the Russians force the Pentagon to rename U.S. military bases named after Confederates or to purge the tough guys with Confederate flag tattoos and replace them with trans women?

Maybe it was our own degenerate professional-managerial class who adopted these stupid beliefs and who are imposing them on American institutions whether it is the military or the banks? We’re invited by the political establishment to stand up and applaud and agree with their ideology.

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  1. Ann Coulter Retweeted
    Raheem J. Kassam
    Black Lives Matter Founder Calls for “The End” of Israel.

    Look at all the Republicans kvetching under that tweet. Weren’t they supposed to be waking up and becoming populist America firsticans? Apparently not. A vote for the Republican Party is a vote for Zionism. Always will be.

    Also, it must be getting hard for the right wing shills to condemn what Jews are doing in Israel, while at the same time guilt tripping Whites into voting ((Republican))). Contradiction much?

    • What took her so long? Why wasn’t the slaughter of innocent women and children enough to provoke mass riots and protests from coast to coast? She is being told by her Jew masters to say what she is saying now. George Floyd was nothing compared to the outrage of the Jew mistreatment of the Palestinians. And BLM and antifa are Jew front groups on the side of Jews that attack and do as their Jew masters command. No morality, no right or wrong just obedience to evil is what BLM and antifa are all about.

      • “And BLM and antifa are Jew front groups on the side of Jews that attack and do as their Jew masters command. No morality, no right or wrong just obedience to evil is what BLM and antifa are all abo”

        I am not supporting BLM or antifa. They are exactly what you say. I am pointing out the reaction to this statement which is shrill cries of antisemitism. The Republican Party answer to the same people you mention. What have Whites ever got out of supporting them?

  2. If you would have asked me 25 years ago if I would be cheering for the Russian military, I’d have thought you mad.

    But here we are.

  3. America: no deposit, no return! (T0 paraphrase a popular environmental commercial from the seventies)
    1. The United States is terminal.
    2. It cannot be reformed from within.
    3. To attempt to do so is wasted energy and an exercise in futility.
    4. Our goal should be to save a portion of a people so that we can rebuilt better and not only better but Whiter!
    5. Any group that does not recognize this new reality is useless and unworthy of support.

    What is more important to you? Trying to save a terminally ill nation or a portion of our race so that we can survive the coming ? You cannot do both.

    • Secession. Now. Always. Let the Whites have the heartland,(all the rivers, farmland, forests, grasslands, etc. and the J-Left have the cities. Where they will eat each other alive. As they do.

      And then…. Whites win. As THEY always do… whenever they are allowed to BE White.


  4. By the late 1930s, when Stalin finisht purging The Judeo-Bolshevik Soviet Army of everyone he considered politically unreliable, the first result was the disastrous campaign in Finland, where a tiny army pummeled the huge Soviet Army.

    After that, there was the disastrous opening of Barbarossa, where The Russians almost permanently lost their sovereignty to a foe completely antagonistick to it’s it’s culture, it’s nation, and it’s people.

    Thanks to General Winter, arriving in full force before mid-October of 1941 (over a month earlier than normal) and a little known cavalry officer by the name of Georgi Zhukov, the Russians figured out how to hold on over the next year, and then steamroll on to a huge win.

    As it stood, by June 22 1941, Zhukov was the only one left in the professional class of Czarist Russian officers who had the correct disposition and technical know-how to go up against generals like Von Bock, Guderian, and Von Manstein.

    Zhukov had only survived all the purges because he had been stationed far out in Siberia – on the Chinese-Mongolian frontier.

    That was the great 20th century tale of purging a military for political reliability and idealistic urges. Now the question becomes whether the U.S. Army will be the 21st century version?

    One thing is for sure – The Pentagon is more interested in finding people who will not hesitate at prospective bombing Confederate American villages than they are finding those who can stand up to real Alpha-Male Rural Russians.

    And, considering the continuous war that The United States’ Government has made against Russia, since a few years after the arrival of Putin, that is a very interesting tact to have – very interesting, indeed.

  5. This just goes to show what a lie the claim that Trump is Putin’s bitch is….if Trump was slightly more aggressive to Putin and Russia than he already was….
    …..there would have been a shooting war between Russian Troops and US Troops in Syria followed by thermonuclear war….MSNBC is in the realm of insanity….

    The Biden Administration is infested with pro-homosexual Jews who want to exterminate Christian Russia…..In the name of homosexual feces pounders…the Democratic Party will mass murder millions of the innocent children worldwide in the name of Global Homosexual Pederasty and the worthless negro George Floyd….

  6. Anderson Cooper wants blind allegiance to Global Homo Pederast US Military…

    As does Admiral Mike Mullins who got the ball rolling in the US Military…

    I blame Conservative White Christians for this….They enthusiastically supported Gulf War 1 and 2 which
    opened the door to homosexuals serving in the US Military…justified and defended with cheap
    slogans such as;they are defending your freedom…. The homosexuals are using White Christians own slogans to own White Christians..,

    Homosexuals are obvious degenerates…The US Military is now a Global Force for Global Homosexual Pederasty

    • @Patrick…

      It’s not the fault of Cooper or Mullins, but, something occurred around the time of the dates you like to post – the early 1960s, when this country officially separated itself from Chryst.

      Once that occurred, it was only a matter of time before these curses began to grow and pile up.

      Because this country will never reverse it’s stances on Chryst and on open-ended immigration, things will continue to deteriorate until there is secession.

      Those, no matter how imperfect, who aspire to heaven cannot hope to do so whilst traversing the road in the company of those who aspire to hell…

  7. They want to have the “Antifa”-Types in the military to crack down on “domestic extrimists” – that’s pretty obvious.

    • My thoughts exactly. Perhaps the recruits the U.S. military are attempting to appeal to are a sign it has a new mission.

  8. Does anyone even ask what the purpose is to have the world’s most expensive military that wont even defend our borders? Woke or non-woke.

    • @KT-88…

      Once upon a time we did, indeed, ask those questions, but, once we realized that the sole point of the Jew England Yankee United States’ Corporate military is to protect globalist investments worldwide, we stoppt asking.

  9. – The Russian video makes you want to join the Russian Army.
    -The Chinese video makes you want to join the Chinese Army.
    – The American video makes you want to join the Russian or Chinese Army.

    • I just watched that British guy drone on about the Cruz tweet, and how the GOP are repeating Russian lies. Cruz is quite rightly alarmed that the US military is promoting sex change operations that literally Emasculate the soldier. The US military is the army is castration while the Russians are promoting a young ideal for men that resembles the Spartiate. How is this Russian propaganda again? It’s true. The US is promoting LGBTQ BIPOC obese military as a core value…while the Russians are advertising a lean mean fighting machine as a value. Where is the lie here? Tranny Drone Strikes v the Blue Eyed Boys. Who are you going to support here? Who are you naturally more sympathetic to in that juxtaposition? The British journalist knows.

      • You are totally correct. I watched as much as I could stand and saw the same thing. The left is trying to throw smoke grenades at the message so no one will see the truth of it and never realize that the American military is either becoming or already is a complete disaster.

  10. You knew the military was turning for the worst when they allowed women in combat and if that wasn’t bad enough they allowed them in the special forces.

  11. It’s not our country anymore, so death to the jew Ass Oy Vey. May the Russians crush the new fagmudbitch “army” & use itz guts to grease the treads of their tanks.

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